Word Cloud for "James's Account of S. H. Long's Expedition, 1819-1820, part 3" by Thomas Say.

Word Cloud for "James's Account of S. H. Long's Expedition, 1819-1820, part 3"

This book was authored by Thomas Say. (1787 - 1834)

Area, genre or subject: United States -- Discovery and exploration.

The Bag of Words In "James's Account of S. H. Long's Expedition, 1819-1820, part 3" (Main Words):

volumes allied clark ohio sons contents viii exploring fletz volcanic resulting termination text coquimbo despatched requisite care accompany proposed convenient woodless dividing transversely westward saddle ready cool rests carbonate basin raised gallons beautifully artificial difference depending retaining intending parched organic quantities assurance dangerous whatever hoping opening pile returning flowered wholly manifest limit limbs bark grown retain fact protected crevices commences intervals flowering alpine including flower inhabiting reflection producing corresponding flowers halt endeavoured repeated wait overtake edge sitting erect impossible turn look delay field weight aside extend snow prevented eastward clouds insects possibly remote shown inaccessible impenetrable agency crystals missed kindled inhospitable danger comforts blankets descended directly burnt offer descent going beads savages enters penetrate plentiful respects chiefly feeling contrasted arid genus skirted willow districts track winter orbicular twice invariably performed measured ascertaining sets latitude longitude burrowing glare rapidity accounts burrows author understand informs flock admit continue friendly exclusive gained remark correspond particulars banded tips feather shorter bill ridges stock horseback maize sultry uncommonly slaty unfit prospect promised deeply sunk thirst impatience searching descend sought vain traces james pursue extremity projecting bound based resting rough muriate soda crystalline perceptible differ active brownish ensuing expression impassable mention attended alluvial bounding precipices expanse clay absence handsome nest extraordinary vegetable object peculiarly pacific certainly aware distribution flattened perfectly alighting captured inhabit barren impressions dusky blackish reddish till turkey daily excellent substitute pint attached supplies plenty average breadth transparent backs move contemplated thousand monotonous traverse scarcity capture desolate scorching louis peale alone elongated compared eyes hind quarter travellers parties claws equally belief governor learned canoe continual squaws children temporary round wishing companion endeavouring escape wounded lodged possessed speed seeing looked proof circumstance assistance dragged disposition attack splendid prepare july appearing islands weeks guide giving gravel wing engaged population fording caught arrangement witness facility adapted flat designed receive dressed excessively wife poplar undergrowth plan travel collect faithful beaver interior represented undulating gentle district unless employed discharge york characters teeth vision existence flew directions ears hairy basal dull hairs bore moon distances skill mark carefully varies serpentine succession channel companions condition intention hanging regretted cooking mistaken pool paths continuing basis lead unusually verplank particles stones loosely finer varieties neighbourhood fatiguing exertions stature rude lines stratifications putting hoped promise unbounded itself nature cover effected objects tailed enormous estimated winding emerging expect female rose beginning delightful pointed scattering groves insulated purple terminal plant verdure circumstances secondary powerful join overtaken happened journal feature spoken november question group tracts interspersed hill disclosed process movement expected procured slightest follow strewed soils pursuing pure thunder foliage loud emerged scene especially storm hail refused eating piled cold substance severe manifestly removed woody inclination consider presenting hold currents attempting instance structure fawn sign supposing call next precisely sunrise supporting bitter roasted referred midst matter penetrated appearances produces separate trunk furnish required drink feel burning falling hopes tied killing seizing front forty unpleasant intermixture limestone indicated acquired conceal disappeared regain rendering vallies deeper proceeding lime troublesome clusters grape vines intimation certain indication preceded grapes evident better driven carrying communicated inquiries concerning answered request wished tall poles women corner protect purchased person estimation wooden affected insisted carry custom asked suffering pleased treated expressed bows escaped seized dispersed voice strayed ordered wear reaching begin prove ones intercourse acquaintance taught personal miserable hunt valuable intoxicating august deposited solution locality source protection avoid examining plum sands expectation leaved wish pleasing expecting winds otherwise committed carcasses eighty local pressure thousands pools failed months poor borne inasmuch vine threw successful ample accompanying examination presence strongly ferruginous false frontier home content rested excite prairies come exhibited slender seek knew retiring effects grazing seize adopted rifle silent trifling apparent meal fifth approaches post support serious gently traveller nails sure assumed increasing attain blood shower rear deprived cissus abound mountainous examined slate regard urged grounds gigantic remarked unfavourable load satisfaction tracing recognized shall greenish exertion deserted observation anticipated cavaniol cherokee territory garrison ninth poteau induce lands partake manners guests spirit obvious prevalence previously warriors served martial meaning arose familiar betrayed oval julien scalp earnest drew agreeable exceedingly abandoned intermediate rank offers shortest lightning arms undulated named peace intricate corporal remnant xiii clermont mistook corrupted john british service illinois scales doubtless history southeast fremont correct city published histoire royal alternate fulvous margined huerfano county northeast cimarron texas antlers sixth negracka barton kansas

travels series original lewis company detachment preparations division formation sufferings weather indications approach origin persons southern proceed shienne departure bijeau neosho verdigrise creeks arrival kaskaias kiawa excursion hour measure ascent eleven swift moved boiling fountain rises ridge copious accumulated snowy discharging grateful rods perceive owing higher exposure rays provisions corn extends rapidly compact lying none coloured mass operation rendered conducted attempts apprehension sunset piece clothing reach rugged level tract parallel forms distinctly yellowish aggregate arrive commencement thick neither descending probable extended forest rarely inch largest prevailing peculiar principally bright increased immense anxiety produced determined rounded habits resemble believed procure always guns resolved possible unknown occasion approached ceased area fifteen forming scarce depth rest thin separated innumerable fire indicate added inequalities falls peaks observe partially vast cause tracks repeatedly main thermometer close subject action green attempt laid suitable enable hours column concluded spread notice loss baggage chose freely regarded sort frequented road passes confined occurs resemblance composed hand eaten inhabitants making margin banks grass grizzly birds noticed report thing indicating prevent villages complete bearing moving unlike earth hunter leading widely know bird described specimens addition interrupted exterior tinged yellow greatly works summits bringing reduced allowance limited respect argillaceous bituminous traversed growing work obstructed unvaried stratum inclined primitive entered occupying surrounding taste third fixed sulphate exist laborious abruptly derived bounded cliffs coarse intended closely preserved philadelphia entrance neck vicinity fortunate marked previous platte article done current becomes something civilized rapid spots uncommon cultivated native grove deer slightly space included bears nose obtained individual arranged ornamented established observing formidable inhabited respecting believe notes told tribe directed considered supplied placing establishment looking obliged relieved fortunately face moment away obtain presented years gradually strength pike moderate thence site bluffs mississippi speak concealed remains abundant squaw nation nations understood tobacco pieces width covering ascertained easily grassy mexican services interpreter fork stone generally drawn bring words individuals inferior doubt eighteen lately acquainted armed stagnant lost sight pitched distinguish ravines sudden joined easy proximity nearer wherever cement intense irregular violent abrupt features consisted resumed boundary grey relative life heads conduct signs courses mule flesh passage estimate desert suddenly varied soft went wolves possession past dress loaded visible magnitude smooth purgatory effect evidence climbing singular suffer waited bodies experienced discover encamp kill enjoyed year settlements offered slight considerably idea height honey occasioned fortune fear staked suffered whether confidence favourable steep crowded hands ceremony rode ascertain packs invited colorado traders lodge wandering value surrounded trade boiled retained show food held worn consequently pleasure unusual occasional departed ripe keep later comparatively insect fresh dried force summer rivers names commonly flowing finally purpose rare bean luxuriant additional woods cane military selected smith human word chiefs pipe exception tents transverse trail besides cinereous store detained soldier walnut sketch pale treaty president bayou canyon posterior lateral

early western volume some best middle during american with part account chapter encampment arkansa from party ascend high plains south trap want towards their northern tributaries upon species pawnee great bend little almost range manner taking wild horses belle point skin lodges expedition rocky mountains summit morning lieutenant accompanied base near make there observations being furnished four left foot mountain take same this camp before most direct route across arrived clock here found place spot those were leave several sandstone extending after valley arriving about noon where they bison brought large beautiful small which stream against first water spring every until formed above enough contain three hundred constantly bottom equal probably fifty whole kept constant highly distant another remaining only collected both these springs carried could have least power into temperature larger entirely portion while that tree supply took began each twelve rising deep sometimes fragments other loose seen contains proportion appears under masses half ascending surface many places covered such extremely sand though been made indians hunters ever proved passed without when once thrown over extreme halted find even ground down necessity ourselves encamped means placed mercury fell soon having suspended except articles continued able return passing mile difficult like preceding crossed hitherto following between less running nearly conic lower naked broad appeared change observed character peak beyond containing latter ascended reached wind felt frequently trees smaller more scattered elevation greater seemed still timber than meeting appear greatest side exposed situation unable produce standing formerly sides very also distance region soil either rise them conspicuous colouring blue colour among plants common elevated much ordinary cannot utmost light atmosphere influence exhausted render behind time therefore would fall immediately body filled ravine eastern below extensive size gray dark short prairie mouth usually afterwards animals somewhat specimen heavy night might numbers interesting became length others occur rock similar perhaps permanent rocks attempted cross occupied sufficiently strong bear long turned pursued journey different view west white narrow trace sixty north terminated apparently fertile must considerable branch thirty smoke supposed east branches line along captain eight wooded miles farther clear remained surprised direction parts fallen particularly numerous resembling animal called saline known stood upper broken brown does reason present form seems detached five afternoon perceived become good degree sufficient travelled discovered dense extent should notwithstanding taken difficulty number indian presents assured killed then proceeded within consisting leaves rather remarkably fruit french creek days principal sources already wood growth united often recent shot head since march nine kind necessary returned gave agreeably purposes former whilst never occurred appearance readily note right remarkable distinct young single name states mentioned thought proper seem description given general band immediate portions feet beneath natural exclusively approaching inches evening finding meat sent solitary scanty ride shade beds intermixed destitute nothing late horizontal although affording remainder spent important house according river open plain course twenty wide position entering travelling traversing whose flows remain give will seven received country around themselves succeeded perpendicular particular language through further distinguished said quantity instances what variety well fine frequent just amongst entire times case salt hunting bisons game visit grand heat belonging tail becoming instead occasionally bank meet anterior usual prepared himself season missouri opportunity superior last waters struck came heard again pursuit informed leaving kaskaia yards spanish spaniards second santa herd hills inconsiderable hardly horse recently information tent jerked back together sandy commenced fort major search situated people accordingly various thus longer hair minute confluence tributary points opposite indeed scarcely streams followed forward afford disposed used progress induced hope black path aspect occurrence rain afforded pass accustomed evidently herds compelled full crossing village order attention chief whom however state visited mounted osage forests canadian osages consequence town arkansas

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