Word Cloud for "Storm Warriors; or, Life-Boat Work on the Goodwin Sands" by John Gilmore.

Word Cloud for "Storm Warriors; or, Life-Boat Work on the Goodwin Sands"

This book was authored by John Gilmore.
Area, genre or subject: Shipwrecks.

The Bag of Words In "Storm Warriors; or, Life-Boat Work on the Goodwin Sands" (Main Words):

faith degree voyage triumph please kentish sending read proud world wherever narrative considerable abundant particulars adventures family useless doubt keen powers share strife managed fought handed stirring spent thanks comparative chief incidents readers gained object published extent complete effect matters humble helping results related literally sought fared growth behalf inventor invention despaired princess worthy kindness human dashing gradual becoming development progress labours successfully bringing plunder leading piracy satisfaction system name seeking neither punishment obtained feared added warfare towns cinque opposite effects consider wrecks claim rather king sake merchant fishermen considered richard souls kings persons escaping usual authorities extracts utter lord pilots false wicked post houses drawn expression strongly developed showed bearing prevented living sort unless attention aroused action british suggest gleaming father fitful rocks drifted dreary contrast fitted rejoicing swell breasting cover former comrades terrific realized sheltered behind grows lull hoarse murmur smile darkened willing bale linger history worst gather readiness happens rejoice closely eagerly preparing rockets lionel luken honour alike successful suffering possessed suggested support grand story faintest plan shields harvest mark quiet improvement enable sympathies disaster thousands inhabitants entrance stagger exposure seamen grief kind blood offered models qualities fact because bears none cease placed needed active earnest hillary lead endured engaged seventeen raft spars proceeded surrounded rudder tight hurled mainmast violently sixty extreme contest hardest range readily cruel pleading personal described generous determination station provided leaving breast hopes triumphant coastguard respective reported fair easily evidence equally decided grave sixteen upset evident notice letter december ports port launched duke encouraged pointed guide upright formed offer expense busy minds volumes steam james appointed commenced career fallen crowned holiday gathering witness trial trinity jumped turns centre thwart keel cheering appearance greet snatch shoots cutter proves tumbling field numerous steers perfectly describe congratulation gladness encounter capsize smooth tumble jackets wonderful naturally tides chart defence roaring walking glances seething masses disasters attempted stove spoke whitstable hoisted lifting letting hole floated threatened fearing smack frail resting tottering glasses doubtful avoid perishing express teeth faintly keenly tidings result least hastened hurried snatched waterproof racing famous drifts fail wondering eagerness says probability fathom flows bury regain speeding drown firm heading rose threw freezing body enabled suspense reached dull drift scud mass soul precious meeting harder heaviest volume crests streaming reefed poured legs wrestle burst belt remained finding foresail breach mounting shot trying forty dashed thirteen presents shaken speedy pretty draws heels touch bowsprit dragging expecting breathe reaction pleasant telegram beginning venture watchers shouted group seize though peer grateful arrival recovered clothes recover exertions blow northern inland prayer westerly ground grow anchorage shuddered soft hang firing calls broad suppose deeper thumps decks wrenches washes lurches vestige afford horror squalls moored comparatively calling outside shines received chain carries events afloat sharp crashing gently haste attempting heaving careful consolation crouch closer thwarts stir wildness shining approach worse leaps swing loose gleams crashes shock abandon larger thumping shouts fragment tries dying ourselves crying myself star isaac helm keeps buoyantly consultation reaches testimony steep listening thundering distant topsails steering wistful cables yielding tall cliffs limbs restless goodly blasts hangs anchored child clears level nearing straining spreads dash slight thump gleam sign enemy telegraph wife receives repeating noticed drives need staggering lash pitches mist town shingle probably arriving girdler unwilling flare higher stop meantime encourage strike terrified rescuing throng depth gathered despairing wives nasty check helpless drops occupied surround gathers bounds baby slant thankful twice change lies stands grey remnant boom eighteen join wrenched feebly hopelessly dawn charge hits heartfelt thankfulness flags turmoil point worn owners christmas attack evening dutch intense commence hurries conflict curl lashing wrench drawing veer meets couple recovering drive jumps endure hundreds misty admiration bless watery press returned channels northerly count rank path worth gloom affords kingsdown continue dance swim smothered absolute west spit wade single sink hail mount baling missing knock moves perseverance hogben fish

holy late expected young voice cheers parts deeply simple public idea especial difficulty various friend condition remember taking truly live forget contend ordinary nine sufficient necessity used similar account increased loving prize gales dear loss expect thing fancy thunder unfortunate maritime national nature forth weak hand foreign rich spirit sailing state different coasts receive necessary lessen crews however dozen stood escaped alive several laws show energy mercy care places burning destruction terrors plunged possibly generally stranded hanging escape setting form perils sufficiently altogether carrying warning knowing thoroughly wish royal question thank giving frozen sound bows perfect imagine fifty manned weary lying growing breeze rising pitching drop standing discovered whose eyes shakes leaves pitch steadily fears safe seized dragged beach woman deeds looked seek tale skill move frequently winter anxiously guns case boiling mere country overwhelmed himself presented itself mind skilful content blessed bring threatening urged nobly horrors success rendered iron succeeded obtain drowned hoping built tried greater portion powerful things urge sweeping refuge agony perish unable battled boil fully committee excellent known believe till fifteen thirty excited stations whole spite feelings storms eleven fewer violent twelve passengers dismay greatest hardship continually tossing beyond hardships listen want alone hearty service declared occasion stationed exposed previous laden immediately turned bottom fill marks required room weight protection stem heads piteous early confidence fury passing gradually hauled seconds word holding bowl rides increases cruising broadside happily anything onward warm dismal leap plunge amid overcome guard flag launch rages cast cloud cruise spanish oars furiously violence knocked settled forced main shrouds shaking hurricane minutes news spread blinding smaller sailed ride astonishment evidently mile farther succeed watched fate foremast cross bitter tear apparently foreland supposed hardy hasten certainly shortly eager sooner words crowded hardly delay steered knew daring ahead working towing struggles mighty breaker curling gunwale everything black rapid hauling heavier plunging riding sudden canvas bear brother shallow foaming starboard wildly clung crest hull blown discover tangled despair lashed jump passes howling dead knows thinking safety seizes tears clean yard hurry shelter speaking difficult remaining always hopeless strange learn cared gratitude fleet brings troubled minute supply grasp steady shake render rocket prospect beats remains sinks works flies open american fired buoy pale east start bravely fathoms throws sides rest climb fiercely perilous portuguese fastened moon threatens springs continues holds greatly daylight fragments swung grounds swaying desperate swinging prepare crouching instantly utmost ridge keeping jerk land midst afterwards friends meet sure house hungry lines trembling blast mate looks plunges mizen barrel proceed tells timber stout directions overrun narrow channel tows overboard exhaustion carry cabin swift feeling washing strikes french amount determine piece eddy easy happy

storm boat work goodwin ramsgate william most hearted have passed that they this hope shall wrecked saved brave hold your with some upon about three could scarcely full into very within last half hour been heard among back from night wreck after english then heart gallant tell them give without each makes other south also came cannot feel such good said interest those grew must quite risk life able which much less whether should while cold exhausted clinging seas rushing over wash would soon went boatmen often find hard enough sometimes four their getting small well answer were almost beaten running water manage when there just took look thus more faces told rapidly before hours many dangers jarman especially coxswain during time times taken nearly years number same picture leave already like thought make although come sailor will never sailors know noble further making sympathy loved ever ready what shipwrecked days chapter warriors rescue crew return sands signals welcome struggle race lugger saving fatal home institution pass through fellow rush spray wind watch present death raging take watching efforts either distance seems being strong likely ones than deal against every seemed ship cargo great free first might place vessel under right ships constant carried between even these year anxiety longer kept vessels somewhat terrible doing rough found order cause struggling ashore broken coast still torn lifted high lost become part third love wreckage only certain called seven prepared darkness people given following where fire until others pilot means lose master therefore away lights board felt began made both left perhaps utterly think moment breaking float down waiting heavy gale quickly chance feels once breaks speedily brought gave since surf breakers beneath swept gone bound hundred little battling stormy courage long thoughts dark line deep waves looking fellows wild danger weather takes dread does squall rises faint white along edge light head something women pieces captain battle course stand suddenly beating round fearful face crash drowning themselves effort forward matter around whom rage falling hands large shore done scenes comes coming dangerous whatever poor labour quick model boats cork above proved stern indeed sight winds cries reach loud became seeing lives realize worked having wait slowly scene report seen tremendous harbour driven rushed near hear another call attempt save possibility help fell crowd held best next eight sent here waited rescued steamer together distress direction completely filled washed peril vain position force crushed leaping clear shattered assistance safely society sail fear five twenty miles second north morning tide past possible alongside fast excitement impossible power gives send better fine services rope mast strain herself again fresh determined bright seem deadly arms rolling break foam dare true clock signal quarter sails thrown signs sweep anxious going broke margate neighbourhood directly brig snow prevent fall timbers deck roll wave throw bodily rigging short beat caught side turn yards pier boatman nothing windward strength heavily flying astern hawser towed huge catch floating towards buried across swiftly drifting nearer anchor rolled sand tossed clouds increasing cling cable orders roar straight hearts goes thick close rushes hoist sheer lifts haul draw remain spring lift entangled begins sweeps feet trough blowing driving speak cheer glad search broadstairs waters fierce masts downs gets lower fills begin rolls sees shout steer catches ropes luggers anchors drag keep heave rain falls speed becomes pull wonder runs schooner gull sheers emigrants children

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