Word Cloud for "Western Himalaya and Tibet" by Thomas Thomson.

Word Cloud for "Western Himalaya and Tibet"

This book was authored by Thomas Thomson. (A Narrative of a Journey Through the Mountains of Northern India During the Years 1847-8 - 1817)

Area, genre or subject: 1878.

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The Bag of Words In "Western Himalaya and Tibet" (Main Words):

narrative government detailed report intention abandoned directed opportunities definite received cunningham completed delay travel roughly names comparison collection calculated proper question variable prevails value majority purposes english language wanting induced permitted select thought faithful scenery contrasted precisely gilgit desirous skirt sketch notes useful illustration prepared process mission firozpur kalka plainward sabathu haripur situation jako kotgarh gaora tranda sildang deodars vine boundaries wangtu chegaon rogi chini sungnam caragana temple chango villagers dankar horse lanak pugha sulphur mark tunglung richly sabu digar panamik boghdan chorbat mahommedan aqueduct kartash tarkata ulding karbu shut bridges balti game maten baltal sonamarg gagangir trap city wasterwan pottery imbedded shahabad vernag nasmon tertiary sandstones sirohi padri sach chatargarh umasi padum rope wandla kalatze nurla kardong diskit start murgai singular phatu kanji molbil kargil systems extension travels month enters viewed distances remote apparent configuration removed outline maps mention chains uniformity developed arrive bounding approaches continuance subtropical farther acacia courses features overlooking proceeds scandent begins ferns euphorbia hottest driest fleshy dividing terminates attains resembles distinguished perched markedly vegetable abound proximity struck natives meeting comparatively atmosphere prospect delightful follows clad commanding stretches overhangs narrowness conveyed occupying terraced laborious strip unnecessary discharging class border drained includes square surprising total dryness proportion universal aridity annual dried preserved scented humidity shelter destroyed tendency veronica circumstance desire obscure exceed suitable servants unconnected public massive nearest regard named lead gaining covers exposure spreading arms variation abies coniferous inaccessible sacred animals move ready pointed valuable april enumerate flowering belong thymus commences week attract universally access countries advantages advantage enables agreeable brilliant recognizable curve exit really intermediate unite separation commence acquainted convey basins diminishes shorter humboldt external conceive analogous conclusion emerged periods superficial takes geological penetrate allow consider stages fourteen accommodation fixed procurable midst fair micaceous abundantly thicket spruce overhang inclining entering intermixed relieve gloomy foliage climbing renders true undergrowth presents thickets contrast subalpine shoulder seat preferred cleared straight allowing afford requisite done steepness quantities picea resumes bungalow faces snows arriving procured heavily lined rule depressions bareness sown brushwood prettily comes rice grown walked variety handsome gained hollows recesses streamlets walnut determination intervening ourselves accuracy exceeds intended sort blow grows diameter equal buckwheat thrive moist consequent year determining quarters labours geographical keep garrison spent pale indicating noted exact accidental likely melia feel independent impetuous tranquil differ utterly properly compared glabrous differed observing stationary rajah visiting dead unfrequently overhung channels walking conducted allied available zone neither changed furious crumbling proof viscid waste showed steeper steps halted distinguish retain showers chesnut stated gerard temples numbers bore millet province belonged prominent construction substantial stone becoming grand felt beauty impracticable olive advancing wound periodical orchards rays grain summits rained afternoon storm drops thus interval collecting journal prove arboreous feature observation walk remaining attracted utter produces tried agree exceeded blowing bringing tops largest corner condensed absolute supported converted supplied vines erect grass everything strikingly finest dirty unfavourable gneiss daybreak thickly starting rounding recede fatiguing overlooked scarce thorny strewed admit collect andromeda added blew weight juniperus room afforded covering turf notice kinds barrenness ceased desolate furnished rills trickled sensibly comparing ought oxytropis biebersteinia lamium poplars carefully opinion connection phenomena call hour conglomerates shingle incrustation vary better closed barrier conjecture accumulations dipped minute allowed novelty corn arable copious past tibetans come interspersed weeds included inferior dell exhibited perpendicularly altogether mere exhausted crop satisfactory indicate depend avoid changes surprised extraordinary seed wish object zungsam jacquemont skirts regular stratification examined adorned flowing obliquely horses marches southerly alternations trickling issued discharge expand diminishing constantly talus merely describe throw facts referable successive gentian unfortunate exception encrusted unburnt layer occupation baggage food uninhabited coating swamps desolation repeated sterility tufted glad ascertaining slates brittle piles dull paces body accomplished fissures bluff narrower explained professor interrupted trebeck outlet borders expanse accordance moderately purple edges pools floating indication altered traversing aware hemmed beneath aqueous bring bones ranunculus exists infer harvest grained ascertained family projected current cover unknown moorcroft narrowed obscured precipitously intensely clock animal cease trifling combined expands together accounts dependent roads friable heaped constitutes sought living remarkably informed milder pinnacles fantastic chief canals brown associated grow october gulab rude drawing contrary hurried read possession thannadar timber contact barely lateness overcast flanks waterworn including ceases raised beaten mouth forded bursting world look reduced recess permit seasons accessible mulberry vigne snowed surmu recognized nights narrowest descents vertical bottomed fortified palace canal paper december circle undoubtedly vestige slightest discover mornings snowing inhabit celebrated bearing employed eighteen motion storms busy sprinkling home westward bulky meadows arranged birds uninterruptedly suffered amounted recognize buried furrowed consequently dimensions foreign works lithospermum rosa delight coming recorded interest exist respects determine profusion viburnum outermost proved clearly fissured additional rivulet nepeta supposed written whether sedimentary marine society style drawings practical treatise botany executed comprising scientific introduction quarterly brief monthly funguses study lesson poetry

years original drawn attention himalayan ever knowledge accurate although caused subject results botanical derived careful thrown heights others thermometer against system sound rendered remain peculiar consequence uniform words illustrations show best pangong taken rough jamu karakoram kind proceed leave approach inner gambar basin pines chapter mahasu pine fagu mattiana nagkanda hattu densely rampur boundary grove miru absence alteration quercus pangi werang birch lipa encamp runang scanty hangarang nako buddhist transported blocks chinese ramifications gorge encampment leading chumoreri hilly monastery unsettled springs lakes salt clays giah populus irrigation traces flood kuru population tolti turns obliged apricot rondu enter thawar avalanches juniper shigar gardens avantipura banahal badarwar moraines meet party merchants yarkand torrent sassar pashkyum zoji kouenlun winds determined arrangements evening travelling perfectly sand scarped tributaries enable distinct alone traveller advances themselves instance skirting sources axis sixty degrees portions presented previously continuing conspicuous longer anywhere replaced appearing contained shrubs military overhanging complete receding steeply extremity back devoid jungle crevices spots sheltered makes bends separating station exceeding instead characteristic moderate rapidity diminution sunny familiar region naturally ascertain favourable finely slaty limited autumn stretching objects because effect ascends indeed purpose follow finally greatest adapted growth path flows capable artificial attaining ascents circumstances render regarded excellent smaller varying mentioned however mean cannot rarely respect want certain degree exposed herbage grasses superb attempt result levels approaching belonging genera fact mountainous originally selected residence late increasing besides native sudden fully varies forty humid hardly third occurring groves extending rare woods seldom constant enough worthy genus particular section colour occasional flowers falls succeeded unless identical rains reason wherever lying elsewhere extensively fortunate continuation terminate away traced observe bend head arrival strachey myself physical idea divided turn fissure impossible solid strong easily discovered illustrated thence take making porters slightly indicative growing keeping deodar young tolerably magnificent falling graceful rich forests shade gigantic fairly trunks free planted nothing drainage prevent expected irregularly unfortunately fell quarter resumed proceeding exactly loaded continue occupy elegant depression approached opportunity taking bordered easterly remains beautifully noticed rhododendron inclination practicable contain moisture house distinctly stout ripe commencing piece land recent calcareous pebbles boulder arid difference addition commonest flowered space whom visit cloudy progress second margin formerly sloped estimated swollen indications invariably straggling marched signs consisted required forward dipping sharp transition powerful receded larger sight hitherto connected sikh fertile striking smooth blocked stood placed support joins melting regions published producing begun eleven repeatedly enclosed leads seemingly rank spinous shape inhabited cliff absolutely disposed fruit horizontal withered looked information regarding veins fallen slight fresh disappeared crystals dwarf resting shall prickly encamping destitute trace streamlet fringed shingly piled breadth seeing clayey occasion accumulated showing suppose thickness estimate capped produce probable quartz alternated blue angle latterly rest upward wider plentiful think terraces faced walls precipices figures pure people rested huge topped tents resembling inclined prevented incoherent concealed wall causes september glacial desert visited uniformly violent irregular field owing expanded guides matter melted twice unable important supply shaped shallow directions emerging heaps watered labour igneous authority stratified strike widened horizontally frequented alternating sections spread attain united granitic volume consist started measure average metamorphic plenty gave modern manner thaw frozen enabled moraine indurated flower ruins jelam marshy july broken primula tawi tipped june tent royal descriptions author history book

western himalaya journey through mountains northern during little termination indian observations that this form which after return time tibet been have since many chain first were from major captain latter just most made india other branches deep know more recently good eastern with source great when find these opposite arrived almost very only plants given present work chiefly specimens well known both extent open occupies country place places various those earlier part extremely greater number point therefore still used such considerable elevations upon within three four hundred feet extreme each european mode then must into different usually popular former would probably though common give will seen where become portion plates series easy neighbourhood iskardo found rugged tibetan level plain lacustrine strata could does similar ravines valley quite same general appearance particularly contains alluvial platforms streams every principally large name districts round lake whole course shayuk laid while district between nearly possible length direction nubra about simla plains ascent kussowlee vegetation face origin ridge climate aspect ranges road cross river tropical steep forest flora spring months rainy season view peak structure mountain summit slope cultivated slopes bare facing interior wooded cultivation descent towards sutlej shady ravine rapid change bridge kunawar fine trees rocky pinus rain willow poplar camp upper pass alpine granite boulders deposits stunted separates piti deposit limestone rocks village luxuriant wild over stopped natural alluvium clay shells saline above parang glacier remarkable grassy undulating hanle descend weather banks indus borax ancient fall snow conglomerate narrow villages soil isolated lower khapalu junction description fort formation kashmir march extends valleys beyond extensive dras continued front apparently winter difficult range south sind main town hills fragments chenab tributary ascend another north beds marked along immense zanskar across leaves small passage numerous glaciers crest passes height clouds their elevation they bank without soon necessary left account foot morning parallel following last travelled among partly composed loose tract bounded sides right traversed stream descending runs west join itself distance sufficient elevated appear several rising succession behind distant covered perpetual called middle outer usual grey base rise masses perpendicular line parts becomes nearer down evidently consists separated rivers westerly reaching flat thirty miles ridges visible continues projecting mass wide gradually till single being sandy sandstone than lofty cliffs rounded situated travellers close entered surrounded perhaps around barren especially heat herbaceous nature east filled dense scattered here some prevailing stony bushes ordinary immediately leaving long throughout winding side period below crosses sloping houses centre crossed spur forms turning abruptly eastward plant extend species occur occurs thin generally temperate confined thick nowhere belt waters branch running often precipitous somewhat less much shrubby appears suddenly lies accompanied passing once order diminished beautiful brought what again rises hill built further scarcely occasionally even intervals peaks either also completely like state entirely cold heavy depth next already surface direct half descends crossing reach short afterwards deal except lands occurrence fields having never under before rapidly character frequently broad gravelly rather there water carried always ascending gently pretty bottom snowy southern means near lateral should higher closely increased otherwise surrounding doubt wood passed drier abundant strongly tall inhabitants highest frequent patches containing able notwithstanding lowest temperature summer make influence evident directly least whose sufficiently mile position might principal five spurs amount equally observed limit high exceedingly seems described tree white size bright case commencement sometimes early times interesting mostly seem fifteen partially upwards abrupt excavated forming beginning august took occupied indicated vast rock existence action coarse highly increase route advanced british difficulty dark reached commenced seven nine thousand twenty rose looking northerly light green according abundance wooden spot attained clear none silver yards began remainder collected full cause eight leaved angular gentle considerably crops barley them twelve days became believe immediate ascended appeared wheat followed descended certainly night kept commonly produced obtained hard curious consisting everywhere soft width vicinity remained flowed worn inches mixed joined turned ground slate considered gradual coloured previous formed channel central fifty occurred varied encamped came proceeded seemed contracted wind black stones swampy terminated enormous quantity advance tufts grew extended hollow willows yellow margins continuous patch said hand accumulation deposited platform interposed tracts gravel edge skirted price

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