Word Cloud for "Studies of Contemporary Poets" by Mary C. Sturgeon.

Word Cloud for "Studies of Contemporary Poets"

This book was authored by Mary C. Sturgeon.
Area, genre or subject: English poetry -- 20th century -- History and criticism.

The Bag of Words In "Studies of Contemporary Poets" (Main Words):

women company messrs brooke davies gibson naidu woods draws implicit awakened mysticism creation street believing affinity occurs ugly wanton winter kept news tale fear dying gathering race dare skill higher leaving synge shown fitting spontaneous folk reasoned separation entered flight closed gesture rooted apparently appeared cast obscure astonishing elusive expresses describes suggests hints derived toward sends representative epic besides care account positive strain likeness business flow sets storm deadly safe knowing grow doth conventional tradition plot crude concerned elemental turned wrongs points tall looks drunken sinister together unconscious shadows psychological satire sanity constructive self heavens palace cries revelation justice thee infinite meet middle watch equal imagined reminds upward held representing instant mark matched dawn daring prove attains belongs hath highest driving atmosphere lower instance terror million corn extraordinary tend exactly rough shades built corresponding simpler surface proper garment illustrates remember names returning window lapse thence reflected political serves closer level reflect civilization noble wasted blow subjects royal walks realizing exuberant keenly features enter separate shade dared opposite sonnet engaged unfortunate rain strikes somewhere ourselves exist amazing disengage threads grew supreme examples substance closes intricate keeping bare shows gleams dancing lifted blending brave mentality ironic pause height windy burns finely anything water future loves individuality satirical observing longing satiric vague immediate boat fairly meadows forget approach connexion resemblance seven inherent absence saying thoughts admit proof record lighter accept collected relate philosophical paper triumph hide remain wander flavour maid sympathetic picking marked implications seeing jesus breaks awful awaken analysis snatch memory used falls mighty noise pleasant throughout pagan seeks hail morning number choose trees precision variety short lily sweetly deliberate entirely sincerity faithful mystery waiting brown mellow strenuous remote voices beasts sleeping softly dreaming violence plan telling walking garden whisper quickly moonlight incident somehow creep fearful tired empty supernatural fineness tender shaken horse cloud sang nearer pain habit turning march winds walk continue specific principles observe wrought toiling autumn growing nine indignation nicholas smiling considerable period rapid recent profound throne fled setting black putting marks prompting prefaces finding latent hears remembers picture enjoy bear flower victory winged judge importance waters helen fell earthly shore immediately village money toil noblest base genuine process vital moulded selection generous scheme passed turns curious irregular length recognize weak works instead austere store next chapbook quaint popular visibly public include likely gained bones logic yield specifically abstraction positively driven fantasy neutral purely achieved wins below distinguish fought regard universal religion imagine creatures lark idealist lover reader added rate theories events begins thousand american vividly link host crowd wandering nobody richer unrhymed rises rings sweetness proceed eager smitten ireland healthy laughter heroes ideals family commonly maeve devil prepare treated answer marriage hour swift alike etain arms straight secretly happens capacity blown enters magic brian vigour prelude brain mountain virgin kiss regarded adventure infinitely regret door drops presented lure frail hate truly cambridge provokes frankly scent west dust forces fight speed previous independent tragedies utmost breaking angels allegory proceeds belief herself five seizes grandeur manin charles bothwell angry comic tomas liberty shonnin

england following masefield abercrombie utter peculiar varied grows significant carry others represent aspect social delight essential rare values experience frequently wider unity virtue needs particular keep main abstract among seeking veil outer friend possession visible root occasionally personality taking forward shape ecstasy intimate leap kindled careful generally utterance result amongst ideas knowledge show talk consider hearts conscious however hint says texture deeply intellectual extreme easily medium difficult discover combination produce ultimate union created grave glance dominant create perceives hold scientific religious region general philosophy lead relatively significance tells girl imagery declares fitness dignity placed lips rise faith unknown forth greater impossible reach gave tenderness pity studies persons youth near shadow plain meaning divine friends finer touches suggestion quick passes brings standing watching burning look across powerful therein course ready wonder quote reading designed chosen birth excess closing perfectly longer characters clouds sitting thinking serve study largely mystic impressions stream feature style aesthetic colour breath wave instrument convey heroic regular strictly beat suggest vigorous precise language phrase clarity daily symbol afraid evolved april country greatest share rule cool sharp characteristics historical knew loved title history year humane crisis flung several centuries slowly went ardour value precious fully aware intensity constant begin expect principal sheer dreams immortal gracious beginning acute whilst stupidity open giving shapes rhythm space patient fancy homely laughing fall knows faces finds detachment birds heaven proud readily merry creative energy subdued bent quietly realize sits return catch effects dream house gets holy absolute mean volumes proportion hundred apart holds everything rage sings personal view stormy simply lightness delightful facts curiously weakness laws thrown occasional want jolly wondering believe perceive couple flowers treatment intense supposed balance remains wide glad fields type seemed grass field late origin left runs blood drinking rhyme noted battle wish slight influences mary told known bird nearly escape mainly simplicity chief blessed hidden thin loud feet doing similar twilight stories raised artist done evening trick basis appeal faint running perceived melancholy gloom silver choice tone technical bound usually synthesis suggested calls sympathy serene temper burn books stage normal naked landscape leave sharply four changing wise brooding filled lovers crown further belong wife splendid stuff nevertheless evoked dialogue speech husband exact illustrate outward struck trying fitted sent flying ballad hitherto literature reflection implied city particularly subjective circle hill current everlasting dreadful elaborate sensitive temperament indian strongly moves forgotten looking draw weave lived celtic seek going peace falling princess stronger freedom state evil zest easy marcus gwyllim nelto owain

author warm poets their given these john work miss rupert poetry irish group rose stephens sweet modern hear strange life poetic spirit beauty contemporary with fresh from deep inspiration living there fair would seem that should large hope whether which find such some more than voice appears therefore happy name stands first under quite also natural right head those every poet this will found complex world keen perception past lyrical dramatic upon common another mere into definite form claim drawn them made said neither deeper sense could make perhaps like vision sensuous delicate often seems once people above because whose instinct while time genius where mind sometimes hard reveals itself many subtler through naturally most earlier fine called against fierce impulse music thou come shall still mood poor same volume passage present only much young about long over material spring soul ever when little been broken comes tell word having gone being whom have lies earth call evidence less direct equally strong later very tragedy heart lives love play simple here clear takes then completely himself thus great working suddenly consciousness force thing they even best must lyric words passion rapture stars bright since does power caught well directly mental feel probably degree live move before complete appear method other doubt makes line between thought imagination might merely making already existence point certain though read human full sound body feeling single sees reason whole turn content means moving published pieces story although follow qualities things vivid high development apparent physical spiritual note until range rather expression theme hardly fact back contrast death felt nature stand reality perfect dead along final manner without need towards either artistic poem piece take both order save give least conception become remarkable away second down face powers within desire written larger sight night beyond technique three woman father never blind change last express golden presence were enough hand touch soft good character older influence none after important humour quality interest moment early cause think lord question king better side alone sudden stood outside hills each struggle quiet just dear eternal subject rich closely almost poems individual effect light book wind know poetical gift mother children fire finest example verse observed seen idea taken emotion rising lightly dozen lines english metrical different exquisite measure strength familiar partly indeed born eyes glory something place came coming tragic gods pass always silent relation attitude cannot lonely years brought clearly passionate flame elements subtle break soon third matter especially true imaginative woven scene white till room dark kind darkness cold secret again humanity concrete your characteristic truth grace lovely sing charm what home half rest scenes gentle literary realism small pure hence ancient song gives actual part narrative themes case songs charming behind laugh wild round really interesting silence nothing shining child surely fallen days passages stanza sign lyrics lost fragment sounds element green broad leaves plays blue beneath stanzas forms close external free grown essence impression indicate obvious grey romantic figure opening times possible mystical beside goes queen movement romance pale beautiful ideal sure native hands help signs singing themselves real heard follows contrasted land national drama bring action conflict joan

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