Word Cloud for "My Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum" by Herman Charles Merivale.

Word Cloud for "My Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum"

This book was authored by Herman Charles Merivale. (By a Sane Patient - 1839)

Area, genre or subject: 1906.

The Bag of Words In "My Experiences in a Lunatic Asylum" (Main Words):

says history singular accepted years companion dull heaven treated escape modern lives weakness beginning false practically amongst forgotten haunt step safe knows victim curious natural amused strong question fashion paid except reform reasonable madness terrible especial especially none write dark rooms particular living variety harriers follow morning companions parties town sentence pretty outside concealed full really sorts suddenly making helpless blood kind absolute unconscious sound business british lies attack spirited eyes possibility truth necessity quietly fell places driven lost kindly pronounced piece utterly feel engaged speak saved papers struck real feelings appear world angry likely writing impression cure madmen absence table dreams effort apparently thank forget wearing existence cold seldom nearest therefore thinking dear changed want change hand shock abuse ground bring thus directly fully justly pass waters carlsbad train content proved ordered strength result send true effect light master naturally deep winter natured village knowledge trying desperate interest word simple instead laughing carried responsibility shaken chiefly view hour occupied association passages force exactly twice happily seaside ways consecutive vaguely gentleman opposite address turn warder servant drive younger fellow showed talk mark everybody liked lawyer curiously silent selfishness giving literary eminent keepers watch tired facts ignorant clear just certificate opinion taking scenes white greek sight become anxious gardens either supposing sleep confusion needed freedom completely honour treatment instance close hear insanity women prisoner brave haunted bear notes also cared wondered amusement hall

experiences london chapter imprisonment brother kept england nervous different point wandering both moment utter doing leave here while various general difficult does broken part evil system because seem happy dying constant country look occasional relative near almost indeed felt nature fact itself held call public within danger fear present doubt fearful suffering least conscious body side physical dangerous famous simply between neither supposed chance grew comfortable keep died mental large cruel human number wine patient went heard thoughts relation rest carry dead wish alone half small account passed gave charge greatest looking tried spoke followed nearly bound behind described matters removed possible fond learned talked favourite matron believed watched gibbs daily faces imprisoned feeling need means letter road looked readers wife short special perhaps knowing began associations writer sign pecksniff

lunatic asylum sane against those with them that were common right suppose have first personal experience this time other upon what must been only took care never there most fancies which well they help when such things used should would asylums might seen something strange beyond certain many during course doctors under friends believe come sometimes into worst form life himself worse than through lived will ever next themselves whom think every save from even till hope tell hands round very afterwards better their mind sense rather pleasant work duty again great thing being wrong more seems without spite whole another hard nothing house make each private like commissioners quite place months shall three best take head little give five room could same some soon last mine much seemed asked weak good then became matter these face poor death play over made story known warders whose hold down words brain scarcely told written know others home found among friend case lunacy once afraid name anything away about sort people cannot enough heart often long times since always answer wrote said left myself whether less given shut done before remember state doctor having power second days knew though medical where find taken after back illness thought wonder failed your brought young sent night able patients called allowed came read going still

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