Word Cloud for "Personae" by Ezra Pound.

Word Cloud for "Personae"

This book was authored by Ezra Pound. (1885 - 1972)

Area, genre or subject: American poetry -- 20th century.

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The Bag of Words In "Personae" (Main Words):

lose grace before cino audiart praise glaucus marvoil heaven whose folk every aside folly cold quite young seen leaf women among footnote sung sing having become souls forgetful passed land glory laugh seeking blue knows find sought pass cause never rose form gone francois margot been which loved past into known reach pain about right turn hold bore cometh years lost poor greater music peace shadows other beauty saying worn woman went flame within behind maid beyond clear most thout streams avail house taken round homesick save between hills thoughts again beziers

dreams ballad thus light days grey dream said leaves ways found till because like three once meet back half master first gave lips thing give take sweet grow deep thought dawn time against kind keep grown whom vain crying while blade

this world song heart soul from white that with night hath upon such their being things have they more where still some mine wind know them call though only great love than here little winds will strange would were these make well lady made when each even come unto thou through shall there earth then drink eyes what thee your words life doth wonder should power might many ever long after

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