Word Cloud for "Guide to Yosemite" by Ansel F. (Ansel Franklin) Hall.

Word Cloud for "Guide to Yosemite"

This book was authored by Ansel F. (Ansel Franklin) Hall. (A handbook of the trails and roads of Yosemite valley and the adjacent region - 1894)

Area, genre or subject: 1962.

The Bag of Words In "Guide to Yosemite" (Main Words):

adjacent inspiration rocks basket arches lost immediately portion described interest make club california geological would public origin features smith alder johnson moraine sunset hennessy massive basin summits inclined dominating average magnificent perfectly changing bottom same still present hand phenomena office until fancied battalion bureau mighty marvelously interesting buttress rounded walls vertical cliffs flanked highest glaciated gorge number flood waters hanging entire steps dropping spirit final gracefully winter meant summer much every delightful both always rise referring gives except caused reached delightfully largest known cascades within ideal spot bordered center conte memorial hundreds exceptionally natural group without advance means motor beginning although routes scarce gnarled entering hardy cedar avalanche grouse douglas elephant towers placid coulterville bridges viewed drops ramparts ascend runs treated hidden continuing skirt whose spanish shallow buildings important skirts rises halt stop quarters ascending leaning face subsidiary somewhat least before visit order excursion start while grew precipitous ledges toward mouth times leading named black remnant shore detour house joined permanent remaining motorists night machines campsite gardens walking leaves hard grade sloping plateau peregoy poor swinging gradual fell wonderfully nearby quite blazes branching aspen shortly crane southwestward seven ranch hundred begins wooded loch leven sharp surrounded renamed june steelhead rounding enter traverses reach profile thrilling vantage through joining pedestrians slippery ladder diamond shaft sugar scattered emerges abrupt upstream downstream becomes columbia skirting dangerous retracing winkle path source timber attempted headwaters echo easy

liberty washington ribbon curry lodge information each they time forage points general floor chinquapin roads railroad forsyth gentry harden ledge fort monroe ostrander chilnualna buck region western crest edge gently those mount horse forests formed flower polished trails beauty among obtained mariposa them last yosemites tribe service free found impressive gates rising stand huge like lookout back northeast grizzly vicinity sheer famous places charming series often third power lower because name wide perfect vast grand indians even precipice best cascade ride recess rugged arch banks once camps maintained telephone contains accommodations splendid soon attractive grove trees camping season southeast four captured part stage built taken hours hour leaving parallels bank oaks yellow incense ascends past climbs firs obtain pines talus checking station generally jeffrey rocky place northward makes paralleling margin enters suddenly emerge glimpses ancient directly comprehensive ahead flank find straight distant narrow only isles overhanging under returning around starts easily northwest cabin since days mounts walk better depths fair auto yards wonderful southward thence head lodgepole being accessible country rough possible used feed bearing fork rainbow brook followed descend southwest beautifully peak emerging reverse mist switchbacks central leave abundant

view yosemite valley point falls cathedral sentinel rock glacier dome illilouette panorama cliff vernal nevada little indian north royal capitan fall mirror lake camp village hotel three eagle this trail about many short from scenic been road these just called during trip with forest chief ranger national park several sierra also here which more should early portal pohono bridge bridalveil tenaya tuolumne mono flat tioga hetch hetchy return clouds rest pass merced meadows sunrise lakes creek meadow half wawona buena vista long between great eastern wall abruptly down well into after south miles most west feet granite above high very ridge less than east there some small have water good government white mountain large were their deep that first over excellent following will foot opposite side upper below distance canyon glacial base further along quarter summit main level five spring snow gradually take other river seen right descends another mile beneath when almost descent beautiful picturesque where next branches left happy near offers views stocked sites made trips route rather passing across follow pine crossing passes then joins beyond takes site thru leads turns turning continue finally continues dense stream cross eastward open junction westward again turn bears branch crosses especially round ascent climb climbing fine descending fishing slope steep follows trout zigzags

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