Word Cloud for "Extinct Birds" by Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild Rothschild.

Word Cloud for "Extinct Birds"

This book was authored by Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild Rothschild. (An attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those Birds which have become extinct in historical times - 1868)

Area, genre or subject: 1937.

The Bag of Words In "Extinct Birds" (Main Words):

historical hundred verge paper special proceedings greatly totally kindly study life pages merely reconstructed probable difference disappearance deposits pleistocene localities older labrador leguat ever peculiar principal possession flightless clear possible hand likely sufficient differ convinced flight striking unless cases cause extinction apparent introduction animals again habitat land extermination reduced chief undoubtedly maoris however fossil avifauna serve porphyrio extensor right stated procured main mostly threatened cyanorhamphus galapagos southern sandwich names doing giving pachyornis anomalopteryx literature books referring specially detailed wilhelm library hartert libri reproduced relations faroe histoire pere america isles dauphine beautiful containing amazona nature opposite alectroenas moho psittacus kangaroo indian perroquet phaeornis bering describes rallus nesolimnas oiseaux researches iceland didine structure cabalus leverian aphanapteryx aves represented chaunoproctus hemiphaga extant additional properly centenaire mascarinus butorides july oahu cranial central neither palaeornis composed done berlin bulletin reproduction unpublished unique pointed ossified nasal intermediate edge wall skulls huppe describing error whether males examples wrote destroyed search manuscript alive arose lived minor necropsar anonymous relation make islet evident secondaries inclined conclude absolutely distance height visited bonin obtain group tells woods obliged charles representative dimensions spite attention paid natives society perfectly tinged greyish tarsi blackish tinge introduced rats disappeared feared fate distinctness series lores lesser broadly margined primary basal underparts irregular based thus naming shoulders colouration chestnut buffy addition points aspect edged thousand himself makes perhaps partly square rarest belongs sufficiently chest forehead hawaii nobody scott elongated passing restricted practically myself latham century caught across greenish showing museums flying information followed acknowledged upon strong linnaeus inch american aestrelata mixed thighs whitish question really philip early ferdinand days expressly conclusion cheeks thick chin bars differed markedly osseous discovered statement excellent naked miles whose perroquets bigger proved guadaloupe sure underside bluish washed affinities agree moderately rounded scientific leaves king defined nape against grass abundant occurred abbe dubois origin olive howe mentions owls gave pretty surrounded behind fifth equal ground close extends furnished condyles instead transverse australian vary gadow describe metatarsi throughout relative comparison cnemial process humerus bony smallest ulna ridges extending resembling ungual resembles skin crest formed incapable acetabular ventral andrews full proportion extreme fibular major degree tubercles sacral stouter incomplete wild resemble poor occurrence northern breed nests draw william later recorded purchased branches manner understand massive enlarged fossae exceeding area exactly space facets dorsal absent indication stout situated banded next tipped imperfect synonymy sharply mottled hutton compressed contained drawn portions straight take pelvic paroccipital struthious dawson superior widely poverty cave deeply fulica coast open fair bulk shade morne spadicea september coturnix glenmark clutha divided intercondylar popliteal pectineal neural lydekker symphysis inferior quadrate pneumatic postacetabular sharp profile basis expansion mullerornis borbonicus cucullatus leguati melitensis newtoni novaezealandiae solitarius

volume within seven ornithological drawings book plates numerous readers itself existing although included figures ancient work considerable date locality ornithologists consider parrots recently mascarene confined exist referred including generic toes difficult specific differences reason exterminated kept prove numbers important native belonged able dromaius usually doubtless soon miro hemignathus authors fully quoted author eight catalogue bibliography alca zoological iles translation article rare together belonging translated journal governor five named extraordinary gigantic notice madagascar nestor french ones strix columba till note megalapteryx impossible collections hawaiian refer called leyden shown patch stuffed expanded presents forbes possibly reunion rest generally places curved mountains told existed killed home aware besides except lighter darker nothing uniform bright greater total abdomen during largest failed collectors along high fine types fourth call afterwards brownish henry palmer narrower every feather stripe median centre suppose wilson considered justified crown flanks buff remarkable soft character entire position once bordered received sold rectrices used below yellowish quarters covered eyes existence took nearest prominent just place regular bought wide developed parrot edward green always feel unfortunately show distinctly clearly level line separated pigeons common slight proportions face barred beyond pronounced angle articular condyle coracoid foramen compared geese duck often york mounted temporal region slender coracoidal spotted groove immature breadth pennula perfect wider sometimes frontal states grooves vertebrae comparatively passenger records roelandt skeletons thirds depression haast narrowest entry

short account those birds which have become extinct that last still with coloured other when before found number these among many could were after some owing late considerably more than therefore will following different well been published very specimens especially forms longer from remains preserved great almost small portion this living state even here species they into distinct known know bones under former might descriptions present several such give their there seems never entirely fact while collected same what much mentioned probably most west blue times must mention only either various interesting islands chatham large though because doubt case certain quite little parts also genera appear separate coverts them should founded less cannot find first recent others brought another natural down through evidently moas body believe anterior zealand list described above think east south distal extremity tarsus without lateral surface deep british original museum obtained bird male hardly part having given already said north middle united single three where name gives characters about made would long being general complete dodo edition marked figured figure appears voyage isle island description page according sieur notes third second mauritius extremely voyages point collection rodriguez history each plate pigeon notornis white black bourbon dinornis rather over picture supposed vienna near bone year family larger further towards printed apparently genus aepyornis drawing type tring liverpool taken specimen beak wing outline paris skeleton processes latter base upper form between inner says half size ibis distinguished edwards plumage bill feet like young good then female shorter four adult smaller monsieur seen formerly professor sent shot closely allied wings tail legs inhabited eggs became shape colour outer webs primaries both tibia lord certainly whole dark brown rufous back mandible nearly posterior length placed breast captain years came slightly walter buller feathers dull somewhat similar easily does broad quills left belly light sides pale head ridge differs hind narrow yellow time since strongly throat neck grey inches come lower metatarsus pair least true side round belong nostrils diagnosis rump individual norfolk owen front skull evidence newton width proximal shaft shows measurements relatively femur circumference pelvis breeding occipital sternum costal border fifths didus

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