Word Cloud for "Lancashire Humour" by Thomas Newbigging.

Word Cloud for "Lancashire Humour"

This book was authored by Thomas Newbigging. (1833 - 1914)

Area, genre or subject: English wit and humor.

The Bag of Words In "Lancashire Humour" (Main Words):

second wife gradely anecdotes previously introduced readers already works named scarcely humorous want touch effect here published encounter daily itself keeping peculiarities expression ideas human nothing point themselves remarks difficult genuine neighbours collection means dozen understood intelligent thee riding line equal third beyond examples within oliver placed original kindly become extent sound besom writer introduction claim antiquity ancient almost proved words earlier conclusion vulgar mother process miss illustrate thirty rich quaint bright simplicity strength natural marked hand master considered lacking greater matter thoughts necessary racy striking putting especially fully particular prevent letter reference against passed parts curiously attention taste author greyt east circumstance glad instance similar london appear seed park gettin felley face geet thank touches laughter folk horse figures maintained gravity greatly mouth somewhat ever thoose thing sond thief wanted late hardly different beer mischievous moon rise noan oldham conversation created corner save interested strong small favourite owner calling returning stranger colliers open severe sold heard suddenly order under woman streets boys edge busy happy across leaving railway bread eccles trying dead father money deep faces cross duty neighbour laid hear better employed evening occasionally table meetings spinning cause candidate heavy question until foot declared stand lord soon noted sent equally share shillings once reached jack morning eggs sixteen hearing making church laying opposite engaged counsel carry five youth factory practical cart bull early nearly turning valley constable bacup jobber devil spindle halmot district gill kirk help deposited penny theatre sall treacle chair steps asylum

characters felt subject object because something passing less common usually special hence amusing taken incident view occurred west able characteristic outside county near whole collier distance going lost last school ways least moment cannot sitting kind generally probably sense says full peculiar rather account young rachde visit business friends rochdale carried several example chap away leet enough whilst gave used billy feet hens till picture names usual expressed taking field sudden street habit further speak holding poor whose rose suggested thus pointing responded applied farmer front door evidently while look audience unable cotton election honourable opinion coal hold animal kept mill doffers loom taster lunatic

lancashire first humour with thae that back present have number sketches which into also this will their being they were giving could there those dialect occasion often when would from reason other know whether many well than give place among just waugh like speech people character does same such make best most writers take native these must general having been some stories related said both them quite certain without good found time each every tell find where latter manchester side about more rossendale country large john then much between only quality what times inhabitants even still though great long course following days very deal recent years done during left working work hard always high true either part come should given whom might down ludicrous upon your friend think speaking asked looked held sometimes made knew fellow never name little went through road hands curious looking brought short told over village meeting keep after another turn coming story known room night round before idea half house length turned took next seen replied began answer himself fine person along right george called came fact stood three ready instead towards again political week maister duties houses head court boring office dick

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