Word Cloud for "The Iowa" by D.C. of Washington Thomas Foster.

Word Cloud for "The Iowa"

This book was authored by D.C. of Washington Thomas Foster.
Area, genre or subject: Iowa Indians.

The Bag of Words In "The Iowa" (Main Words):

edited monograph camping circle grammar slightly colored carried parts numbered termed able evidently connection position improbable collections instance actual idea publication foster fact appears read kind unless facts considered attempt assistance branch future santee hand head refers whole plains sign southwestern evidence direct information late omaha formed rock farther drawn shows arrival purpose sent settle because recently moved toward dwelt belonged ayavois otoctatas whites come situated leagues illinois built locate letter august contained seem removed however limits authorities traders addition writes large marriage allied gentes lead institution kindred death extent nearly latter generally marked points ground stone seen religious ball peculiar rather usual forty excellent occupy entitled body equal assigned difficult bibliography prominent contributions nemahaw taking proper official english dusty done earliest remained making reason became acquainted means cause including post erected order governor establish twenty canadian july mission scioux board reached mines provisions establishment ever stated iberville composed possession society contains claimed nations regard again western live communicated statement sixty missionary home driven always interested grey remains houses inhabitants discovery omahas banks settled highly ottoes might rocky northern hamilton showing residence fixed over agent translated thereto charles september citizens city authorized undersigned headmen council stipulated claims term lines persons annuities cost obligatory ratified consent confederated causes yancton stipulations title understood provided good santie annually louis beginning meanders cession lying kickapoo extending employed delegates sections income apart designated manner surveyed surveys public sold private proceeds issue nebraska nohearts female spelled europe wisconsin philosophical exploration basin explorations catlin journal issued voyages critical born histoire commandant kaskaskia

best introduction material portions record complete printed himself against bureau held commissioner affairs even appear reference less particularly especially matter quoted period deemed sketch special considerable writer connected form family taken memoirs extended right across left applied stock common region forms noted obtained once received traditions quite ancestors falls territory green seems villages almost opposite manuscript doubt knew moines translation located below according schoolcraft final junction wolf give location earlier divided hunt formerly like valley site trading take played number described song since brought southern either concerning numerous fully usually party returned meaning similar reservation relations migrations bank written library hereafter find thus sometimes think does modern presbyterian origin chief back authority soon respective riviere upper towards census commencing lower fathers claim fifty ancient iowas natural middle probable france appendix cessions superintendent blacksmith deem boundary expense instruments purposes acres thereof sales louisiana carte amerique pierre decouvertes dans nouvelle sieur cheyenne

iowa from indian published with through william american page ioway treaties list indians original made when these were under after part present certain volume historical work only three here four should small amount interest third during little most portion this though would that former more have been necessary given several tribes could lived their tribal those included among other being notes eight must many well without such every consideration tribe some which will history found much united also first minnesota following subject account important great siouan names into known west smithsonian name they sioux called says probably sauk others general dakota both missouri between people same having winnebago north tradition came lake while bands point another place time down mississippi until river early them date there still occupied country sueur fort near mouth blue earth then whom upon about referred miles next father side above further states band themselves french south places east lewis gives within state nemaha than village half year mounds various games second game said what used long description different make each very years ceded lands later tract last hundred named land word language narrative where ioways expedition direction mentioned living black before just prairie five report thousand white articles dakotas agree seven platte grand government laws peace treaty concluded behalf parties agreed article contracting shall hereby president chiefs line thence full preceding paid dollars furnish sacs clark foxes herein agricultural sacks benefit fourteen mckenny hall travels edition canada

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