Word Cloud for "Thirty Days in Lithuania in 1919" by Peter Saurusaitis.

Word Cloud for "Thirty Days in Lithuania in 1919"

This book was authored by Peter Saurusaitis.
Area, genre or subject: Lithuania.

The Bag of Words In "Thirty Days in Lithuania in 1919" (Main Words):

hope part years most time make should anxious cross germany passport through visa send made permit ready night against near means next passports going lost suit five having station baggage possibility back together left america eytkunen speak asked informed germans destroyed live home organization said strive give wish also find remain defend days language others adieu start january confidence wars does wants peace unto

trip americans american just return took much country visit even than great government consul then small among carried obliged another more berlin been such soldiers soon while opportunity kaunas spirit these bishop greatest induce mission right

from people will with have native lithuania some which they this every those their because came many other what when after would there take that went told same about ship very were them called lithuanian priests without first only german train lithuanians could president total abstinance good know poles nation polish long nations league

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