Word Cloud for "The War Tiger" by William Dalton.

Word Cloud for "The War Tiger"

This book was authored by William Dalton. (Or, Adventures and Wonderful Fortunes of the Young Sea Chief and His Lad Chow: A Tale of the Conquest of China - 1821)

Area, genre or subject: 1875.

The Bag of Words In "The War Tiger" (Main Words):

fortunes conquest author names turbulent emperors course celebrated extent mantchou rode capital named pirate patriot quite service exhibited dying owner terror information quaint failed discovers entry generals treachery fight stock sack attacked serpent leaves relates koshinga point main readily neighboring island fertile commerce cities shelter violent larger european naked deck wrought gilded shone blue suspended wealthy absence truth handsome surmounted knelt cheek declared neck ample fitting confined gathered amidst kneeling report welcome arrival attired loose robes brown standing waited honored children rendered pretence profane situated partly encompassed future approach governor bowed respectfully tedious visit personage puzzled finished official guarded loong traitors rats need noticing dress coarse fate prove valuable ring farewell landed wooden frequently stop else dashed pieces earnestly firm protection curious copper bribe bought busy building model storm violence work rocks winds thanked brothers vent sudden weapon endeavored object opinion gazing superstitious otherwise artful leap drew upright spreading astonishment benevolent wind itself instantly senseless hair social broad flowing moon acknowledge stand window myself refuse insignificant clutched throat stream hearing starve wisely animals measure recovered searched rested hanging disgust mouse cotton start knife worthless degree cords respectful heavens asked glad reason largest sweep villainous barge pushed employment provinces contain besides easy method sometimes watch hills sprinkled shaped gently move living towns lake loss putting watched floated surface spot numerous notion worms fill gained gain wanted civil table iron serious shown tcheou quality surprised perhaps clear temples pleasure valley summit past forgotten plant choice unlike ball fruit weak wonder arranged junks decorated taxes scene want various knows younger entering retired receiving boots explain paying popular pull magistrate religion exterminating signed vermilion circle silken tien burned perfume token obey strangled aware showing supposed stomach bird worn legend informed born ounce procure rules beating implored shocked dismissed lives unhappy belief paid buddhist appear ends picked london convey centre watchman vang swallowed slightest polite lifted view thin burn sleep served explanation slept tones thinking going attended examined forehead deliver willingly buddha arousing knocked playing rough double base raised tall interrupt position rolling approached deceive uttered child listen penalty desired drove fought assure custom worse case bringing begging opening filial charged generally accused leading assistance gone powers unfit rage result meanest claim bearing promising christians grand vision writer intelligence examining submission angry stared merit commands conveyed await movement attendants mouth closed tore folly setting proposed scheme compared burst plan started whether peculiar nose previous delight endeavoring intervals successful hoang permit apart happiness erect effected clever holes square clue nostrils lead success cunning crossed operation real ceremony change wait fountain swallow evidently boats trembled probability criminal exercise physician considered fright affair conversation gaolers extraordinary provided drinking procured request attack sweet pole forced craft overtake perform native fears thine fixed moving youths perceive nought alongside pushing coward forsake quickly weight height lying happening look rejoicing answer edge blow shouted resist approaching traveled poured quiet footsteps resumed necessity seven fast handed consider pagoda pagodas cast thank example saving flew brings reign teacher bone precious best doors throw steep vexed uppermost ladder boards formidable looked possibility able trace wished hastened heartily nearest longer shut extreme sedan masters slew calling sail hundreds fugitive weeks faces drive remains instant respect porter chastise fair spoke envoy visited drawing hungry honest slay slain says awaiting guilt cage anxiety exchange troubles confer debt nephew horror listening custody favorite wretch seeks couldst palaces courts hilt dagger slaves warrior petition gardens speak pale earn price mountains planted resemble garden midst contains demand record mulberry ministers prosperity soft costly millions beasts female sold highest canst teeth movements scream inferior horse rows steps censor nobles narrowly dignity laws sounds apartments ingratitude counsel defending exalted sister suppressed loyalty false chains protected symbols villainy wretched luxurious disgrace bravery released trampling chair attendant indignant platform march purse wagons procession astonished torch matchlocks arrows fierce hateful courage cavern animal tomb onward doubting advice cargo hoped stolen hill camel bows immediate camp mings guilty conquered

wonderful story important driven family ming starving rebellion throughout advantage several lords divided aroused different succeeded becoming enraged difficulty subduing trading strength early commander rich character powerful fleet rewards though prison discover makes dangerous adventure princes ungrateful robbers comical happy southern inhabitants trouble value shape safe vessels laden purchased further direction formed poles wood painted hung books supported floating burning black green fastened girdle straight faith ascended dozen thick bent barbarian wolves destroy enemies turning peace none savage ships trust barbarians distant country called crew hide tied joined yonder call cabin prepared carrying secret whereupon characters promise song maxim prepare word shortly secure guard eyeballs meeting event voyage moreover ship sailors heavy rolled flight really quantity favor trees torn easily enabled live idol armed bore mind demon keeping anger seeking satisfied lose money lower sword hard however laughed tree root dragged imagine scarcely strong stretched fortunately recovering happened generous punished servants apartment alarmed waters wound beaten beat forgetting terrified afterward wouldst forget slayer turn pulling lantern fellow rewarded friends sleeping lodging tombs reasonable government business drawn nature shot others human enter coolies adopted travelers sides honor girl deeply banks anxious until rushed five temple remarkable things rare possessed subjects stone done love whence famous houses similar salt permission carry haste streets appearance begged resolved pardon ready crime fallen conduct send rising gold becomes effort difficult piece places lighted goods gate progress gentleman pray conducted probably sticks pleased opportunity related kill proceeding something commenced attention hall walked private punish struck force twenty feared promised unworthy prevent effect aside police prisoners performing probable tribunal right listened sentence spirit public rascal blows useless fled equally adding flying therefore hours viceroy grief jumped already wall roof pointed discovery prayed throwing waiting according birds wish restored secured front third show frightened proclaim awaited proclaimed prohibited cold whispered late boatman protect manner attempt remained tired losing hole crept doubtless hearts entrance intended performed proof history ancient proceed destroying laughing dared women dear wilt pointing running heavenly council golden majesty eunuchs embroidered wore numbers dread beast chosen examine accompanied added departure amavan

tiger adventures young chief china white escape from made following during last tartar that have given some hundred were obtained throne first with whole their either land chinese been many years upon wise became people such little grew which caused taking this together themselves till same like house against large army great enemy what three came head kept tartars other kong sent into although being good they rogues took arms finding seized brought forth among them stood kind eyes those found when priests under taught name nicholas while board will soon second captain left vessel then true began sought purpose become merchant empire greater commanded greatest ever taken care every offered less than only here down bring before whom more thousand make again well gratitude gave traitor chow thieves rescue master pekin princess lady candida prince treason save life command taels surprise stopped soldiers search fearful mother colao reach palace nearly between most province small even these seen beautiful sufficient water common distance also wild about there officer robe long four could doubt hands whose high reached close middle short youth much keep arose through went side followed himself without except forward father after rank officers said heaven does honorable surely within rebel mandarins open holy should heart venerable truly replied days feet passed coast fire outer killed destroyed permitted light bowing would just dogs where poor cannot place give thousands narrow indignation offer time erected shall christian moment entered strange friend junk dragon signal illustrious receive very mandarin deep returned hand knew must believing vile title king caught brave letter gates inner nothing imperial minute passing across away safety emperor risk another beneath know means thou seek pass city priest meet bonzes might placing telling take silver passage bound continued journey portion behind thing incense almost rather along never coming trembling thought making foolish fearing power purchase threw paper instead terrible speedily least help managed fell knees thanks alone saved full bold cause notwithstanding ordered hope fear toward over seeing servant words boat placed rice held pulled sooner sight proved neither earth heard looking miserable stranger dare come opposite fall getting hold holding both better giving food covered tears gods mean having office possession laid body daring villain carried yellow compelled town thrown duty around shalt obtain punishment serve slave rogue possible face noble hour party rebels discovered night determined length near enough perceiving presence boys follow lips leave worthy parent charge reward next sacred engaged river times vast miles presented canal present thus felt certain magnificent mountain form sovereign told each believed state tell justice audience sound delighted knowing used latter rest foot dead huge round arrived part crowded silk indeed room above greatly innkeeper brother ears yang suddenly kingdom wisdom heads lord order world received royal immediately services death believe sing bamboo find unfortunate wife leaving woman influence your matter danger guide bonze surrounded still morning falling legs half feeling number ground thee crowd fortunate hear daughter think cruel fifty person walls dares since exclaimed opened thief back filled appeared proceeded seemed mere door beyond return known rope court prisoner chance minutes turned lost blood remain escaped soldier learned once military general kwei guards hast bestowed beloved ladies hath aged faithful troops arrow

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