Word Cloud for "North-Pole Voyages" by Zachariah Atwell Mudge.

Word Cloud for "North-Pole Voyages"

This book was authored by Zachariah Atwell Mudge. (Embracing Sketches of the Important Facts and Incidents in the Latest American Efforts to Reach the North Pole, from the Second Grinnell Expedition to That of the Polaris - 1813)

Area, genre or subject: 1888.

The Bag of Words In "North-Pole Voyages" (Main Words):

desire secrets confined broad enthusiastic resources tears divine intensely interesting adventures grave companion professor closing unloading readers live advance fighting acquaintance agreed absolute officer voyagers shown gift nineteen appear favor barrels gifts rendered seventh rush giant favorite movement forces explorer speedy complete crush treated approach purposed attack evil begun enjoy sweeping driving barely crashing true harsh dangerous account loose sunken base throw wonder dared trust crystal favorable voyaging fires sparkling fifth clearing baffin vicinity vast colors sixth frowning limbs entrance gloomy alexander arriving stripes record metallic resort case deposit remains knees deceased vigorous struggle specimens luck bottom clung roared hurled measure faced dripping scud past strained stowed lashed warmth uproar single manilla fate mingled rigging plunged sunday hastily trusted banging conflict blow failing caps send baffled steadily suspended slipped groaned anchored sliding pressed prevented general personal deemed awaiting roaring attained quietly joyful thrilling toiled ending burning coat forlorn abandoned tramped eleven country east observation therefore date iceberg promised butler cutting equally selected wolfish remembered indulged matters report numerous circuit horizon month twilight glowed thoughts provision exploration preparation prayers strictly assurance future results difficult experiment quantity hatches soup entirely amazed floor recovered bodies considered whether heavily cannot snapped leading directed depot beginning shouting impassable missing launch hearty heavens tolerably temperature thermometer noted dense wore lamps burn smoke packed homeward dose seems sport william chase paces remarkable fellows content grim join allowed grown halt contrived dragging detained tracks disease successful projecting week cooking blankets bless orders defense runners easier bewildered tale escaped peril suffering comers sinking fail wrapped guided icebergs sixteen awakened helping clambered examine allowance lively constant fearfully trembling daring hanging kindness wish crawled burst sewed reindeer cost exposure nipped lifting traps depended sort leisurely lighting feeble minutes shouts gesticulations boots word whatever tired assembled treaty treasures ascertained survey relations quiet savages mention coal afterward rubber replied freely exploring cross additional tolerable health advanced unable yield latitude completely crushed useful resting strait previous seventy weight excursion resulted afternoon june accompany animal easily softly surprise creeping makes stronger dinner travel adventure council fired hickey aimed pause nose deadly separate grand outlines clearly pick urged tied presented jumping signs scampered sloping elevated scene occasionally neck stretch shining whirling rise dispatched share aside staff floated breeze knocked species doing yellow violent slightly sheltered rode recently utter fixed twice changed wise cliff glass containing enterprise examined considerable faded writing equal likely portion drive inches carpet avenue frost drop outer strip fluttered london coveted armed playing whip painful group frightened runner entire stepped mount pressing listening shoulders frantic flesh notice policy retired soundly robes marched sung influence sell trade really faithfully believed suspected merry sees yelping helpless choice hurt chosen sought somewhat capture parents brother enjoyed father preparing ground neared countenance repeated quick altogether hide quickly need paying commence crash play lance margin bloody pricked splendid baby lift different nearer blood cared civilized intervening indeed toil occasional shelter hoping falling clothed square peered readily parcels glided rear control thoroughly danish merriment goodfellow improving voice ordinary encamped breakfast varying walls sighted seeking higher poles steady spray filling bearing surging swung walk oars drag wait slow crevice disappearing glance played misty melted concerned mast sped hartstene frequent awaited produced permitted sheltering growing lose howled eighth deeply tents surprised goodly highest expressed feelings thumb ugly stories forecastle timely camped beasts valley girls daughter lighted crowning signal springing clapping breath visitor reference material shook laugh examination objects families parts thank contents charged fellow picked pair sadly observed building erected cracks prepare fury because finished stew raging miserable remarks hardy hungry thirteen assured terribly heathen starving adopted departed dodging burned refreshing awoke pensive netlik teams driver usually widow forbidden bird custom returning passage lodged harpooned supposed faith muttered ears heels encouraging blocks knives visits guests greasy strips gets pursuit star boiled convey missed especially alongside grasped approaching jumped happy fifteen warmer halting divided drivers including storms saluted pouring rapidly crossing thrill intention comrades eighty weighing gangway attention stern listen wolf famous fears formed december conflicts successfully route mainly january february battered inland worse presence monster city supplied absence acquainted weak appointed narrative pretty beauty assigned amount whaling laden read hardships arrival included brooks appears contained burial procession blind disposed farewell separated towering attract wept safer whalers cove bark carlie clean persons twelfth mountain hideous rivers apart anchors bows twisting pumps measured deer busily breadth stakes river setting golden cairn bull rowers franklin study queen separation davis fish steel magnet england wave taste horrid charlie using meyers hannah

important facts incidents efforts according year world immediate skillful greater hear explorations perilous drift upper dropped ocean interest noble york eighteen hearts generous outfit comfort means valuable lying articles services july melville reader terrific fierce treacherous follow invited drops size threatening noise gale launched roar thousand borne perhaps wide path offered awhile surface varied fairly delighted beautiful green mighty pass sailors littleton stones object deposited various former dead sitting belonging looks rather waited bears natural history happened moss plenty balls thick harpoon fortunately push fastened hint smaller power cheerful increasing lines loud inch sharp drawing article gathered brave died rushing current tossed sail clock anchor stay directly breathless sailing swiftly planted channel prevent drifted front wood readiness mounted rested position silence grounded brief impossible learn tide stove loss september showing renewed busy roof nice savage refused extended disappeared necessity northward sixty harnessed earnest consisted gary love shut starting thinking cook sprung easy startling ohlsen result walked anxious cheers moon nearest november careful relieved serious season spirits floating worked paper knowledge bits understand call remain becoming commanded rope faithful break cloud threatened preparations march middle cheered expression laughed english lower canvas sleeping traveling difficulty buffalo prepared legs eider hurried utterly plainly tell chance level step either flag standing solemn stretched bags become fingers weighed spite wanted charge succeeded steaming refreshed startled understood metek talked heads waiting freight presents watching hastened asked myouk spoke talk tender april plan smith hoped smooth purchased compelled scurvy required effort extreme track free piled ridges direction final skill hole probably pulled satisfied weeks thrust strangers your ones turning form fear driven grew rifles exciting scattered overtaken stopped fight courage says arms glad rose southern bound covering dismal fuel resolved secure seeming doubt moments fowl beset working state greeted safely failed closely dreary room itself common pile barrel crack speed knife sunk does cautiously finding words bring escaping battle guns herself exhausted sending reason occupied pleased thin rising length instant pointed wounded goes comes dying double larger feast kill ourselves character hair months excited cargo think moving reported halted lookout stephenson fast generally landed faint reckless joined change harbor hauled served swept washed certainly abundant boys lives upernavik woman huddled attempted howling crowd ropes drank girl store badly bent assumed scanty stop listened supplies saved heart killed dear angekok husband seriously sipsu keeping appearance yielded domestic aurora west leveled kindly blew steam want occurred forth native defiant vessels kayak steamer knorr frobisher ugarng noon ebierbing tookoolito barbe

pole american reach north from second grinnell expedition that arctic entered more than three hundred years intense been felt explorers regions this learned scientific have engaged these with great christian upon them their never within last scarcely dried faces friends those before departure fresh something like attended others both followed some strange hall family party captain buddington stores situation into will good brig wonderful during waters until field which then took command same another search lost seen place death found while kane away present story except left having kind secured fair provisions desired shore many said they shall make officers voyage very sure were special touched among other team nine first greenland port added company hans esquimo often leave bread fifty pounds mother addition doctor made himself rifle next obtained here supply dogs most northern necessary known still petersen heroic long time drew near accompanied region experience every enemy solid times shout themselves suddenly ship deep there even just show what could spirit escape danger huge after eight hours hardly when began summer pieces came berg possible gone beyond whole water held feet whale though thus soon drifting would back along whose hold sailed through service friend midnight over part around august coast northumberland mouth eyes again snow island broke threw passed cape seemed toward must safety built under miles further making buried drawn close child broken much only game taken short down almost thing hard once large filled full hunters trying take needed became remaining days desperate vessel farther twelve forty brought named force rocky storm south reached against sides heavy success wind walrus quite craft strong board weary went below rest done sound cabin hands about line watched gave edge light might keep lead seven morning thrown crowded poor best such thirty covered deck little returned turn approached narrow clear between bergs high wall ready moment appeared side slowly attached floe open yards being carried boats round tried sudden drove lifted struck since across sleep received twenty forward iron sledge order placed warm concerning hung heard save above several finally settled incident four carry safe rescue sent continued opened already winter view return thought where pushed fully boat progress started turned carrying food looked decided quarters distant visitors watch kept small called stars together excursions plain hunting come nearly darkness familiar home work going given least start early spring journey daily evening bringing bonsall fourteen each without right camp proved removed passing door fell foot hand coming immediately dashed less fatal young master sometimes skins bore fact head running shot life feel john showed climbed sight distance black spot dark tent frozen draw five give well heat degrees outside religious pleasant bravely feeling clothes usual godfrey commander huts cold morton alone half ahead always sledges besides body caught welcome later furs load ever nothing night trip able evidently condition getting meat find traveled moved determined leaving told seized shouted following care should expected number laid carefully opposite united hummocks fearful sick bear hope mind stood closed fire enough cooked crept slept commenced spent land wild seeing strength white skin name remained behind house look friendly greatly marked stolen fine ordered taking stock polar loaded certain companions midst obliged late fall arrived reaching birds hunt rolled dragged seal attempt third used raised hunter looking eaten hour eating ball glacier mile face opening none giving beneath also fragments children declared fought intended rushed perils proposed neither visited course flew increased waves pack things instead breaking question coffee mean fourth king seals instantly help spread holding worn occasion women etah visit nature october natives news rough whom pistol point hunger village piece know curious better meet places knowing hayes circumstances supper stone pitched sails raft rock meal crew rowed george rocks straight wife knew blubber kalutunah lamp people chief terrible purpose sontag caused clouds schooner jensen tyson koojesse

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