Word Cloud for "Wind and Weather" by Alexander McAdie.

Word Cloud for "Wind and Weather"

This book was authored by Alexander McAdie. (1863 - 1943)

Area, genre or subject: Winds.

The Bag of Words In "Wind and Weather" (Main Words):

york tower matter used time also each moved after quite perhaps carries might blowing always cloud other difference make gulf coast land word reaching directions speed united called forecaster probably body changes absolute mean humidity maps because area generally point toward first general indian must directly move true ground lower points hold upon movement given pass come thus types miles rapidly southern individual duration normal less turning bring starboard sailing rain

blue side near known eight most northern temperature above southeast breeze into stream between where place right often know slowly snow

wind weather hill paths high velocity summer winter winds storm north which there were water from then south their they what this little that cold northeast more than much east with some atlantic when warm been southwest great northwest while would west very hours these have days will does only storms pressure over depression centre surface such flow direction cyclone moving various about metres clouds average path anticyclone slow during

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