Word Cloud for "Ulster Folklore" by F.R.A.I. Elizabeth Andrews.

Word Cloud for "Ulster Folklore"

This book was authored by F.R.A.I. Elizabeth Andrews.
Area, genre or subject: Fairies -- Ulster (Northern Ireland and Ireland).

The Bag of Words In "Ulster Folklore" (Main Words):

traditional david gathered allied english call hundred eight kind possess land creep generally cattle magic answer making archaeological section notes added eighteenth anthropological knockdhu hobson town spearhead lenagh townland regarding disappeared fifty youth almost table wearing mountains really reply going look care dressed white matter need coming lifted supply evil beautiful misfortune paid intercourse injure received anyone attempt dublin within view abode distance passing ourselves roof opposite acted fully thirty mile slabs trace below structure music inches light elderly different allowed angels imagination common hold fear peasant position rather certainly superhuman escape fell diminutive macritchie implements thick builders late period traces january tried yards farther pointed centuries blood hallow salt heads protect covered broad shelter already rush sent rushes crosses plaited reapers sickles smaller sheaf throwing termed whatever whisky year adds undoubtedly seems bury recent mentions magical shape village central miss donovan houses whole members curious west haunted apparition meaning suddenly showing begged second fields dress clad beyond widespread foot tell scotland goes preserved descendants characteristic offered intermarry world sacred mentioned nothing survived difficult contain struck harry ever neolithic infer marks speaking afraid dwelling reprinted translation title subterranean behind ballycairn twelve fifteen simply longer marked glenties french club beside thresh cried except bush attributed works instance colloquy king image mountain familiar grogachs fight buried loss destruction mass priest surrounded book cottage points inhabitants attention mccoul savage rich says band rosapenna lead carrying sees door turn drew change likeness noted killed body describing bridge stick kian aside isles state

british professor paper pygmies then half appeared swiss once number become reminiscence drawn later closely scotch inclined identify represent dark rough flat length plate better know terrible south poor ordinary partake nature think best picts power knew version william letters east coast written towards close gives customs plan ballymagreehan kindly north journal switzerland harvest valley throughout former church supposed inhabit remember colour frequently women farmer looking stood formerly kept husband replied show able followed became certain building saying ground caves death fine evening each apparently friendly soon turned again words thus return always live neighbourhood take narrow walls side guide showed chamber hill natural mention interesting miles visited threw beings popular seem high usually thought black speaks point earlier medieval danann latter legend remained spirits legends modern letter passed green remains prehistoric carry gods christian morning taking doubtless strong leaving looked nearly arms family fire custom comes tells london weird represented cutting driven kill standing wild society shows considerable referred rath cave took leave past hand bade saved returned artificial doubt secret shall dwarfish word supernatural held banshee silva whether african northern against head especially smith possibly full days face named rock present fair john grey lady giant causeway grogach thrown bear believes palaeolithic patrick birth bride sons rocks third glasmait sword volcanic

with good hear give which described skeletons been discovered near account these small whose height about four description irish fairies given woman from that were size what following found regarded their they than child asked tales dwarf when read some find traditions little made many great will seen tradition several races also short whom tuatha belief primitive stories being carried have brought country people very underground built stones without large this souterrain three five feet entrance another shown although fallen said before went heard more fairy ireland years same told believed wife could come much round well make themselves through human bring connected sometimes tale heather father last story parts there having donegal under most those spoke only related both believe gave others belfast field published first time folklore royal ulster other known places pechts raths souterrains giants dwarfs according earth taken form fort peasantry down away still must such them among children often used appears associated appear living night might after young hair like inhabited came would similar where called never while house visit long into water left probably forts until passage formed should part here between above ascribed race various spoken times lived danes across haired regard lough describes even ancient work name origin tall early states stone during over place antrim daughter afterwards perhaps corn true spirit home upon back mother island does basaltic worked finn girl himself owen tory balor hamilton

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