Word Cloud for "Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska" by United States. Marine Mammal Commission.

Word Cloud for "Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska"

This book was authored by United States. Marine Mammal Commission.
Area, genre or subject: Humpback whale.

The Bag of Words In "Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska" (Main Words):

being much page summering fewer held surrounding background existing strategy list relative alaskan entering visitors sightings alexander archipelago charter boats boat whether adverse entered left consultation developed office emergency provide analysis causes late needed response months limited outside planned identify necessary included individuals seasonal shallow baja they west probably wintering habitat well exploitation especially established about western islands recent identification both either hale inside glacial muir plankton concentrations sand charles prior occurrence identifiable constant july decreased specific juraszs decrease produced modified departed period euphausiids herring operating them characteristics noise below large participants june environment changed result direct food particularly thus implicated wildlife public plans visitor federal conducted enforcement state alternatives access critical watching environmental organizations problems might recreational california institution building laguna

department commission report availability although october appear abundance effect need individual visits private studies departure ship where cause part those known problem more section endangered concerning additional provided appendix coastal university their numbers winter hawaiian point occur whaling indicate increasing sound range until frederick total presented after influx season prey john craft high factors responsible ships include physical biological past effects will development protection term room presentation laboratory

national information service humpback whales glacier alaska marine mammal this been from that certain available same waters whale than based review meeting management research activities monument southeast table distribution north pacific human possible between data under actions most summary identified number during year vessels vessel each class seen commercial fishing activity park increased traffic were summer early with cruise interactions present observed have area including closure fisheries species nmfs august washington should other these through feeding only humpbacks least movement areas over associated also some upon population occurred there footnote jurasz lynn canal figure into when water which within behavior increase levels feed fish three percent time classes pleasure since natural level changes such regulations would continued southeastern

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