Word Cloud for "Preservation of Bull Semen at Sub-Zero Temperatures" by W. J. Miller.

Word Cloud for "Preservation of Bull Semen at Sub-Zero Temperatures"

This book was authored by W. J. Miller.
Area, genre or subject: Frozen semen.

The Bag of Words In "Preservation of Bull Semen at Sub-Zero Temperatures" (Main Words):

preservation zero bulletin illinois experiment page proportion storing diluents refreezing method allowing metabolic activity practical collection investigations given science breeding through research much means findings experiments certain while known even cells freeze survive covered whether fresh determine original data there days minutes still occurred mean presented ability suggested within figure water seen changes directly obvious workers confirmed laboratory desirable plasma three thus sodium most done optimum split indicated resulting detrimental protecting parts another units protective action limited best milk field high four extended cent need volume slowly rapid completely room aging glucose rhamnose vials cold rapidly warmer desired them hydrogen must methylene usually mixed spermatozoa

work consecutive epididymal extenders higher comparison catalase utilization reduction made dairy prepared carried following resulted without present will only withstand attempts little possible also good their british they numbers later since initial prior collected about artificial ejaculate difference obtained bulls prefreezing taken might hour less then thawed period slightly seemed increase solution both order tested trials equal reduce trial milliliter million portion into cooled presence sugars alcohol minute consumption

bull semen temperatures early freezing freezability first second ejaculates several sperm yolk final diluent citrate level other dilution rates effect further glycerol additions survival levels adding with equilibration time rate cooling plastic glass storage temperature thawing effects procedures oxygen uptake diluted blue procedure extender after table results these this that been frozen during using between many have some part various were before found would same used number which samples motility fertility should sample percentage shown concentration from percent motile containing more better than could percentages when each test hours average lower mixture portions added stored addition bath ampules

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