Word Cloud for "Rebel Verses" by Bernard Gilbert.

Word Cloud for "Rebel Verses"

This book was authored by Bernard Gilbert. (1882 - 1927)

Area, genre or subject: Dialect poetry, English -- England -- Lincolnshire.

The Bag of Words In "Rebel Verses" (Main Words):

rebel gilbert gone every farmer country place most which little whose return here give flesh town friends much remorse wife city fool live against fight tried over heard another sons passed fought hearts stand blood great grave were cast spirit trees above deep water find wild read true hand back hard allers days food harvest gave always makes fell again done think took wish play everything soon until because very along knew stirs sleep full found beyond strange known went sure talk soul although happy such aaron tunes

folk people bells hope instead young away beneath none earth will land heart things feyther sing make

their what only that this with never upon from there have good time night wind love life poor would round whilst shall hear when like should more while some your last they till through long then though know still each once must where into eyes ever than those could down made name come leave them well just agen across waters roam about thou other

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