Word Cloud for "The Further Adventures of O'Neill in Holland" by J. Irwin (John Irwin) Brown.

Word Cloud for "The Further Adventures of O'Neill in Holland"

This book was authored by J. Irwin (John Irwin) Brown.
Area, genre or subject: Dutch language -- Humor.

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An Irishman's Difficulties with the Dutch Language  

The Bag of Words In "The Further Adventures of O'Neill in Holland" (Main Words):

further adventures holland compendious guide chapter fresh least clear means choice doubt book himself working rich paper between work passing appeared already civilized brilliant raised happily expected itself followed read mind stiff dien room bring fear hardly learned cousin fine rose plenty wind returned called continued stop care week either gone deep open letter against intelligent understood gentleman morning talked niets surely soms answered friendly catch looking whispered nouns monograph better assured closed hear since especially under standing four ordinary edge slowly soft children blue poor short taking suddenly behind doelen turn saying during line wanted door doctor indeed people dictionary wrote thousand held tried worse probably pushed marvellous near original again having hold stood head interested youth broke instant discovered waiting fall glad softly language notice greeted minutes bounded baker waited second stopped reaching myself road pleased watch watched arnhem truculence claas shook given butler moet foot plate jaap

speaking deze jack felt hard rather early taken grammar hands curious everything trying apparently told being will best goed weet found whole full help dear heeft believe young words passed caught perhaps fellow days fell friend seems word take call nearly close part noticed keep bent conversation small meant case local became fact once ever voice making nothing brought seeing lady eyes side grew meantime really macnamara idea think trifle climbed getting come tour high father train knew belet

neill niet give from this should made some dutch heard something little were there must much more thing about that like tell through evidently without been seemed just first could into boyton kept while added would which though talking last matter very english after with every have never such might other went zijn then good most another quite came three them well they when turned kind till down these things over took hand said voor maar back know what those here your landlady used their terence before left moment towards only anything always make even talk began right look round sort than sound great tram going same gave still next time reached long thought where along front half enderby across kathleen both asked soon enough leeuwen mijnheer looked upon uncle away mother

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