Word Cloud for "American Antiquities. Auction Catalogue, January 8, 1898" by William B. Norman.

Word Cloud for "American Antiquities. Auction Catalogue, January 8, 1898"

This book was authored by William B. Norman.
Area, genre or subject: United States -- Antiquities -- Catalogs.

The Bag of Words In "American Antiquities. Auction Catalogue, January 8, 1898" (Main Words):

revolutionary fifth avenue auction will specimens spear objects which specimen great object edge flat deep good extra point centre remarkable shaped rounded fanciful hollow bevelled ancient beautiful heavy color copper pointed four indian near time bead brass glass pipe stem carved open john shall

mound every found both greenish polished also human curious serrated choice bowl used

stone this collection from arrow shell with perfect large very rare slightly deeply fine head dark long finely each base white perforated colored small black flint square been made string

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