Word Cloud for "The Mentor: The Weather" by Charles Fitzhugh Talman.

Word Cloud for "The Mentor: The Weather"

This book was authored by Charles Fitzhugh Talman. (Serial Number 110; 1 July, 1916 - 1874)

Area, genre or subject: 1936.

The Bag of Words In "The Mentor: The Weather" (Main Words):

july science fifteen probabilities must toward them those become came given established became time daily back simple cumulus monte princeton government dollars british during world once worth extent study five extreme free bottom altitude highest still lying certain heat lower carried conditions ascent something like idea observatories earth ordinary published generally small somewhat registering then feature know varies practice seen path popular places system readings commonly purpose since attempt concerning having lines direction here regions center does cyclone violent atlantic always across general east cyclones after element occur accompanied order notice true elements falling middle moment storm ground clouds familiar electrical sudden near serves down climate information editor century process famous interesting numbers make records almost before

northern office kite million human meteorologists three known feet apparatus while show south sent four measured several southern part often especially long public quite large critic america monograph maintained

every united states weather bureau year from wind that through with same there when first which form will mentor central station cloud observatory meteorological effects snow much upon over such more than about hundred country been rainfall means average most important also some other what stations york instruments rain into atmosphere even called miles only this have above level little great between upper temperature atmospheric would high shows under where these their balloon they barometric pressure were lightning along less place number various each used summit winds though very made many usually course cold within story american sometimes reading author association professor official

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