Word Cloud for "Virginia: A Tragedy, and Other Poems" by Marion Forster Gilmore.

Word Cloud for "Virginia: A Tragedy, and Other Poems"

This book was authored by Marion Forster Gilmore.
Area, genre or subject: Tragedies.

The Bag of Words In "Virginia: A Tragedy, and Other Poems" (Main Words):

father steadfast high strength roll number lion lost star soldier four scene among himself fierce false lictors lictor read touch tears free days better meet tear dare herself till wind even name although curse stars ready good sword borne little head find tell romans tongue across break said found sings turns around very called give sight souls made turned golden bound body rude wife flesh need doth leave seated appears kissed cheek wilt came nature shadows weary coming thoughts sorrow anguish feared since happy human here final stay stern without leaps wings rising glory lonely passion dreams stands behind blessed rather heavenly heard hope strange tyranny against surely seek calm beauty warm radiant longer distant breaks kneels faces toward loved broken clasped watched live before sacrifice horror radiance feet back mystic makes steals woke judgment world holy seems awful marble earth southern

other lies gave song kisses play plebeian patrician house time forth make every demand young maid beside bold seize lest canst child morrow hold myself words shining true well worthy virginius mighty long dost speak soon could left claudius mortal hair rest fear dread gentle moon pure music rose silence voice cornelia save vast icilius height

virginia years light your bright with spirit that those which love upon when tender heart have until eyes through their mother dark call irish appius roman noble them this common methinks they shall blood most ever thou were more such never rome feel hath gaze thus enter each life death once must while unto though seem been what these would perfect might kiss should look within into mine like hands from face form some fair know moment than only heaven gray down night where soul will then there beneath hast deep still hand come justice whom because heavy gods lips full thine alone amid dust cast whose thee over wild again woman born above sweet many great about close weep arms dear white hear marcus silent

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