Word Cloud for "Diary of Ezra Green, M.D. from November 1, 1777, to September 27, 1778" by Ezra Green.

Word Cloud for "Diary of Ezra Green, M.D. from November 1, 1777, to September 27, 1778"

This book was authored by Ezra Green. (1746 - 1847)

Area, genre or subject: United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 -- Naval operations.

The Bag of Words In "Diary of Ezra Green, M.D. from November 1, 1777, to September 27, 1778" (Main Words):

necessary respect quite never appear heard james commodore george surgeon navy sunday hill received hospital boston proceeded thence troops independence british many opportunity line vessels engagement narrowly towards damage lately proper number hove come position believe nothing respects continental fitting nearly passage peanbeauf present health high wish heavy malaga account place sailed nine prisoners commanded fell eight standing providence sunk vessel june congregational direction various dated young long world happily late fond house always wife clear daily happy those hour least less hours full aged personal appearance found finding every mary hope able informed said thing widow general court real land besides making north whole moderate congress distant seen london obliged give seeing quarter considerable told therefore short brest news attempt lord almost sloop south side light shot commissioners

ezra public over order might five service army remained down dear again within miles much lost done back boats party thought coming ready shall leaving should john gale continued both these company while schooner next another seven sight half course society small between married religious second though year called away four take make upon given born chase bound evening action prize leagues pilot salute distance boat frigate cutter tons cannon plate

which would before when where were that early gave after with more than there this came under such life during years american then command here left they having about went from green until following friend your good without since fleet have began night very made their little stood most taken till three took other sent well time been ever several morning what them some ship ships returned through board people weather could laden french being great will soon whom ranger return guns letter officers brought into hundred large same wrote first fine last only spoke died near anchor jones wind sail brig clock arrived simpson shore fire

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