Word Cloud for "Hope Benham: A Story for Girls" by Nora Perry.

Word Cloud for "Hope Benham: A Story for Girls"

This book was authored by Nora Perry. (1831 - 1896)

Area, genre or subject: Violinists -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "Hope Benham: A Story for Girls" (Main Words):

garden chin bent knelt corner smart arbutus grew large worked handsome upward easily busy moved curious common happily walked drove standing dollars fellow move steady road tiny nodded learn worry neglect opened habit confidential wondered speaking taste persons latter astonished signs intelligent magazines allowed behaved bringing need money loved true famous teach shop plans flashed seems afford winter expect especially saturday opportunity younger joined wonderful alone picked relief purchasers sharp staring ideas impressed often stories childish tact replied clear keen revelation class colored hands dress dressed shining silver feelings hers arrival eager cast plenty gentlemen stirring thursday humming earlier questioning wild giving belong stared exasperated astonishment drink retorted speech spirits curiosity regarded impression please obliged hours silence quarrel suggestion inventive fortune valuable thank brave honest ignorance continued instrument succeeded earned connected engaged particular fully carry result length confidence begun arranged warm paying suggested working times generally wife bear affectionate model husband opening valve watched slight later thinks rush position repeated successful independent point flying appeared danced concert gets interrupted experience seeing refined placed conscious naturally service knowledge blunt movement write country distinguished foolish catch acquaintance explanation secret character fashionable accepting readily understood beginning wants spirit propose dark parlor madam stylish stunning angelique carefully startled forgetting awkward closed accepted treated chair knocked tall begged introduced clever delighted somebody less reading spoiled rude criticism jumped fell finish above longer notice showing clearly itself personal person apparently added jolly break concluding angel white enter gown scientific important account advantage paris shrinking library summer thick touch supposed guest lead amongst james able easier dinner fault single sitting table custom admiring fancy haste dropped book volume case mine pattern fast shown watch piece property english living quiet connection visit studying remark tired incidents entirely unless power sleep together immediately determined corridor doubt opinion prejudice holding truth board falling twice join difficult passages outburst violinist waltzes accompaniment pass return lower ring donaldson struck luncheon invite disgusted knowing bold explained boatman william beautifully breda small century italian command governor number maurice eight skipper guard attempt philip soldiers band seventy third arrived town carrying marched whispered second midst listen devil cousins cottage suit sending knickerbocker written gentleman laughter flour humble indeed forgive influenced emphatic mayflowers differently cowardly failed spend invitations choice special settled influence offer taught frau dances notes admire seats courage persistent express forget parties currants raisins presented yellow loon pair kindly park injure risen dreadful certainly treat daffodil escort resented rise audience mistake understand saint stage series ethel pennewill sequel harriet roosevelt sidney

lifted drew exclaimed riverview public showed difference plain lady sell likely train interested direction light easy wait twenty ladies children hour comes minute helped beside vacation ahead business clock sound happy soon fixed makes seem engineer front side along used early effect locomotive belonged manner books sister child selling stand earn begin fifteen week violins strain german listened laid held street trust entered success turn simply pleasant matinee loud group outside leaving black directly fresh started finds sensitive exactly north slightest state happened instant angry brown declared chosen deep bright stay dignity forth thoroughly words lips vulgar natural high proper queer sorry tone within finding proud excellent fellows regard uncomfortable color broke fact impulse trying carried monday smiling musical pushed lost wrong open means study various strong either listening glanced looks sympathy beautiful perfect round tears absorbed step does taking practise soft companion since studied pupil silly nobody manners interest decided whatever saying pity invited delightful aunt victor several questions responded getting silent following excuse possession sorts nearly hall late rose morning grown forgotten dislike ordinary meeting already presently regular company noticed disagreeable past charming afraid attention trouble expected hold proposition promise amused awake became become recalled plays probably themselves christmas sometimes evening everybody evidently natured fleming straight bergs except prince history fond city vessel captain desire cousin heraugiere laugh wide manage reason term stare choose harm accept surprised toward friendly merry horrid stephens theatre festival betty

another cents across took violin from work moment herself stood there down hope where dorothea flung party three young girls coming around little brookside this then perfectly they made without that stiff find know near boston have always found year quite next station were lived people these only fine other rich liked with just more than live glance surprise should question when come over your because them began about time kept until away been looked said sold every world look like poor would things very spoke least thoughts turning different mean waiting girl will going short five minutes upon brought gave thought again afternoon might back ready many meet their best perhaps went father looking engine last word want here great ever benham laughed pretty good make through while better keep leave night matter flowers which once eyes before forward came mother turned door into room caught sight john think anything play some thing answered quick thus tell must daughter talking making sort further wonder could followed seen though mind ignorant knew neither possible older mary almost much well told dolly never place spite each such those taken music beyond what asked fiddle take first playing heard putting rest right hear heart course behind really still answer having telling even stop wanted days both something shall friend dering miss same done instead sent against talk being deal doing enough whole suddenly after known felt given called full hurt tried sweet towards home sense bring sure help show everything meant says suppose burst face anybody kind nice sudden most myself feel between cried dare speak polite also asking strange feeling care story seemed spoken rather give smile papa idea thinking kolb plan under years certain himself nothing half ways expression note voice real hate start left hand close usual remember change name gone present stopped long head hard read family whose school marr send friends york french general yourself teacher dear call house forgot part life glad talked four received passed kate berg whom else brother cremona believe laughing love duet awfully knows myra anna ashamed ought dance wish schuyler boys dutch castle peter mamma invitation sibley jimmy bessie raymond armitage valentine illustrated

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