Word Cloud for "The Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography. Compiled by Dorothy B. Porter" by Dorothy Porter Wesley.

Word Cloud for "The Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography. Compiled by Dorothy B. Porter"

This book was authored by Dorothy Porter Wesley. (1905 - 1995)

Area, genre or subject: African Americans -- Bibliography.

The Bag of Words In "The Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography. Compiled by Dorothy B. Porter" (Main Words):

plays poetry medicine riots crime family alexander served discussion personal origin chosen herbert exhibit within period pamphlet same titles close death became chief compilation fifteenth suffrage requests anniversary amendment without only interest events country given introductory practices well outstanding selection collections reading bibliographic burden gilbert benjamin africa section treatment julia lillian mark editorial jane correspondence suggestions number several libraries where building long editions union related documents learned albert newspapers english classified jessie projects following memorial fall schomburg called louis defense elementary texts thesis submitted january dorothy whites student movement june editors persons remarkable known booker cover principally hundred sixty review record alain monograph lectures training evolution drawings americans version photographs ethel concerns king facts pantheon major walter reform vote laurence autobiographical roger bishop pioneer memoirs journal terms jack western theodore father problem adam bell wang chester secondary crofts road carl symposium third puerto writer chronological schuster operations background commentary chapter winston appeal revolution hand handbook constitutional establish assisted typical certain operation carnegie challenge smith cooperative planning management railroad doctoral dissertation source graduates manpower property quest wharton prejudice residential westchester real groups role appraisal effects full maryland michael additional prize irving scholarship summary comparative slater prince numbers experiment bulletin opportunity reporting laws agricultural suggested prior curriculum days kennikat gullah bruce original patterson thought colonial helen attitudes houghton letters citizens slaves poor address democracy florida middle missions native detroit melvin missouri aaron novel troops rhode blues musicians sung melodies margaret deep freemasonry policy party alpha legislators fayette voting angeles riot milwaukee mission missionary samuel

preface note individual conditions legal status addresses fiction military regional index daniel staff various assistant materials while murray growth paris exposition authors used such little most collected material upon many since select articles fourteenth both bibliographies relating constitution exhibition arranged festival december contribution recent lists aspects these high rise present lives fugitive power writers stories harper april names brief hill pennsylvania annotated liberties wisconsin antislavery tuskegee hampton administration including phillis essay frederick churches brown central annual through services sale academy arts integrated contemporary contains youth universities volume conducted minority information cooperation living women containing biographies what centennial february museum foundation each pictorial summer appeared fine march great random text distributed famous revised they malcolm order estate five when toward second paul leader illustrations color experiences wayne times complete philadelphia four portrait yale president group child independent wilberforce underground equality twentieth simon congressional opportunities crisis rinehart massachusetts democratic merrill east defamation intergroup courts attorney institution government economy search joseph chapters economics three federal analysis joint finance policies fair advisory greater neighborhood action private population statistics alabama giroux court students fund county making teaching baltimore stokes arthur families selections mississippi frank plantation donald illinois cases delivered foreign modern best imamu kenneth oklahoma medical mental songs grand

reference biographical biography civil rights economic business employment housing education lore tales history slavery reconstruction essays health service music politics press race relations studies church social children negro united states bibliography from library first study historical colored which years general that collection books american made prepared list works written this book with congress time world about were commission after west some part selected been together their presented author have compiled division references published during also year included south issued special series public printed other cultural introduction university among urban between political religious under literature based being john north documentary white black edited guide young people publications culture short writings howard william assistance mary head robert work reprint national chicago harvard chapel state virginia racial edition records committee council research educational school lincoln teachers direction atlanta proceedings conference held michigan george washington program folklore critical originally district columbia sponsored board york college industrial schools association james center department office advancement story hopkins bibliographical before early colleges life science catholic charles reprinted negroes carolina segregation higher indiana century illustrated african progress freedom methodist episcopal christian foreword institute survey includes associates folk emancipation papers california city harlem house metropolitan russell sketches graduate affairs associated publishers richard martin luther auspices account struggle equal international narrative jazz slave brace henry interracial autobiography against free baton louisiana straus texas thomas told notes david baptist bureau discrimination america northern ohio case human league report community southern development labor problems integration johns publication project home supreme welfare desegregation society edward georgia anthology jewish convention poems rural

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