Word Cloud for "Mesa Verde [Colorado] National Park" by United States. Department of the Interior.

Word Cloud for "Mesa Verde [Colorado] National Park"

This book was authored by United States. Department of the Interior.
Area, genre or subject: Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.).

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The Bag of Words In "Mesa Verde [Colorado] National Park" (Main Words):

government office agricultural beginning fourth four centuries toward date party base major wetherill repair camp soda home step complete hour headquarters free completely standing bark accompanied having others obtained arranged green pinon valley gradually southward cliffs preserved added nature lead days visitor should necessary named montezuma general brought arizona length middle shaft like cars pass different access yucca region later followed magnificent rocky thought spectacular gave community growing reach types accessible conducted public duty greatest fewkes occupied making hundred splendid trail lived running show finest thin central stories layer support corner subterranean similar following generally diameter served additional laid formed five extended hole leads straight inches smooth ever enter every nearby modern lies stands light site protection size entered reached filled typical enough corn fall addition outside taken height perpendicular approach foundation builders supporting higher regular thick passes remain devoted architectural lowest good best particularly forms never specialized inhabited primitive somewhat make neighboring identified perhaps appear rocks hidden soil interval undoubtedly developed rings much junction crude limited arrangement various season survey turn sections burials greatly cultures flora species royal railroad gallup grande september fare talks prices cents pack saddle

earliest occupation homes culture section year discovery june balcony automobile trails spring museum before even your means placed upon wild them dates chronology visitors trees give walled canyons heavy caves while around edge smaller then highest numerous visible surrounded entire located less foot fact years discovered down largest same since front probably ancient buildings whole considered across short excavated dwelling total least storage population average doubt center often structures usually ladder along present indian plan ledge series provided pilasters recess ventilator line religious believed eastern fine space excellent level western place below round shows once little carried could cedar plastered remains rear interesting east half southwest features another earth natural excavations adjacent earlier development pueblos material social motor trip

mesa verde national park united states service cliff palace cave these known basket were first indians their over during three pueblo from established large dwellings important dwellers southwestern mancos river near north ruins canyon other archeological under excavation house spruce tree construction road constructed accommodations maker people more than dweller deep water well seen miles entrance area ruin within only that ground which this after have between ring prehistoric inhabitants ranger called because long high into open number through been some built many almost they early with story grand work among just when will found those most feet above surface main back each very great colorado point part west narrow navajo rock although there type being small stone also side would view living former ceremonial rooms made late formerly without used south where mountain court walls stones evidence roof upper covered floor lower room houses fire kivas still kiva square tower original circular such about beams structure wall clan group building form rectangular white masonry time situated several temple mound period pottery lodge route trips

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