Word Cloud for "The Religion of the Indians of California" by A. L. (Alfred Louis) Kroeber.

Word Cloud for "The Religion of the Indians of California"

This book was authored by A. L. (Alfred Louis) Kroeber. (1876 - 1960)

Area, genre or subject: Indians of North America -- California -- Religion.

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The Bag of Words In "The Religion of the Indians of California" (Main Words):

university like living latter caused strongly nearly america symbolism feature practically system desire practical aspects considerably speak result tendency could rude primitive condition means spoken again dependent portions political times kept consisted valley apparently material single area larger customary property farther along thus birth beliefs customs restrictions certainly brought hupa contact method half nowhere full during patient carried until annual custom possessed house associated causing actually reference rarely articles acts feeling deeply food once under control influence regard purely degree family head child mother animal young work acquisition shamanism accord else peculiar formula making human supposed civilization prominent fact another natural becomes prevalent merely regions return wiyot majority river learned dreamed everything definite society toward attached exhibitions presence received taken qualities members essentially indian pipe might animals former neither miwok groups typical brush assembly elaborate apparel represent neighbors boys puberty never dancers drum consisting various neighboring specific mythological formulae remainder quite dresses eagle origin previous race linguistic paper show alone coyote shoshonean yuman volume anthropologist lore

similar ideas belief what ordinary about disease believed conspicuous development constitute distinctive whether direct considerable type account ritualistic marked purpose directly forms lower conception people themselves colorado without connection small principal although personal pacific relating name particularly numerous seems cause everywhere essential practiced primarily singing time women sierra objects elsewhere having first possess accompanied actions northwest already deer general nature person whose basis extent characteristic knowledge consists several place guardian receives spirits dreaming while yuki powers true mankind body occasion magic wintun bear pomo rattlesnake distinct largely secret south paraphernalia mythical creator feathers deerskin jumping worn creation published journal

california american religion indians very that world such were state which they especially supernatural less practices certain through with power rather from most parts shamanistic among tribes only entirely common other those made always part their ceremonies public tribal almost north much into perhaps religious however even this more many often where culture developed than there generally important both greater form frequently regarded used usually upon present life must these northwestern known southern little different coast whom every least some central three well observances individual tribe region connected importance have been death after yurok dead between being over sometimes mourning before great except cases found also object idea same special ceremonial thought when dance number practice though either yokuts seem therefore sacred ceremony performed myth called acquired spirit shaman whole shamans them maidu sacramento probably mohave each myths nothing held initiation northern dancing character dances mission large series mythology

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