Word Cloud for "Shakespeare and Music" by Christopher Wilson.

Word Cloud for "Shakespeare and Music"

This book was authored by Christopher Wilson. (1874 - 1919)

Area, genre or subject: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Knowledge -- Music.

The Bag of Words In "Shakespeare and Music" (Main Words):

late ought pity bohemian somewhat combination future year received viola oscar rome usually suite paid arthur question conductor atmosphere everything miss ellen named apart numerous productions obtained ancient highly measure filled consider fifth remains live lips lover lived pianoforte string violin lyrics including series introductory midsummer december february days hours fell asked whom spent sang natural germany volume versions paul harmonies notable pleasant couple began found since directly handel suppose sure author extraordinary characters robert johnson tunes knew directions please pleased within hundred method wardour figure specially rarely living managers arne producer horn names clement doubtful dictionary baritone attention slight singers danish hall july sympathy otherwise study useful compose suggesting describes oriental proper syncopated grows wild slower occasionally telling venus world stands rhythm changes strangely singer worth hold genius direction crystal william michael aria jumble round verbal utterly hard barclay article fortune freely fallen together phrases slightly situation procession major common actually occur instead delicately begin getting duke touch neither else succeeded suggestion anything worst voices willow adriana plenty bold glee attributed poet unaccompanied gentlemen gentle need points unfortunately beethoven roman pages preface home honour tender harp trumpets return joins complex kettledrum trombone descriptive crowd appearance meaning distinguished final rehearsal reading tiny pour sounds timon june venice posthumus married imogen quarrel fall entire hour carefully changed imitation admirably nature composition sunday garden turned fitting father native bear necessary producers herbert tree january oboe triple muted melodrama deep scale subsequent splendid wise enough carl deserves already uses itself held suddenly breaks players quaint joseph organ september writes conduct effects shown times stirring exact helped knows melodies giving free similar black finished hope town remarkable finds revived lyrical solemnly slowly immediately continues band tremendous indeed stops joining contribution homage admirable planned greater significant strongly fresh swelling mind towards culminating chord ingenious terrific sustained glorious naturally accustomed festival height picture bell killing frequently feeling soliloquy pretentious wife bits turn follow headed dream calm describe section contrapuntal fletcher mean dances brilliantly edition merely anywhere professor antonio definite view shows programme showing become rate introduced clever bringing macduff expects cadenza duncan walking mysterious berlin announces coming exit summons birnam poor news prologue mortals horrible device leaving selection careful regard fashioned phrase dialogue orchestration younger compositions strauss saying company public behind appointment carnival sends pair sticks husband johann happily organist church attracted portia speaking shylock wedding jews jessica ship christians stand fancy humperdinck serenade bridal finishing wonderfully spoken fairies fenton caius repertory speaks produces letter sack join chose thirteen hermia oberon sigh worse pyramus plaintive burlesque noise demetrius leave sharp borachio pedro explains typical false friar kill melodic balcony rival emperor order bianca express baptista petruchio unto yellow ferdinand magic repetition clown

wilson covent kind true left various appear october doubt early carried alexander went studied principal small brought england sense quickly director striking latter result merchant traditional himself whenever museum spite fact spirit mentioned thee worked knowledge november came pathetic delightful read probably added sound among night george country friend contains notes enormous julius contemporary fathom twelve going produce calling might absolutely adapted described street addition favourite broken least style cleopatra list single mention choruses dignified thought earliest copy death exception critics influence gave help connection impossible certain content equally scenes undoubtedly action dying magnificent allegro gradually leading finale symphony hardly thou successful caesar thomas line reason goes right ballad recitative minor pasticcio praise cheerful voice bright fair consists welcome flowing eight sentimental twenty remember masque revival quiet working leads associated developed half finish means lively entirely ordinary brings reference call printed suited change soprano because fairy occasional show took wonderful special wind enter fanfare treated movement introduction trumpet broad introduces development middle against discovered easy discover beatrice wives greatest concerning plot iachimo becomes falls hearing told perfectly hear exactly amount pass less court female finest curiously subsequently sinister better ophelia accompanied wish musician frederick became dedicated former ending rises boito familiar close ballet using drinking tell earlier subjects different understand choral audience sombre occurs master deal speech quoted complicated life characteristic charles orpheus contrast verdi your complete spirits scottish witches especially conventional amusing taking open principals grotesque ford additional house benedick iago juliet katharina caliban miranda

christopher shakespeare music london page from musical when published come said that such song should work mendelssohn words this composer some which will present little been known friends born many even before while where played there never young brilliant more than three third also every second were frank british prix under they beautiful strings performed only tenor opera part back great heard operas over theatre make stage love success first well shakespearian wrote most these made effective written king richard antony much about with died incidental mostly none rest works those settings take bring important play number several fine setting during last beginning composers have here certainly five time romeo write production same anyone form idea know their would happy effect another songs german english being what things large into writing very seen down them upon taken nearly find trace ever overture something plays people years after except whose full supposed must produced without says account quite possible popular everyone tune then composed original always both still called later four good best really often gives takes whole does strong difficult henry used long founded seems inspired funeral though name save appears text sung solo tells chorus sings lovers subject score rather celebrated famous operatic place wood orchestra obviously wagner sort modern grand seem tragedy either attempt scene berlioz whether think afterwards curious interesting tragic poem scored other usual bass opens marked bars dance according comes passage followed presently dies queen once short like cannot given verse male florid accompaniment lyric makes till lines vocal melodious follows note finally singing high title duet passionate nothing having numbers trio again sing next bishop march example edward graceful begins soon comedy orchestral theme until ends through just version could give slow shall thing twelfth melody coda beautifully strange arranged quartet passages sweet fourth sonnet finishes manner point performance french italian entitled drama symphonic character story perhaps between perfect exquisite real themes piece gets opening repeated keeping worthy almost generally merry book librettist enters curtain sometimes entrance hamlet done general ghost thoroughly prelude solemn word playing pretty throughout elaborate light paris concert following excellent near pupil libretto away dramatic calls simple comic serious closely making episode prince falstaff john mistress anne each macbeth hero lady parts fairly claudio charming othello desdemona storm prospero ariel

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