Word Cloud for "The Mormons and the Theatre; or, The History of Theatricals in Utah" by John S. (John Shanks) Lindsay.

Word Cloud for "The Mormons and the Theatre; or, The History of Theatricals in Utah"

This book was authored by John S. (John Shanks) Lindsay. (1840 - 1906)

Area, genre or subject: Mormons.

The Bag of Words In "The Mormons and the Theatre; or, The History of Theatricals in Utah" (Main Words):

believe friday dances bishop prayer settlement amateur population condition religious loved lead bewildering round occasional recognized natural desire innocent makes hearts foot merry numbers conspicuous figure field modern look classic states essay sensation circles power religion enthusiastic hope labor start fund sister paying grown deeply strange labors saints wardrobe readily eyes bade accustomed stay latter singing temple priest broke powers profession remain advanced peacefully thus land rocky consequence comfortable organization included celebrated figured specialties block consisted comic dead historic pleasure erected meetings difficult dark converted gentlemen deseret standing comparatively feet auditorium because birth taste event bernard contingent noticeable either seems seem mountain ambitious rapid easily shakespeare ferguson acted pythias wheelock equal rolla feature direction master professor smith distinguished exodus stone increased accomplished spread severe occurred army advance situation south uncle deep arms delighted soldiers thrown largely inclined pacific coast spirit common skill painted department floyd accommodate boards trouble considerable none actresses bold winning knowledge accepted joined opposition step shown achieved completely lived filling dick vast apparently mining peculiar consequently circumstances sure special curiosity regard langrishe acquaintance join fortune eventually market twelve editor occasions yellow performed declined measure lighter exactly headed construction size drop board seats rising above does embracing mere space chose friend knew successfully honors prominent dear celebrity mostly pleased catch words seating capacity evidence folks happy speech intended immediately entered mind quick results forget want completed extended choir gotten furnished offered beginning ground continue believed dunbar sang object tragedy real eliza saturday clock available immense initial cannot maggie expression presentation side feelings learned sight content starring accordingly tragedian outside profitable extent truth however laid neighboring save fell varied walking lydia buried private failed steady devoted caine irwins evenings consider else understood working honor shape merits changes gaining voice additional acquired month sixteen role liked tour montana dissatisfaction carry progress seven amusing arduous pioneer reach cost behind highly stretch charley worth hour importance superior costume busy recent obliged weak notably shed rare london florence grace favor plainly attended seeing seat prejudice extra reopened according exhausted eyed ended wild places finally tired sixty graham belle douglas welcome towards wind direct expecting least remaining thousand railroad store placed lease finished adverse draw strode leave girl blood touch pulled steadily enamored probability further thousands grew friendship approaching holiday eleven lucretia entitled coach train eleanor queen fitting afforded familiar though italian author keen ideal grave laurel cemetery port centre rested marble kindred sleep adelaide final returning union acknowledged asenith satisfaction rivalry bore palmy willing simply appealed worse realism entrance maudie rehearsals walk speaking notorious arrival rehearsal nine months emmett doud trip portland receipts divided spent loss arose judge coming pair sack future repertory departed fifty flattering free decidedly keeping picture widow hottest stark howard stayed enoch naturally fever laura personnel annette undoubtedly interesting arrive lawrence forced gray kindly christmas extraordinary proceeded struck door hair crowded materially helen rendered evident trying promptly hotel ogden fannie black wheatleigh lottery burlesque entertainment shows marvelous presence account denin thompson repeating portion produce secure colleen installed disagreeable lingards weakened england carters tracy retained nobles fabian morning minstrel trial johnny harrison bateses flying stand shall thorne drawing remember odor driver cross marden dargon costly press popularity crosbie vinson darrell cromwell collar infinite ticket corporation beecher entertainments cents exacting willie gill authors louise jarrett palmer memory bowers frayne apple variety forrester susie human

fond dancing case evening throughout dance town united whole established joseph encouraged witness loving prophet often occasionally pleasant thomas familiarly edwin charlotte starred faith created turned suddenly able wonderful meeting powerful greatly entirely venture carried handsome share cause packed road warm thoroughly farewell including damon selected scene offer genuine becoming living wanted traveling instead live remainder except french settled firm supporting fresh houses formed club brass indeed really edward mary date stood near robert efforts orchestra record ranks captain hand players used worthy view considered around dressing floor winter feeling altogether excellent list named male unusual arrived appear perhaps marked attempt program pronounced covered themselves strongly professional credit admiration title admirers advantage west organized period reputation degree various towns serious effect reached miles things running advent usual need order necessary liberal rough talent leads write salary husband regarded former affections reason children death couldock overland discovered means attention informed sufficient caught dropped started companies dozen paper elizabeth bowring leaving anxious versatile patrons comedian tragic surprise everybody margetts hear rival within state arranged spoke curtain evidently ahead build idea community ward school think majority assisted plenty accompanied hundreds prices splendid daughter class december regular chance task veteran succession capable person member easy broken hold past light juvenile career appearing satisfactory irwin mckenzie historical ensuing accession series lord beyond ladies wonder nice seasons property horse needed opposite tithing ushered bright bell featured different retired apparent closely alliance dates attractive particularly heart longer true rapidly ready kind deal fourth prove offering older academy scenes hands repertoire memorable sought spite hours east presenting important paid unable complete head genius compared study care absence debut virtually system question thick mother late bush managed evans notice right flour orders colebrook suited onto japanese pieces scheller pleasing louis across ince davenport barrett notable lockhart australia lucille myself murphy minstrels warner legitimate kate horses cogswell concert blanche raymond pioche dunne hostler gilded rogers piper rignold haverly

mormons theatre history with john lindsay salt lake utah rather other much this that each week during amusement season them their generally under opened closed same brief return good time they have popular among mormon almost every there dramatic scarcely being best show when well fact more money than city such social people little brigham young himself also could fair into certain were always only like great gave building work play jack full keep then will over been policy whether must both certainly made glad although chief these find which first back place days before original going would even members ever what called hall where later through most while found nauvoo numerous many added others known theatrical actor very about five years played leading support elder became charles besides having lyne second character story quite told adams become proved brilliant successful sent love without lost whom visit greatest impression once help together result decided company richard here given playing after left began upon rest until went took from long open engagement favorite supported returned number william less part high said taken interest early experience cast success still managers make drifted away expected till twenty soon opening star stage engagements enough last appeared public give reading down life four passed come departure came brought something drama some strong short fall musical name whose henry miss addition between making performances york summer year scenery plays presented bill farce matter several actors connection james david george built served held nights music band president small fine since greater gone fairly sort mark felt line local lady following female sarah married women three francisco performance principal characters done looked tuckett snow occasion already office afterwards continued those parts business fame talented received sudden general church nearly should better gradually resumed again camp notwithstanding white clever large hundred actress thought doubt fellow friends acting family another succeeded getting california taking died english particular never wife herself just probably virginia august kept appearance might audience home manager previous remained weeks woman doing writer maguire stock position production nothing phil harry tullidge course entire third house front somewhat comedy roles heard your next brother present room seen clawson financial opportunity march filled green worked piece written read especially everything against declared gentile followed grand waiting alice beautiful close denver engaged face secured january pretty fill recently country april november waldron lasted attraction conference thing october assistance world stars opera american night benefit management repeated dollars theatres anything know seemed hard june july pauncefort stellar poor september favorable drew along eight looking closing julia dean western hayne potter take half change times hardie child owing heavy conjunction baby annie walker maude kiskadden street herne oliver jean irish arrah giving madam fanny mccullough romeo february party frank chaplin rose carter carrie combination attractions harris bates clara walters

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