Word Cloud for "Handbook of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts" by Harry B. (Harry Brandeis) Wehle.

Word Cloud for "Handbook of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts"

This book was authored by Harry B. (Harry Brandeis) Wehle. (With 143 Illustrations - 1887)

Area, genre or subject: 1969.

The Bag of Words In "Handbook of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts" (Main Words):

information plan drawings christ reynolds valentine breaking seymour floral fragments lustred brocade mosque yuan jades pien detail funerary papyrus cover canopic terracotta view falcons lure southern ursula atelier jean joachim patinir quentin massys miniato ruler gilded giovanni gilbert benjamin percy hagerman horace bobbin pearwood tilted back moonlit luxembourg gardens georges child retreat woodland fording mountain alexander silver fire david tuscan ovide board president library occupied importance extent brief based every highest bequest hood anonymous jairus garden material purpose knowledge addition take january land construction main feet entrance located lunch died city reached easily admission five application west served support contributing money property become corridor space opposite next lead schools having along down hellenistic sculptures adequate plaster done connection characteristics remarkable civilization gave patronage perfect sculptors sculptor skill thought individual gods earth vigorous emotional theme chief rome exceptional related formed number complete because includes drawn whom least visual personal simplicity line simple plastic added certain types appear animal ware produced especially christian japan nothing factor itself considerable social military distinguishes achievements china ashikaga sought details metal extraordinary founded days aristocratic familiar dating past does until surviving rarely productions another sung observation making seem soft monumental stone hard originally type finds significant jade interior exquisite success precious dates princess favorite excellent save family showing blue pieces effects principal body legs standing character thoroughly architecture together elements divine food actual deceased closely statue colored makes impossible inscription below charm picture successful full able studied usually king always spread truly flanders woven foreground leaves finest shown esther weavers compared composition wall warp thread altarpiece movement beneath pretty natural direct feeling face florentine hardly enjoyed happy venice della maiden classic clear woman stands marriage exclusively cabinet younger technique born chest fashionable received went canvas contemporaries today homer subtle water winter tree surface across sunlight pleasing landscapes exotic barbizon peasant

joseph department near bradstreet east himself mezzotint francis xiii fold vase porcelain mummy goddess wood sacred cypriote story flemish virgin mary field palma quarter michiel domenico death pale memory thomas lowry gustav card albert winslow constant mother sorolla edward studies muirhead corner flourished member john members then numerous museum value both minor come martin river open yellow except love building public held devoted ground class membership either free chair person visitor continued followed return generally each side periods idea technical qualities effect lost following close hundred attained world national golden living genius combined became realistic ever formerly history splendid give brilliant etchings rare england tone quality largely millet like distinguished means introduced designs upper door those gold treatment colors best house characterized subjects real covered similar turned statuette foliage might figures reality noted name artistic expressed france sometimes still just strong french charming holy looked seen power influenced seated seems country chippendale america what bright paint

minneapolis institute arts with society fine general first floor second cast collection print japanese chinese egyptian ancient gothic renaissance century modern american paintings european sculpture room greek roman casts gallery study portrait james etching third design decoration carved about attributed ming dynasty period painting xvii xviii centuries lady coffin from bronze group pottery head late hunting scenes school after small madonna master piece middle over large early representing four point tripod table english glass paul charles landscape pencil drawing william young color when little more than half years part exhibition since that this illustrated although same time without interest development been made great well greatest must would have which through several important their gift other works among memorial contemporary white given whose earlier found expression many began between should upon could were work long classical beautiful refinement used only will left here galleries make various under above life such exhibited later original examples these where also find style even much some brought called before right never place representation form particularly three forms spiritual religious high human subject came often characteristic native italian example there famous celebrated note gives represents prints show german figure them dutch masters interesting including venetian represented rich artists painter almost known artist during painters spirit things very most typical into lower influence toward popular beauty shows painted perhaps decorative they probably greater nature enthusiasm green decorated highly rather carving light furniture scene book against sense italy tapestries tapestry hand while romantic less

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