Word Cloud for "Fanny, with Other Poems" by Fitz-Greene Halleck.

Word Cloud for "Fanny, with Other Poems"

This book was authored by Fitz-Greene Halleck. (1790 - 1867)

Area, genre or subject: American poetry.

The Bag of Words In "Fanny, with Other Poems" (Main Words):

year past heaven loved felt smiles gaze without face bade mine shop meet money moon doctor poor thing muse less light knew strange gave knows bloom modern star different near done sacred sounds mansion cold changed worthy means paid even native note brow cloud around mountain above friends rose believe bank living clinton hand quite another wise manners words brave genteel lady taught hard rich both make live think pride holy story told judge took part hero evening john dash coming feet tammany roses calm devil times morning forest deep sunny breath death beside faded lost latest rooms harp forgot eyed things beautiful laugh something hues flowers lips council joys thoughts wreck caesar shall gives three spring accepted

street fanny about should dream full little classic hath give head ever said worth making taste true cash world proud seen bower others pure bless round come sunset vain hours find must clouds dreams sweet among golden came look born soon place grace here hope after next party winds wave thousand hear porter pleasant thus memory take voice blue life yours home bark only smile stood

fairy some that once than there this have long with when down they never many while would half summer years good though great from well known power were thought whose twas what call them most found till upon might like midnight eyes much still other which then first very free hour bright better within whether tell best these could their love such music time high happy through night wild know before will heart keep made dear beauty each been left those more where bosom days last your hearts beneath into miss heard read every city green public song young

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