Word Cloud for "The Court Jester" by Cornelia Baker.

Word Cloud for "The Court Jester"

This book was authored by Cornelia Baker.
Area, genre or subject: France -- History -- 15th century -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "The Court Jester" (Main Words):

contents hears exciting evening danger manage therefore conduct rule member philip french pointed purpose owner doing fifteenth respect curtains warm birds unusual throughout buzz running longed possessed entertained bold shown planning laugh holding thousand thrust poet gathered sleeping humble somebody broke foolish gone soldiers continue drown resumed neck glancing swift legs letter affairs steps tower twelve store permission struck shoulders injured mournful miss sending perfect fever princes england share fetch ashamed sour hearts early procession traveled litter attended guards unless steed named proper pandora attached fastened gray severe tells audience flat indignation thoroughly passing arrival agitation added plainly glance host invited join spread pure yellow written suit gorgeous green heads cast wooden corner important shortly accustomed insisted rooms showing roch relieved cure goes pain hearing carved clear represented spot bread painted tinkle begin rising decided chance convenient clothed attendants dress retired sorry thank deep seated hawk belonging betray siege imitation burgundian waving interesting living chilled according related considerable especially reminded wife province loves betrothed bloom children fortunate drawn tone silence crowd bridge slowly loud faint pity divided happiness foreign true brother view clad knees notice possibly unseen escape effort sooner listened sung crossed swept laid carry advice worth several blew closed sang sign pray alone hoped resolved older clock wrapped silk disappeared clasping growing senses broad possessions stranger hour tree beings trick usual desire dead leaves laughter guest harm richest escaped matters refused nose amount laughed moved horn approach game form cards threw grand excited careful watched follow born stole dancing meant interested officer questions sobbed knelt concluded calm yourself visited leeches truth insist receive pious seeming stepped granddaughter advanced kneeling pressed nurse rushed dreadful cushions edge killed mounting watching common innocent thinks revealed dropped spoke moments portrait roof arranged meeting mademoiselle expressed thoughtful amuse quietly hunt handsomer dimple looks brow frederick hard influence front finger takes dreams gazing dream bottom wrong color permit accept tongue hate wound suited personal easily corners climbing acquainted learn wide crown itself sparkling snug happier feeling stop passed spare unfortunate flashed haughty particular horses cause needed effect informed throw wondered hohenberg relatives household fire drop praise merely delicate shrill louder empty minstrel wolfgang feared evil housekeeper reading recover consider write wishes agreeable restore tired larger colors obtain finally casket stars property leading blame drinking idea select walk punishment opinion grave innocence bowed examined storm whispering ceased approached murmured gazed imperial karl worthy cares faith realized dowry restored handed absorbed devotional florentine volume letters paused majesty prepared climbed ambassador body eggs helped haste writing slender climate asturias gentle rocks hunters staying steep grew sentinel cluster shot flowers result altogether lose soldier venice drink sake week careless geronimo bride ferdinand ship thin velerio

broken wisdom pendant surprise brave austrian dance chair certainly conversation dignified presence plain costume among soft nature degree excitement maids grown convinced read history engaged wine nobody duty habit times usually mentioned dauphiness five somewhat train loved wear point style myself courtyard kiss tried second speaking mouth simply reflected died wants half fixed bells lively forgetting seized across dare possession cheer various departure overcome turn touched mounted raised fingers knowing worse ears loss taste valuable grow ride lute sing peasant burgundy pleased difference servants dangerous jewels travel riding donkey declared animal discovered cord merry together bade boys inclined real paid song bird flower leaving party rest ordinary regarding kitchen baby mine guests house used queer either short different proud considered seat immediately keeping means shrine blessed noticed rock robe allow attention retorted putting scene sword opportunity fight meet table maiden appear hung below gown sweet stay account innkeeper greatest distance higher rank gentleman friar rose pushed past talked outside nearer giving search mere friend faithful archduke later year clasped listening eight satisfied drew wild changed four accompanied asked whispered forth knight armor bound seeing indeed sound songs remark appearance purse floor home secured prayer wait remembered safe forward willing intend terrible afternoon suddenly thinking worn ground walking beheld sight finding believed wished creature inside determined witches themselves arrived promised spent apartments surrounded gain parents difficult clever nations expression actually family play supper playing appeared greater easy frightened sentence sprang telling wind finished previous unhappy servant granted rather managed traveling help manner pale reach subject fear round visit bent favor future lips mary couch promise sister memory trip messenger sail blood accompany countenance door recognize case straight sensible hold silent kings start possible likely succeeded reached continued husband carefully delight gift luck weep crying native relative probably marble wearing velvet bresse friendly offered fell answer hunting getting rudolph girdle searched mantle paper spain couple stone ornament climb custom spite confidence bedchamber weeping pass statue lest seneschal beginning ruler message beating graceful flying speak waters heir fleet isabella elixir

book court jester marguerite page young people with company dear chapter glorieux good news wonderful pittacus lady moonstone pleasant princess royal philibert very spanish duchess talking while behind turning wish might give another that really what must best thing when above charles make master were could expect late have turned such duke looked much like time been waiting still high some long which seemed from side into cared move even more than grace only light room came feet this singing going clotilde sent anne following castle felt down keep everybody though heart there plenty fact will your once taken where latter himself against white those necessary after death same story many remember said hands them well happened know whether ever then moment standing stood before replied least thought being caught part whom these foot having sharp again fine think great anxious whose less went fond small trouble nothing lived found highness would toward kissed afterward because right take fool understand honor little daughter care present doubt their voice precious come noble call suppose france head about wonder gracious should upon talk surprised they kind eyes kept caused feel send brittany saying most brought shall leave over forgot although within allowed night without years looking pretty youth wore look better days things world does smile given live longer hear just find held never need returned pleasure heard strange next both happen always quite mistress remarked first wanted marry seems maximilian something jewel remain here life thus beside along woman called suite handsome other making each antoine morning bright rode money wise seen blue between face state every expected sometimes others instead window mind stopped journey entered certain soon girl began followed friends made hundred close object known father seem women person name herself saint mother supposed show near observed under hand gave almost cold ready quiet change poor child large dressed dark cunegunda sleep want place order placed opened matter during taking maid witch tall anybody afraid anything please cousin through glad also king beautiful took love queen piece tell city amboise stand back left ladies gentlemen black horse knew three hair gold austria question word country fair silver sure away able happy remained perfectly played open words often since arms position coming perhaps course knows rich everything bring number hope ring until around greatly beneath done palace figure reply last walked already trying bear smiled serious whatever deal comfortable enough whole else become reason told married save secret received cried forget full forgotten sitting none return slipped believe emperor marriage obliged prince tears land learned makes count mean countess lost ought cimburga accused monica chamois became secretary

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