Word Cloud for "Our Battalion" by L. (Leonard) Raven-Hill.

Word Cloud for "Our Battalion"

This book was authored by L. (Leonard) Raven-Hill. (Being Some Slight Impressions of His Majesty's Auxiliary Forces, in Camp and Elsewhere - 1867)

Area, genre or subject: 1942.

The Bag of Words In "Our Battalion" (Main Words):

slight sent system seven might patrol parade training guard blessed turned looking smart came bring boys various arms each listen read ways mint soldier takes send passed throw took rectly different soul rifle thinks volunteers looks fond another chap stop front sentry although starts blame even everybody remarks ready forgotten makes object straight teach examine trying responsible force eard week twice sure four does together certain amount again because cannot lucky sporting such shoot wrong start subaltern both forgot left thank attack officer those section main road gone action absolutely says almost invariably generally seemed late given felt seen companies cleaned leave having pretty regular

lost firing army laid country round drill while sergeant keep glad next better other sort under hold half supposed wants same junior instead manage made find fall right something line worth goodness general train place long whole young charge goes simply matter wanted able through away getting three things last march many tent knows started seems awful seem bally really tells doing nothing fairly officers asked mess went awfully chaps

their rather battalion being some camp volunteer what with first field best more duty down little mind after think ought there ever told along about only till from that were them which wish enough look over like they thing have make everything good work than when most thought anything want time know these tell will company must this said then comes take gets rest would give aint been without where great never going back your come should found shall much every captain could into before just very major done baggage always well quite colonel

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