Word Cloud for "Ancient Rome: The Lives of Great Men" by Mary Agnes Hamilton.

Word Cloud for "Ancient Rome: The Lives of Great Men"

This book was authored by Mary Agnes Hamilton. (1884 - 1966)

Area, genre or subject: Rome -- Biography -- Juvenile literature.

The Bag of Words In "Ancient Rome: The Lives of Great Men" (Main Words):

added cnaeus tiber hills pictures helmet tragic scene cotta relief writing villa coast submission western living rude clad ignorant call seven river gradually masters northern africa minor near race claim stamp peoples belongs comes respects virtues interested ideas distracted religion temples sacred authority word absolute rested justice proud weakness appreciate cruelty scorned worshipped eastern destroyed talk pass hear ruin earliest fathers trying ruled plains latium fierce battles considered actual liked siege african founded magistrates loss walked saying described allow fellow suffered sign wrong consider woman appeal hidden plunged swear punish handed directed follow royal cruel loud idle arms maiden lars pretended eager porsena reduced named succeeded demanded stuff bloody summoned standing helpless desperate cried hour need yourself thrown explained removed wish escaped reward inspired ambition envoys demand changed half bidding recognized equestrian temper splendid regulus events offer failed countrymen fate belong accept dreadful soul fatal bound fights freed feared mighty delay tarentum daily politics morning possessed dark horse closed warned capitol crowd invaders pride grow mean treat welfare incessantly forgot depended treated despised nearly patrician capture quickly member mother beautiful highly standard natural simple hardships realize produced unable heavy debt sold serving goods stayed composed poorer cheap accused vote declaring banished actions engaged prepared assist persuaded joining thanks sight turning suffer withdrew believe divided accepted slow invasion beaten retired rate ended destruction camps slave kingdom front formed marked wealthy ships appeared luxurious towns panic wounds fallen impression poverty fabricius drawn sorts anxious sole festival presents wonderful golden wise speech easy break allies iron trade spread distant places begun sail richest owned easily lasted twenty strongest foreign further historian seem trust number short spite disaster glad arts endure nine worth trained meantime noblest passionate months preparing alps stop arrived wild stage encamped marching allowed tired despair wide victories fresh generally parties waiting worn opposed ability imagination conquest fifteen intended dreamed policy advance wait reckless threw alarmed fields posted surrounded slain bodies carrying careful risk stir moving safety retreat likely cannae higher officers varro handful working collected jealous support ashes honourable expected influence supported hopeless favour gained jupiter divine secret whatever polybius domestic capable born special favourite luck failure jealousy nature incapable knowing create admired distinction group provinces thirty various dared shouts spoke conduct literature idol banishment lasting study married nephew adopted court talked beauty defend dangers indifference series speaking watched courts forum reputation contemporaries poet caecilius works excited politicians workers complete innumerable cornelia mere getting largely sure hardship crushed insisted besides condition letters effort measure cast property abroad gifts understood accounts majority rights result offices grown reform proper gardens detested acted larger judgement duties gives hearth else fifty increased riches hair crisis aristocrats torn lower strife bought increasingly legions drusus conspiracy preparations social including massacre athens supreme revolt officer cinna acquired rules conservative affairs campaigns afraid antistia quick constant pirates rising conspirators charm triumvirate programme egypt room spartacus antonius

ancient lives tarquin heroes cornelius licinius household british coin africanus luxury simplicity capitoline murder occupied conquered lands does system hold common faults cannot looking fall rise understanding turn educated magnificent duty therefore human care open stories live move hundreds altogether story belonging tell coming driven fought gauls sort learned greeks ruling tribes fled hated citizen chief leading stirred families rose drove captured condemned sons shall children fire deeply mucius bitter lines heart names merely alone youth unless fixed ordered compelled night leaders women amid heard anger treaty broken terms placed hundred fleet certainly despite urged true remained second noble leaving close opened during middle offered devoted reached armed famous fine main single plain look become ought makes comfort needed outside received equal happened belonged died charge firm opinion italian shared harsh birth helped tribunes popularity regarded cause powerful prevent attacked scattered realized clear threatened walls longer younger forces throughout settled five constantly neither remarkable chance alexander started task having south partly reason caused plutarch extreme course suddenly raised hope join distinguished road sicily sailed glory seas cross meant beginning along hamilcar supplies asked except taught chosen carry plans impossible following tribune find dead difficulties view aemilius energy together forward classes cities hasdrubal publius harm consuls point meeting successful rare triumph pleasure desire read trouble above cold enthusiasm proved difficulty generals spanish election proposed gone entered huge games aemilianus treasures gathered streets speeches case each matter thousands respect murdered collecting certain votes political supply want disorder revolution extremely picture rival powers conservatives consulship excitement catiline

roman rome great told brutus caesar town people city early enemies cato caius marius lucius sulla lucullus pompeius marcus crassus cicero julius round carthage from battle found field victory scipio show later times house rich with back more than thousand years time when most parts were everything that world many ways over which this built then they became asia greatness their will romans history part have other much laws government soldiers could also keep whom life lived character like them work what left well power doing things strong looked upon about came especially something days believed honour every head family stood citizens place first father sense must without went devotion strength rather these high idea qualities good understand different sometimes both action seen defeated success cared little wealth into after began nothing quite really before know those wrote down stand still among between there only swept kind very seemed been across help give afterwards last name king wars against italy held state hardly thought think greek gods some passed free carried elected take republic shows clearly minds brought make himself master send where growing long said tried force love wife killed eyes friend rule daughter hands ever took side bring others though loved feeling would another less death body lost under soon made while next account spirit moved words taking soldier same shown wanted laid young determined through your refused right until showed fell away even such position purpose enemy courage should ready behind line struggle fight fear armies meet thus whose hand already feel four sent since given once safe return being anything done declared kept returned peace making rest taken large terrible campaign prisoners might carthaginians defeat fighting full come carthaginian never felt turned till friends knew business question public thing either best filled greatest whether greater general corn country beyond whole north known coriolanus better private called themselves army class camp attack troops service grew mind saved hard itself always because money indeed instead land poor home finally marched senate change real bitterness leader order orders followed danger crossed broke going fortune again actually plan within dangerous pyrrhus hannibal genius commander brilliant face small houses save winter gave used training deep military deal greece none senators italians three paid worked year consul almost extraordinary serious command giving means although spent spain belief brother news just joined party flaminius fabius bill served popular personal march enough share important ordinary moment often feelings tiberius gracchus slaves fact civil able east mithridates vast clodius gaul

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