Word Cloud for "The Academy Boys in Camp" by Mrs. S. F. Keene.

Word Cloud for "The Academy Boys in Camp"

This book was authored by Mrs. S. F. Keene.
Area, genre or subject: Friendship -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "The Academy Boys in Camp" (Main Words):

sport outstretched excited exchanged lesson sharp gray moment honest matter passing allowed eager gives guess straight change fastened black tone hearing goes effort fearing garden idea carry business owned joke shook hate fact really summer fortnight year mouth permission family barrels club landing steamer discussing vacation seated breath voice noticed book confess decided prevent saying asking appeared honour lose lower signal outside declare remark meet finding occupied different evening friends done darted send forgot read score voices wild determined news keeping stairs stopping valise noise race hailed giving account expected broad twinkle rocky offered speedily jump fire worked indicated deep weed clams friday eaten able prolonged seem offer fair experience chorus warm meal dinner minute drag pasture running later blueberries rods bare liked less chances seizing wants pick easy steps leading hole inside double anchor show milk need arrived finished fried bread larger general slept ground attention blankets sleep tossed needed swimming fishermen fresh willing position used gather cheers retreat eight beyond cold drown learn dripping pleasant known frank landed bound packed laugh weather seen doing bright exhausted waked either stones doleful growing daylight asleep true ledge says search cook escape stick shout higher gets lane clothes spoke aboard melrose sober miss knows favour waving hook necessary boots walt frighten remembered replied sight wise nights fright uncomfortable wonder valises courage soundly hummed thinking lines eagerly dress tough ashamed bless sang chant chaps stop sitting natured laughingly

nelson pushed wreck does watched academy busy bell sounded words quiet roll forward books feet excitement knowing glanced further taking call five glance keen above possible spoken four thing guilty glad talk join waved towards seized being small perhaps throwing mind home turned hold changed although because within sent hurry carver else though except question putting forgive expect save hard hardly life several sometimes tents already rifle times boats also anxiously held waited answer beginning whispered forget leaving poor andrews full hour hastily short seems heavy sorry seeing bear david joined hurried length start hiding grew presently note hope deal band stepped mile story brought heart slowly steamboat house leaped ashore smack canvas passengers lighthouse fine anchored swim hungry freitag part started helped shouted reckon pack young hastened move watching threw dozen asked received baskets table catch plenty bait remember hooks pulling supply beach tired keeper cliff anxious rope quick hours crowded thank pleasure friend thrown sudden ceased live watch breakfast fishing point vessels announced pool strong disappeared fairly days everything grumbled throw rain suggested since trying sound loud light kind turning speaking toward couple second mate welcome thanks carefully minutes deck always spray rock awful shut turn dressed folks lying wish care myself kramer below worst risk carried getting listening trouble rolled worse jolly lord blanket dressing mackerel scared

then must come fellow about your open door fell upon away went basket that boys ralph hand teacher were gathered room morning near they with their before began even last once called followed bernard came edge said have been from reached those stand waiting some good others sure face without large school will shall nothing this there each answered eyes every most looking little chester felt after another along where very look would tell mean enough other word stood head almost such seemed through back could never which still when passed them till over ready crowd pulled into chance laughing himself bring drayton laughed anything added course quickly find father coming next take leave here three soon what know just want both against better rest tried thought first right made dropped looked found fellows left under time kept think help only long same knew rushed might suppose around pretty work give make close well given gone island great things like themselves boat during return returned while teachers ever whether again among opened told more whole place across these behind much down hands ought unless gave keep feel stay camp rather than having heard hear party taken until feeling should cried afraid cheer shore something nearly quite high captain side line waves many jonas rocks walter continued rough likely fish water making half john jerry going exclaimed wanted tent crept tide safe wait took storm dave spite wind sick vessel dare pull together best believe night marcus cabin

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