Word Cloud for "Wild Bees, Wasps and Ants and Other Stinging Insects" by Edward Saunders.

Word Cloud for "Wild Bees, Wasps and Ants and Other Stinging Insects"

This book was authored by Edward Saunders. (1848 - 1910)

Area, genre or subject: Wasps.

The Bag of Words In "Wild Bees, Wasps and Ants and Other Stinging Insects" (Main Words):

numerous object possible scientific recognized study free thought nature wish round brought present bifid pointed abundance spines leaf abdominal tibia crabro aculeates places running beetle rotten contained hand resembles underground bombus myself portion consists poison apparatus easy definite kind tail membranous worker character according predaceous workers offspring intermediate condition colonies feed provided better hairy branched shin instead arrangements mentioned history appears formed effect hatched filled making fresh left mixed caterpillar final change nymph stage idea former skin caterpillars true fact place wonderful opening ready remarks entomologists mother select associate stout name industrious otherwise edge labial points suggest closes thereby behaviour size easily outward require jewel eggs spots belonging might family noticed tube tubes walls situated folded wood built mind exist summer besides something clear show lives reduced formica follow carry carried ventral seven altogether bush full finding larval cannot carefully beyond thirteen value impossible carder coming caught variation fine varieties tendency spot examine eccentricities brushes whose watching rapid action immediately curving leaves lower deep carpenter english care constructed below centre shell lying occurred anthophora exceedingly feet middle parasites knew during worked bodies surface position clean dilated important turn extend flattened angle caused greater stages leave abdomen produced considerably simply sallow lodgers obtain classification dorsal arrangement extreme assume rarity median runs cross

wild give simple account rarely special necessary opportunity here together following take cutting colony development hard pieces piece spring flower closely reason section perhaps connected lies nesting comparatively home hornet said people difficult exactly sting just distinct going brown certainly considerable divided aculeate hymenoptera because latter differ part become could possibly shown close particular done food goes holes names collect usually adapted life tongues brush underside genera organs cleaning ordinary pair lawn respect made till numbers notice soon varies mass lays cell pretty near chrysalis itself course bramble stems order above methods snail resemble live whole hosts unlike visit exception build across appearance among upper posterior difference consequence plant times smaller unless good come able ones inch thorax narrow bands sand beautiful amount rest tribe habit projecting composed mouth sort curved actual away locality kept either last belong really sure segment occasionally frequently looking ground vespa somewhat entirely five length covered banded attention upon coloration country face emerge used sexes shaped sides slightly look osmia call deal third specimens behind characters shall second extends sucking effects parasite bank flight guests dark margin bears anterior nervure

wasps ants other stinging insects with four coloured this little form short some british these more than hive humble whereas there about different kinds found they make others habits each case their only will that know them very which have been should subject solitary cuckoo social bees amongst males colour structure various from larva after female hairs hind male antennae head parts insect species where sandy like host nests rare legs burrows yellow makes cells burrow series often seen also except nearly black general think certain first groups another into those almost find creatures most seems great many would although creature quite wasp even before what always considered doubt does such body flies wings forms once known large especially called work towards females being between seem number sometimes same time common appear themselves still apparently much over therefore long specially pollen vary tongued occurs collecting again interesting were small under never years probably honey when then white less rather perfect curious early nest generally several larvae given must having cuckoos both cases clothed hardly without flying three tongue well peculiar fossors back along genus side front joint larger wing down basal through apical segments rule flowers bright taken apex base joints

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