Word Cloud for "Eneas Africanus" by Harry Stillwell Edwards.

Word Cloud for "Eneas Africanus"

This book was authored by Harry Stillwell Edwards. (1855 - 1938)

Area, genre or subject: African Americans -- Fiction.

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Sons and Fathers  

The Bag of Words In "Eneas Africanus" (Main Words):

would white known them time water shall happy these trunk road never north himself hope wedding greatly most george night find long three took nigger chain lost several friend near until hyar left preaching interested trying entered whar year where bunch broad only

georgia hundred could atlanta after miles give last made whose wagon tommey counties mile ever back their will famous more negroes wife next down called claimed like looking must plantation little brought macon though come colt among heard into splendid state

eneas dear young this have been from your family negro county jefferson name very they some were with mare horse about over which washington lady there that read letter good major came gave race here grey great when place thomasville said marse

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