Word Cloud for ""Evacuation Day", 1783, Its Many Stirring Events" by James Riker.

Word Cloud for ""Evacuation Day", 1783, Its Many Stirring Events"

This book was authored by James Riker. (With Recollections of Capt. John Van Arsdale, of the Veteran Corps of Artillery, by Whose Efforts on That Day the Enemy Were Circumvented, and the American Flag Successfully Raised on the Battery - 1822)

Area, genre or subject: 1889.

The Bag of Words In ""Evacuation Day", 1783, Its Many Stirring Events" (Main Words):

history member memorable grand glorious closing scene noble honor revolutionary century mother leaving patriotic fathers bring score tried fallen pass heart speak love come foreign fought bearing expressed incident scenes less twenty thousand houses occupied friend death like hope either thrown english means away resumed actual homes reaching arriving holding persons paying determined fear protection spring nova formed together respective sailed companies find retired felt active committed inhabitants tories beginning brief carleton right name delay themselves whether private otherwise doubt suddenly meeting character remained scarcely lately organized fixed ready share expected forces americans officer friendly knox clock chatham finally turned faces position mounted black white head hearty along closed lieutenant passing pearl provost confined thought behind witnessed keeper sight nobly heavy cannon spirit seeing caused stood honest told superior cold hands national reach quite success amiable open filled chief broad loyal memory support lively rest fellow survived beekman dutch presbyterian united tell later infantry arms written moment look worthy poor skins burn able surrender prison person belief used fresh real true directed fast blow hardships vessel post broken design serving elder precinct fourth board schooner captured landed horse road frequent distance garrison call regiments form pawling serve knowledge daily almost date duty wife provisions length bullets placed happened hill advancing fell badly crossed whence stony begin battalion ground pursued aged besides paid seized sears shortly always brigade previous lafayette squire smith goldsmith

sergeant raised life entered none seven times shall thus popular gratitude suffered peace often former wall above hall farm church news april prisoners sold grateful better order occupy here enter back make including gone preceding required number enough island against going orders nearly months appointed carried leave case whole work must especially business return military half artillery seen seemed turn once drew night morning added except possession witness royal advance until following proceeded tavern opposite continued street fired soldiers says informed removed escape salute served lived common enlisted continental hanover short north since himself immediately days november ever firing evening september river west excellency past hand feet fact field obliged commanded joined defense daughter engaged family spent expedition colonel december winter bodle around militia mcclaughry forts force killed shot soldier henry ordered sugar indians david

evacuation arsdale down british john veteran corps james many with whose that enemy were american flag york year more than which gave city will have this most last called those sent country without from upon happy their also brave they still among years what before great till left into them after brought people much present account then took below while known little town having been being officers large every latter could some these taken under should towards citizens suffering such give within between other public hard during eight hundred came general only time others kept through though never there began early company where might made first five soon held part would went when about received final four refugees both found state each making another army troops several fire even october near good house very whom became given said line late passed returned guard light washington take long command major marched march body governor george arrived fort just again reached your captain over three young born battle indian service home married full clinton small william same afterwards well taking point august next orange tunis brother died father party side miles escaped regiment montgomery attack named levies

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