Word Cloud for "The Statute of Anne" by Great Britain. Parliament.

Word Cloud for "The Statute of Anne"

This book was authored by Great Britain. Parliament.
Area, genre or subject: Copyright -- Great Britain -- History -- Sources.

The Bag of Words In "The Statute of Anne" (Main Words):

statute anne encouragement authors times therein whereas liberty causing often therefore queens most excellent author already hath order sole right twenty commence hereafter fourteen within limited cause presence credible expose offender sheet forthwith make either contrary heirs recovered courts record wager against unless made nothing construed penalties reason publication manner been hall like clerk thereunto give certificate under entry duly given advertisement privilege five high archbishop keeper bishop baron chancellors universities general rector edinburgh power value sold upon best case what costs done pounds libraries library sion faculty demand they thing defendant offence


page copies printed books such other have published without consent proprietors their great them that enacted with this authority from after tenth thousand seven hundred book copy bookseller printer person shall printing term said first proprietor thereof more same exposed then forfeit every being part which moiety persons action than time further contained before company provided hereby price rate lord britain chief justice court called president college full

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