Word Cloud for "Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway" by Effie Price Gladding.

Word Cloud for "Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway"

This book was authored by Effie Price Gladding.
Area, genre or subject: Lincoln Highway.

The Bag of Words In "Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway" (Main Words):

price york avenue sweet atlantic maryland think recall towering sierras hillsides vineyard perfect tahoe fringe ground friends seat peaks unbroken laden lush precious motorist ranchman pleasure destined honour unique heights outlines begin structure points french groups memory hole throw weight older makes hall buttresses center finds spirit atmosphere favorite site military worth memorable excursion grown fashioned group literally enormous students paint greenness twilight music dignified start northern ferry sonoma chickens sunny chicken office gardens glimpses glory hillside coloring tourists recent napa either enchanting descending flanked ranges sound moving shown immediately ashes loaded future possibly meals arranged piles placed opposite paying amount accustomed merits slow housekeeping fashion fact tourist question serious enjoyed heart iron bell ruins ancient purpose graceful market bumpy gaily husband warm cloisters cultivation cultivated corner fruitful indeed picture edge remains shall garden charmed roses ranks lost hostel magnificent thus watched week becoming served leisurely beach swept visited spell silent aged adobe devoted serra warmth lobos shaped waves sight purchased number grove rare former owner japanese loads shell skillful throwing shows wandering heaps juan square sheltered astride sturdy eyes killed grounds floor deserted indians special shops cannot world meet mother comfortably encamped pieces become king bank cast homelike attracted slight effect surely knows master gives worked appetizing sleep indian bells roof luis property atascadero pouring colony swinging save leather maria retrace holiday ynez tableland custom walnut diversified historic managed together lawns estate pierpont ojai forms boundary matilija crape cottages upper higher precipitous paula planting lemons lavender saugus ford appeared decided getting indifferent railway rapidly company flower lives border following palm isolated afraid enjoying cold lamps stucco probably breakfast cars snow lower harbor cluster boarding groves round landlady return newly sharp approaching cloud deplored purple returning quaint offered overlooking perched fourteen diego cajon bought rise constantly laid mistake respectable colored break stopping shelf ranches situated paid everything immigration lands riverside study things smaller largest machines characteristic opened settlers coat almond settler protected although sixty became antelope explained thirty wished tents huge willing cooking hearty dried fire started liked history height european cowboys residence shop wells others shadows northeast hostess prepared wheat tent stacks raymond mariposa weary proud piled fast clusters leaves lighted shoulder driven difficult granite wawona bears driver drinking dropped landlord single meant walks condition need matter smith finally miners busy mines restaurant cents ocean easily usually wore lawn wool perhaps familiar direct american cleared sides fourth platform boards drew practically shadow capitol rule college call drop sort able possible sure lahontan yards holes cottonwood alpine commercial warned nearby roll recently feel hind board marking wait muddy impossible rear soil threw caravan thin sheepmen continually creek local elko june grazing captain feeding trail whiskey overland train grave copper mormon travels baskets younger book endure manager written flocks mark evanston camping fort lyman wahsatch horizon buttes carved granger scarlet watering july monuments rawlins laramie medicine motorists quantities beside died plan position friend lord boulder denver classic ogallala carroll pennants granville pennsylvania chalk hagerstown bronze braddock colonial mary negro staunton shenandoah president mills jefferson thomas culpeper richmond williamsburg parish foundations yorktown cape charles

thrown pines streams dotted meadows lofty wyoming meadow gone vantage alfalfa bread ohio experience prairie farmhouse keeper bound already golden entering wonder year nearly months given ahead hilly campus straight nine striking working thing business impression massive better appearance united fifteen lines without different particular doubtless climb nothing oaks clumps carry living monument hard thousands runs trip hundreds modest glowing orange painted alongside patches ideal slopes drives farms seems climbing eating public themselves rushing stones done money traveler carefully narrow second rows food keep ever hotels care itself lived hanging guide entire turning vast grassy shaded foothills tells situation visit pretty clara clean traveled fair beauty stop surrounded rest commanding summit approached foot happy shortly summer hope detour dark monterey beginning entrance abalone electric halted carmel father partly inscription body plateau approaches gentleman himself bring delicious delicate animal steep private grow climbed journey stretched wheels seemed head silver mass name spot learned wind faces baby hand charm surrounding spaces quite field seem lady during falling earth know hospitable porches fallen even bare kindly wife does signs railroad hung fifty seeing approach broken reaching bridge sandy glad comfort wagons olive route barbara modern seven station suddenly waters farming views english winter ready eastern love glorious lemon springs sand boots quickly fernando flowers angeles real simply cook substantial catalina hours fish ride black dust thought cottage easy ridge beautifully clay sunset apple traveling stage packing paper whether course brought splendid miss dusty cooked unknown grocery moved eight talk dining bakersfield clock something wear sacramento stood yosemite travelers slept rain wonderfully telephone national forty careless curry states nevada waiting mining stockton fried rock reno brush erected interested statue stay supplies everywhere union colorado corn cedar hilltop washington tablet shaft cemetery charlottesville jamestown

lincoln highway near across open road flying land chapter that from pacific with california good back over miles noble high green called white orchards like rich valleys running live under again blue forest lake before southern stretch once sage life about wild horse grey have been seen them their plains forests point front motor looked fields growing rolling crossed stretches roads winding among yellow passing through fertile thousand water coast come these which fellow country great immense what look early light find other taken long give gate travel after three this background lights stretching into past island building rocky making built there city left distance distant later stand university just tall buildings francisco streets days were must still grew could short years stone wide bright cross fine many whose most five driving while four young upon here only also whole host plain every attractive view town hotel masses where people more than drive park interesting because blooming lovely never part very beautiful well state twenty somewhat brick much against particularly school each they will time take lies rising little feet hills walk tell dead hour door valley behind hundred women soft sitting wall covered until delightful crossing santa coming told would county came home beyond heavy first spring thick deep some should wonderful sorry farther north rough scenery drove half reached filled fruit broad pleasant always mountain slope spent read when places almost work perfectly side taking pass along next comes then free your table room turn leave looking stands evidently away wish large family turned famous spanish mission south western morning around street small leaving rose houses brown trees luncheon simple woman excellent found spend extremely level italian late exquisite east order such same down last between mountains acres farmhouses middle west within church standing full place above night below began region pine close passed orchard mile ranch hill instead took asked toward salinas wooded soon right less picturesque shining rocks village might enjoy lonely midst planted outside sees being walked main said walls quiet having those house boat made really both often another prosperous farm wagon horses grass afternoon machine sometimes went gave ourselves kept present stopped wooden used tree marked plenty walking drawn poor children tiny party grain line make names river clear looks certain felt comfortable general sign rather handsome settlement struck reach charming pink fresh evening supper desert known towns homes virginia heard several grand going cattle help canyon stream riding assured camp roadside best salt sheep winchester

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