Word Cloud for "The Borghesi Astronomical Clock in the Museum of History and Technology" by Silvio A. Bedini.

Word Cloud for "The Borghesi Astronomical Clock in the Museum of History and Technology"

This book was authored by Silvio A. Bedini. (Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology, Paper 35 - 1917)

Area, genre or subject: 2007.

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Early American Scientific Instruments and Their Makers  

The Bag of Words In "The Borghesi Astronomical Clock in the Museum of History and Technology" (Main Words):

smithsonian contributions setting forth acquired copies publication others different intended recorded works figure century contemporary design devised story performed face horological designed constructed palace theoretical anchor escapement preoccupation daily construct considerable late mention appeared among elaborate examples court interest fine just apparently done considered addition assistance received light translation latin portrait brother including outstanding particularly austrian lived because known tridentina ancient trent throughout details come parish become johann butzjaeger poelten home workshop certificate december corporation christian good extremely shop preserved record masters anyone entire mentioned having aforesaid manner wish grant desire quality brought seems friends know principles driven texts attempted felt operation interior novissima perpetua repeated desired itself like take often thus golden giovanni hands neither produce never finally forced taking written crowned functions presumably volume reader space proportion find entitled better feet instead rings openings figures frontispiece double eagle whose side dominating julian windows measure epicycle zodiac adjustment experiments spandrels whom beginning nine eternal live presentation mother apocalypse black text outer divisions approximately seven serves ecclesiastical week occur revolutions perigee inside distant north past shall circumstances continually respective weight hundred height further perhaps thought smallest largest bell quarter changed chronograms novissimum conjunction method equally however move conceive imagine everywhere equidistant diametrically immobile west east cancer removed magnetic rotation equinoctial completes revolve originally baron anonymous tovazzi opposition engraved continued lantern quarters lowest pointers

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states museum history from these original with work each separate date first which appear since have been published under that present year last borghesi astronomical clock clocks clockmaker bertolla second theory years bartolomeo antonio dial plate showing described father francesco mechanism into their mechanical this while might both during true even priest empress maria after rather imperial when great most equation only other about time became more half some made well necessary between mean although were there produced little also they probably being another emperor next many middle part case used museo nazionale della scienza those third same order period such added them worked without common must what than place then village within roman distance small points master could equal completed translated month three would will always complete number hours once world project over long longitude ecliptic very eclipses title current fixed solar moon days already whole should full earth proper through point description lunar much things brass form inches around inscribed chapter center inscriptions francis below holy left letter signs degrees head dragon tail right marked inscription heaven hour divided parts letters cycle motion circle moved bells movement circles found eclipse larger courtesy poles disk index segments indices

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