Word Cloud for "Tales of South Africa" by H. A. (Henry Anderson) Bryden.

Word Cloud for "Tales of South Africa"

This book was authored by H. A. (Henry Anderson) Bryden. (1854 - 1937)

Area, genre or subject: Short stories.

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From Veldt Camp Fires  

The Bag of Words In "Tales of South Africa" (Main Words):

koenraad likely mainly traces bore teeming recently understood delightful enjoyed meet valley peacefully fires outer anxious kloof shallow obtained received searched fortnight believed passage plainly discover determined difficulty sunset neared rugged peculiar whistle lower sank gently chain singular stretch leisurely pass stricken turning tremendous probably western southern yard spent path wildfowl upward pale living apparently risk sheer exactly sheepskin thinking sleep surrounded ring parts grouse margin edge dream walk stiff agreed nine scores pipes showing limbs strangely seventy threw leather gorge gradually sound sweat legs uttered believe heartily offered recovered fought feared hearing senseless quarter bleeding staggered sense gazing anxiously point bridge surface sooner space solid shining ardent keenly sport dense beds drought refreshed groves raised hopes prepare view spot senses savage pointing moon firm crawled flash carry poured course remembered eastern restless remaining knife kept managed pick expected slain coat touched troubles excitement undoubtedly doubt partly joined descent remained wealth recesses crept illimitable deserts cold scorched does mouth needed bitter masarwas merry shown decent rains freely gemsbok pink colouring thither secure seventeen picture pace begin strike poison latter arrow tough gives bring pointed circular burning hunter wide nigh snuff gift besides bechuana bulbs bestowed throughout share form shoulders carcase goes soul tale glare thrown makes heat sees noon exchange palm words weary skins print decided pursued cool emerged gaze horns foul presence manner disturbed cries jackals roused heavily fixed slew banks upper welcome golden thronged makobas brute rule enraged refused beasts aspect christmas bechuanaland furnished sundown served ruddy blaze happy whisky chase cheerful trekkers road unless terribly experience naturally break third khama trade push reaching charge prospect greatly riding ahead galloped desperately chest ought wait intention interior rifle starreberg distance utter sharply enter grown blazing brisk couple object fired brimmed beginning extraordinary sorry able lord faced waving horror reason remarkable species hitherto achraea discovery complete specimens interested habitat bank maybold table line trifle aged nearer port ordinary opened house matters forgotten glad playing jacobus mingled laughingly finally streaming ladies stacer finds explained pure trust slight holding understand travel chance thrust existence temporary springbok feeding deeply planted beard usual ways puzzled farther load fountain sons vaal european village keep ancient skinned kaffirs noisy receive grave maiden iron hair clean boiled falls pastoral luck party desperate kindly badly civilisation possessed dull character various cared dressed fighting beauty married bless strongly rate usually ride feverish condition bare andries asleep send baas oosthuysen suffering breathing flitted lips pressed drew shoot picking street swam eyed entered kaffir talk camped armed built sudden coins cherished seleni sword asked tree manning business englishmen simple plentiful real vuuren franz steyns englishman

verloren name stock french died certain active wandering fever broken crocodile crossed winter hunted glorious engaged distant remember stream rare flesh thorn kraal finished smoking thirst talking dutchman keen somewhere rhinoceros natives collected worth replied stayed fine brother promised show alone direction gone given trace cannot eaten mystery grim wonder journey rough else different bones rock held nearest except faint softly bird pelicans intense interest quitted salt yesterday pushed cartridge birds easy earth seven lies caught tiny ground hope closely wall narrow possible approach climbed infinite care toil everywhere absolutely approached perfectly case utterly sandy occasionally drank walking gazed scene spreading drop heer stout rope greatest dried save shirt tanned serious breath rapidly knowing hardly wind capital noticed rested strength return live saved wished each sweet flung suppose lain glance somehow main dreadful shook arms pipe forty deadly thousand children perfect smooth scattered acacia month getting season hither human store food twice sign thorny rich late afraid voices afternoon scant both voice moment whispered pulled remains clad spanish become answered broke reach bushman slept quietly true surely buried rude wish safely waiting hide months unknown silent belonged child move weeks hole ostrich natural scarce handed secured kalahari grassy parched forest waterless noble pleasure watch creature immense neck stands cast fellows further mighty join knows also shade kwaneet brief particular precious turn pleased blade used ivory fashioned comes wounded present earliest morrow friend bakalahari dying coloured stars making directly struggle meanwhile lion charming walked beside driven drove treated loved trekking younger dozen placed large speak common colony hear elephant fairly least beast covered carrying saddled running none swiftly clock lying discovered stand fast april chair paper mere appeared collection gentleman dear memory town want africa changed miss grey sitting tired hearty shooting sturdy especially eight daughter forward wore tender west spread klaas clothes drink herds sheep goats remote seldom stuurmann state women folk anna tail nags word piet average staden fierce mother fellow schalk single inkouane tears expedition british headmen centre friendship maurice prince concession kate wheler granton dangerous magnificent pierre frenchman

until second hunting with plessis that heard place never transvaal from good after made cape dutch quickly south here over vast this strong boer plain about very dark years north east just across were wild known still through something deal first found excellent took became great trekked along river before takes whole veldt well again following once more together outspanned between which pleasant thing hunt buffalo filled oxen close there horses against these gathered native high been long gold help shot white five should like some brought they think would find looking country life make shall almost hard poor tobias four came farm lost himself ever wonderful vlei showed hans myself half back have look fresh started could away meant follow little left time then servants told near themselves their mountain next boys every without sent into might looked black where what know nothing eyes always called since friends than quite story said three people other boers knew went neither come fire presently turned bound grew upon small morning settled trek night beneath hour mass stood above another slowly mile nature seemed instantly those going down water spoke within last clear strange seen them dawn heart towards flat evidently right passed hundred yards yellow your early forth followed side rode carefully round face free wagons evening cliff search short spoor foot blue terrible days leave behind often although much less open part while fair lake flocks desert call pretty sight tall figure suddenly better rest quiet later times whose straight must many such secret nearly taking feet sharp young among whom corner thought fifty fastened thus most carried same only flannel pair soft sort thirty front sometimes hand began tell body full already death brandy forget laid deep felt warm blood twenty give gave when either coming rose steadily soon even others fell middle wife bush below easily african green plenty done minutes reached having chief whether sand worn picked rather several during returned light camp till under hunters sprang mind piece head struck will wanted lived moved hands skin dead means nakeesa husband masarwa woman sinikwe meat game things father english taken beyond though trees amid looks giraffe beautiful troop hours thick work grass home trouble world somewhat supply curious take huge miles enough herself bushmen meeting heavy broad scarcely past bright adder year wandered love instant standing happened cattle perhaps brown angus best wagon being elephants leaving dirk horse vrouw professor butterfly horace family orange girl hottentot handsome bull plains land around coffee hendrika barend kissed mapana book hume lane tapinyani cornelis captain bill ralph jacoba steyn meredith

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