Word Cloud for "Tiger Cat" by David H. (David Henry) Keller.

Word Cloud for "Tiger Cat"

This book was authored by David H. (David Henry) Keller. (1880 - 1966)

Area, genre or subject: Horror tales.

The Bag of Words In "Tiger Cat" (Main Words):

said villa almost three white wonderful time most became house half piece george just always where place looked masters under while beautiful bought italian looking black than waited want first hole later master right wanted perhaps life many marchesi hear know thought voice singing make covered sleeping twenty even lantern basket sang night soon

chained something little found wall another wrote took come down ever made over more last started told only donna eyes deep long though next

blind were there what about with stone door could have each they like that came into when seemed back knew then some sure their room them would from been till through cellar those side other heard never hand went will

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