Word Cloud for "What Happened to Inger Johanne, as Told by Herself" by Dikken Zwilgmeyer.

Word Cloud for "What Happened to Inger Johanne, as Told by Herself"

This book was authored by Dikken Zwilgmeyer. (1853 - 1913)

Area, genre or subject: Norway -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "What Happened to Inger Johanne, as Told by Herself" (Main Words):

boston page particularly snowslide cherries mouth meet polite says knows probably easy hundred thinking begin describe tall calls taking sometimes pull shame tease love gets looks likes lift finger wish child thin drink thinks moon beautifully places break islands wharves boats jolly sailors french ship streets written rows lies rowing trap delightful name nearer laughing george watching screamed edge drowned account drag show lovely rooms walk rocks slender branches leaves fact spring rest narrow sort walking ball front drank snow speak soft smooth begun bored doors assure chance wife bare hills immediately start rose bushes heather flat yard climb birch trouble carried allowed glasses honor fingers glass read whispering thrown tune rushing foot sorry scream crept hanging struck direction jumped possibly slow scolded although path clambered travel nine worse altogether decided clean forgotten real silk maid fresh quiet earth forget cock ahead free railing covered higher short shouting mind captain houses shone smoke absolutely minute tight waved given crown utterly passengers crowded office whispered visit disgusting plan occurred worth sharp word speaking terrible screaming midst knees shaking sense jacket drew bottom reached doctor fright regular space sunshine mountains dressed dress lying watch thank chili impossible opening terror cross fence wings noise roared fairly patted saying desire late makes tumbled heels interesting friends carrying whenever noticed footstool anywhere worst childhood friend wonder basket itself sofa squeezed longer horten lives road girl unspeakably hours pleasure seem tremendous chest maren fall karen antoinette expected hide flash slammed breathe lifted crying whimpered chickens elegant rich besides silky climbed furious frightful flapped ordinary behave winter pieces sooner kicked sill milk meant angry idea mighty puffed wore velvet matter clothes middle piece pirk coughed aside butter innocent singing horribly rough counter women awful attend hole nibb sing reading alive coughing hurried table known eight flowers rain moss pond books thora instead grass eaten swayed louder stories seats darker fairy kari passed gathered walked cold hall step augusta horrible laughter blueberries cannon talks karlie lived helen hind platform german fully principal riders policeman weiby ellef spirit sale postpaid receipt price

johanne hauled herself illustrated dean dragged pulled pleasant tremendously shriek point throw pane steps grown dreadfully everybody call write done especially heart ourselves feel sick tired nose surely garden understand ready ears usually talk strong ought miss school money stands chair wild play lots hilltop body does wait rock salt weather brought strange bother quite massa between lisa having next quickly minutes several imagine stupid part blue horrid terribly nice clever tried beside pale glad making scarcely times ezekiel quick stomach laugh remember playing gray clear wide feet farther wooden already talking stones threw broken speech stuck telling sounded rushed dashed hand found frightened seeing stone catch either teased started heads grew nobody near loud nearly asked entirely traveling steamer person beyond afternoon together swung shouted stayed shook past tower windows suppose steamboat leave meal warm woman singdahlsen move pushed morning deck seat mate need twelve hardly sight ring sitting sprang stopped frightfully close laid work lost yourself mountain farm used getting stamp instant fell holding burst ground board caught hens disappeared talked grandmother half kind forth seems different cabin stairs flew sound cellar monkey octavia ferdinand dinner string wall bread christmas berg mack crazy graaberg shop munda sang brita stared bells jens clerk trond olsen blueberry bull circus

what happened inger mina arms into told from young chapter other things carolus boat took peter left away they just hard could whole story life karsten laughed down only thing that there came heavy right little began with said wanted give round beautiful stood barn long have always heard people when else uncle karl want will tell town because father years shall nothing more than girls except queer book never come through your head fast think while since four should myself very mother hands like often hair brown well make take help such must know best about whether boys them stand once light awfully then after which good much their great hear five comes still goes baby olaug anything children went both exactly days those each behind being would along tiny window perfectly hold live every many small against seen really summer believe most time some where look over were black white dark almost green under water among gave sent street themselves around high until evening ever something wharf another towards kept pretty turned three thick back running without taken soon cried made held hung might till full been this home hill trees house deep place floor single care gone going eyes dare afraid everything nils straight himself others perhaps shining last here course even though shut room fine yellow above first again these thought knew standing moment below rather looking suddenly called least felt upon legs find same seemed alone before enough looked stay church corner open door lady outside sure across side finally face keep better poor world certainly kitchen aunt ladies night opened madam land clock bear waterfall goodfields horses cows horse petter kloed andrine cream forest goat oleana saeter gorrisen

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