Word Cloud for "A Boy Knight" by Martin J. (Martin Jerome) Scott.

Word Cloud for "A Boy Knight"

This book was authored by Martin J. (Martin Jerome) Scott. (1865 - 1964)

Area, genre or subject: Catholic Church -- Clergy -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "A Boy Knight" (Main Words):

whose page late avenue none corner excuse bless ninety interest allowed greatest generally fact altogether drew line used aside friend interested hundred fond records pass hearing informed question remember liked record snapped difference limit days country fifteen older hated younger torn able score please sort welfare general placed consideration sign making tired affection surprise especially surprised blood friends neither silence forward known speaking simply rose smashed stop muttered patted retorted angry instead light someone front story reach swung pictures overturned upstairs damaged upset table believed wreckage enemy occupied talked means returned events finest intense whispered breast awful lost decent repeated expect brave greeting third understood present putting hoping finally sick greeted sheet wrote expected writing remained feeling pride seconds stairs read parents affairs keenly square appeared whatever truly trembling silent sympathy filled choked ashamed crucifix grace jesus strength offered peace kissed justice lots wants punish seem rang ought information scrap dirty sitting discussing straighten special devoted evidently sending reflected dark small opening religion money dropped mike cried begged afraid eight possible past manner cost breakage dozen indignant knock cold feet yourself either write note further second besides bright suggested fair quietly deep spoil early addressed paper state intended situation relief effort feelings forget firm shown close desk seems harder suffered maybe caused feels honorable careful load offer sacrifice sins moments pray heaven thee frame price quarter stuff impossible kindly touch kneel rosary mercy virgin less prayers conduct faith presence prayer book having fully ahead changed shouted shook truth account engine attention somehow child hurried excitement position beside thoughts worst satisfied condition patient remarked goes credit character walking emotion mystery clock doctors sudden shot recalled offering thousand usual mary comfort pardon consider worry arose whether across wind harry questions kick teacher acknowledgment burst pointed continued mixed collins reading carry subject world justified declare biggest gradually ground stands wondered duffy noble inquiries principal leader knowledge treatment roberts foot death followers christ sorrow grant funeral playing resigned soldier crippled teams points pushed within coach cheering yell

brought chapter carried live whom seen happened turning football team secretary times large parish usually lads trust fine considered five news taking john treat short declared seeing committee kind wonder tommy worked obliged drop certainly keep wrong care received different several chance understand trying threw together point case hands suddenly gets struck blow determined approached full straight arms nearly anyone though holding open toward behind waited break bring window steps hold janitor perhaps rooms part regard course occurred official play alone myself clean cause terribly among asking evening tonight matters wait later rectory stay damage settle near board outside notice regret spoke knelt picture bear love soul trouble leaving promise true least itself fall easy realize deal quickly quite wish turn opened knowing believe reason send free people need hope nice church start yelled answer duty already hurts fire added hospital says exclaimed written broken voice real tomorrow noticed seriously fell entered giving standing strong suffering altar promised proud communion confession visit sisters remembered afternoon closed looks ladder firemen jumped woman order moved telling letter observed worth quiet lord body speak pain nurse suffer bunch field players player goal whistle

have into many this little three boys were their down regal frank mother came they never asked them something that gave look when gone turned mulvy made then poor which sorry here almost office been with hardly club room house where about good other once priest father talk these very boone much rather saying doing right hand director glad although given found while would last give thing because himself always best what better just before called said work like thinking some guess another certain hear could crowd both suppose time took word soon every knew matter without heard well sent thank thought after only than four pretty over most great mccormack meant there from years those leave between wanted high waiting stopped street mind next nothing seemed such bill daly help along fight tried told know want felt going hard fellows done everybody william will home half think whole rushed enough your under moment fellow against held stood head kept eyes come face realized began went might take each around showed away door make broke even decided hurt side until getting still again looking caught long everything place morning things looked except night anything talking dick call answered replied knows feel affair also comes tell show willie ever school back find often minutes heart started must serious more sure coming tears being ready walked passed sister through worse else stand rest words does sacred should same finished young reached others really taken clear unless first since name shall left mean report hour class dear honor life blessed holy doctor dunn game stanley gaffney ball

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