Word Cloud for "Eikon Basilike" by King of England Charles I.

Word Cloud for "Eikon Basilike"

This book was authored by King of England Charles I. (The Pourtracture of His Sacred Majestie, in His Solitudes and Sufferings - 1600)

Area, genre or subject: 1649.

The Bag of Words In "Eikon Basilike" (Main Words):

copy immediately higher absence repulse offers letters captivity attendance meditations distractions speeches duke reasons jurisdiction court kindle modest meet prejudice discretion allay rules knowing firm interests obligations temporal wonted recompence offences pietie flames advice whatever told wanted vengeance purpose shewed offend blessings timely givest remedies turned saviours looked ashamed create raise envious capable merit necessities expose businesse sign earth exchange destructive gratified forgiven judgements policie sharp passed objected convincing scarce diminish condemn exposed hatred clamours satisfied formalities evidence vast load unjustly tongue heavy voice demand pregnant legall following question cleared speedy quench designed invade went proportionable hazard reverence obstructions argument endeavoured witnesse purposed oppression persecute esteemed bloody wants sets passe impatient mean command discharge confusion impatience enormous irreligious motions confine flatter direct winds obtained feared security lords persons presence modesty desert orderly conceive blame whether reasonable rudeness called vitious ready land hereafter remedy compass shut intend admit extreme princely return sufferings royall injure threatned indignities course letting enjoyed errour charitable sees deceitfull specious whence indulgence venture represent agree agreed thirst fountain pity soveraignty dictates enjoying farr libertie peers tender method seriously intentions fault defects weakness propounded morall chose personall comply require submit strengthen lead scandall compelled relation danger served hate malicious midst faults vain pitie loves punishing lift scandalous eminent however deadly accept crucified ignorance represented saving truths experience anger unworthy bold soft prove coming divide heads head root acted liable temptations began asked poor punishment characters injury offended severe terrour establish prevented convince contend kill flourishing innocent ground parliamentary answer oppress protect refused evidently exposing innovations priviledges waies obtruded forbids urged bind episcopall ecclesiasticall revenues diminution yeeld totall defence advantage envie becoming plausible designe successes proud adventure davids loyall lifted numbers wont opportunity grieve kingly england posterity civility happily tried conflicts invite hide rise glad price dear rest dearer exceed exclude confess share induce neglect years fairly impossible overthrow particular wonder single drawn compleat joynt likely change adhere honest solicitous apply took rebels utter sparks covetous uncharitable loth mark destruction stream kind protestants earnestly unless wickednesse deserve mutuall mortall remove destroying children deal curse ties speciall shal write discipline equal concluded urge deserved watered violently solemn setting wayes methods successe endeavour designs prevail parties appointed covenant oaths ends extraordinary really came relieve partiall doctrine episcopacy seditious priests occasions brand profane stand kingdomes prevailed errours supposed prepared truly cried profession practise followed lost feel reproach immediate extemporary duties graces considerable petitions scripture titles governed apostolicall examples worldly arise contempt probable broken pass cover applied afraid wanting bond defeat prosperous impartial redeemer insolent bitter prosperitie sake saviour likewise brother brothers warranted

perfect bishop shine easie faith reward calling going bill setling during pleasure armies propositions sent various events denying majestie solitude votes choice always parliaments safe formerly studied hoped satisfaction sorry commons moderation laid welfare ambition supply preserved dangerous pretensions grounds convinced within born preventing resolutions future alwayes effects displeasure deprived account infinitely soveraign worse turn disposed unhappy prepare blessed abilities prince betray whereof approve driven perswaded wished chuse seemed clear often sorrow discovered acts expiate prefer doing preservation fortified living integrity shedding colour shed charge lose temptation wash overcome highly seest friends needed produced case raised said short ordinary tumultuary liberties afflictions wherin punished unreasonable uprightness innocency maintain bounds rude count mind ruine barbarous shame passions seldom attend patrons conscious reputation about himself certainly redeem person knows engage evident fury sole sometimes knowest suppressing suffering unity success generall three occasioned highest declared condition meanest suddenly suspect granted counted confirm bless leisure miserable loyal sword worth using abuse length black desired lately setled fruits together ways worlds hitherto theirs making reforming temporall happie glorious each moderate utterly drive title declare crown oath care fixed excuse appear assistance counsels wils goodnesse expect service judgments invested pretending withdraw example protestant arms another continue principles commands dutie expected pretence hold vertue policy enjoyment heavenly wouldst publique eternal constancie proper odious glorie affected wicked actions sometime sons divided loyalty father rebellion reform believe engaged impartiall gratifie lest than matter pardon throne mercie receive respect giving seems lawfull heard factious allow manner obedience universall confident necessarily hopes constancy presbyterian hinder noise reproaches false wrath eyes special exercise esteem seeming side fighting multitude fought loving seeks regard practice prosperity second tell favour impute opinion humbly therefore break heaven again cruelty spirit fathers spirits design different conform secular apostles cleer commanded presbytery folly judicious attends reformed despair forget didst touching established agreeable learning devout degree speak lives princes alone pride forms lawes sound gifts charitie rightly victory

with prayers used majesty time before though like more that take this already just sacred majesties last upon house after raising against their kings first many jealousies cast people common differences between point others made taken king high parliament necessity then have thought right most best although those which some mens self give sober publick church freedom prevent affairs would passion other resolved they should finde least them reason hear what popular were carried zeal such both preserve restore better pleased heart toward peoples good being gave seek love only blessing left greatest honour next gods things since knew could might gain subjects intended mine enemies even desires pretend state laws having greater religion order whom civil make religious free full grant conscience wish suffered judgement been confidence less sought nothing power occasion sins there from glory thou hast satisfie former taught mercies when please trust mercy will much force thee deprive want repentance cause repent late because miseries through hearts enjoy benefit well comfort shall dare humble measure patience becomes hath brought grace peace rule also suffer into kingdoms kingdom christ wilt servant lord whose great rather prone enough while must needs cannot never willingly life malice think outward inward indeed part consent judgment guilty fear name place worthy avoid mans thereby justice shew world according done cruel onely hope soul fully means unjust teach thing violent wherein hand long fair major especially guilt ought authority sufficiently very hard find bloud under justly blood ever away forgive denied deliver evil among contrary injurious once unto light truth times these save revenge further little chief providence sufficient wholly either found else neither soon none safety learned words leave evill present christians follow bear violence beyond wise sure open hands tumults doth vulgar members themselves lesse matters houses government till bring forth without infinite designes strange become piety punish known influence advantages seem bound true gives fight army protection daily thoughts given know beleeve doubt content where wisdom come look souls word beseech sense here jesus christs happy work deny desire keep interest rights subject perswade easily still affections chiefly pretended injuries same wherewith down thank need secret fall desperate thine thus towards able forced liberty carry above live honor call shadow serve necessary makes private christian civill duty willing alwaies fire pray merits loyaltie every humane offered holy ambitious hardly whole pious remember charity divine besides faction death consider consciences minds bishops ancient destroy sacrilegious reformation prayer eternall help defend chiefest taking constant publike study canst quite justifie factions primitive strength churches party worst mercifull over ministers consists your

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