Word Cloud for "Cottage Building in Cob, Pisé, Chalk and Clay: A Renaissance (2nd edition)" by Clough Williams-Ellis.

Word Cloud for "Cottage Building in Cob, Pisé, Chalk and Clay: A Renaissance (2nd edition)"

This book was authored by Clough Williams-Ellis. (1883 - 1978)

Area, genre or subject: Chalk.

The Bag of Words In "Cottage Building in Cob, Pisé, Chalk and Clay: A Renaissance (2nd edition)" (Main Words):

ernest budleigh published difficult called demand hundred concerned person greatly data physical exceedingly ready artificial past available note received compared anyone schemes claim issued appendix search african discovery implements indian plastering rule swedish school alternative africa unskilled substantial beginning model station edwin lutyens ceilings thatched diagram erection produce highest consider shall variety development inadequate regards tell going rate worse shortage story corrugated roofing living learn necessity problem late equally quarter success mine believe architectural deep land rise purpose doubt chemical wash free lost square occasionally lived alive state doing filling went temporary trying body heat months standing sooner rest perhaps hole certainly vulnerable chopped able receive twelve warm largely except perfectly instead hours rammer health himself existence length mentioned hair original shows fully reinforced successful fruit accommodation quickly consisting galvanised afterwards hold family strongly recommended expedient economical remains beautiful principle proportion solid planned doors exposure cases eaves immense pliny solidity recognised vital fill reasonable closely minimum name recently effect merits apparently private industrial secure amount improvement serious tend architects gone slates action town successfully wattle beyond neglected consequence trodden smooth joists beams plates bring shale distributed consist rarely driven thorough paring takes require completion unprotected depth spread joint inches dries pins composed extent equal slightly opportunity black carefully occupied unsuitable partitions forming poor hayes walter borne replaced subject labourers intended lands construct taking begin including carriage piece supply brought france study attended manual size greatest idea foundation workman strokes stroke contained danger causes hence portion fifteen consistency using lies support sure break becomes none vegetable firmly flat third neither throw blows sprinkled bond stability effective colour planks reader erect brush consists rich latter holes suffered injury ropes connecting casing moist etah posts wire type rooms limewash combined surprising obtained constant important shovelled containing comparison rounded reasonably shutters tested practical test illustrated save sharp regard points marls pages recipes needed formula table addition postage

edition within short makes light already seemed show fairly methods since single knowledge possible account various help mass useful become particularly east winter advantages traditional themselves england floors prove itself footnote shown introduction moulds beauty ramming soils preparation colonial practice right expensive block foot corner completed successive designed front alban village mark wanted year position unless fall needs extract greater actual practically five alone look windows high whether enough forms others again anything universal ancient primitive indeed heavy formed compressed practised plain ever provide people rural think stones site deal scientific sand appeared thing century described says proof sound soon soft till allowed room impossible life never stand worked therefore rammers process weight prevent frost getting owing farm stood face excellent really treated section ground leave case easy advantage strong thought sent board point window experiment interesting gives kept department hand frequently district additional carrying contains frames angles naturally away plastered appearance sides coat direct letter rather erected common readily trial true whilst chance prepared transport further straight corners outer raised render liable considered county slate care damp thoroughly foundations sufficiently manner stiff treading round space lintels serve mesh conglomerate gravel mixing heap held around removed base according boards protected inside worth character upper layers height seem interior fixed towards bottom applied cover white examples stacks brickwork introduced immediately netting secured entirely internal openings modern amongst quality cast cold cross half pounded durable french appear masonry layer remain observed earths executed importance qualities loose below pressure pieces filled advisable along satisfactory total compost

cottage building chalk clay country first second house built near with this time much matter what been book that present somewhat small great description very large number from quite every other have their pise well both method construction summer experiments through cannot nature things most come which tests being carried national though fact earth necessary conditions under during result these considerable also where there close such upon were timber wooden houses find they merely even must still roof seems more than often will housing does some certain found taken added here cheap material rammed south general local walls protection terre suitable strength quantity water buildings required shuttering reason newlands work garden cost three cottages bricks labour materials devon blocks rough back plan another view fine devonshire probably between years plaster wall plant simple mould course showing brick once lump could only turn against report least would nothing less build working something like four those them stone give lime making same about form down hard into means used always part without builders system known then special many especially know natural before your soil make better having kind cement mixed little concrete when seen need should difficulty best order place made sufficient covered keep over last finished builder said wood ordinary door almost surface exposed good might thrown long take days rendering proved next properly external thus provided because easily following complete just similar mixture several weather different author iron results placed exterior thatch left constructed either generally given usually above parts sort lower after done straw ends rain each side laid proper while courses until drying whole dried walling usual thickness floor sometimes coating whitewash lumps together employed experience particles moisture outside thin bars boxes

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