Word Cloud for "Cathedrals of Spain" by John A. (John Allyne) Gade.

Word Cloud for "Cathedrals of Spain"

This book was authored by John A. (John Allyne) Gade. (1875 - 1955)

Area, genre or subject: Cathedrals -- Spain.

The Bag of Words In "Cathedrals of Spain" (Main Words):

fully company rights published books dealt subject surpassed lamperez arquitectura seemed apart created study ordinary cover periods succeeding consequently contain grown santiago page empire twentieth wonder parched lonely nowhere draw revival cordova living tenth loveliest distinguished rule generations plans tops alvaro perdon cornices enclosing triumphant imperial david monument vigor decadent language importance solid militant abandoned town emerald yellow victorious march military eighth bands driven conquest rulers islam historical learning science joined seat boast luis empty receives battlements connected unusual young jeronimo results wherever romantic elevated councils mind reigns grew hills begun marked gain origin recent precedents derived instance altered concealed school visible carefully considering going burgundian soil strongly spaniard easily streams terminate flight leads considerably pavement undoubtedly weight soaring removed sufficiently advanced masses proportion faced transverse additional columnar reaching undecorated sparkle fancy real human bells caps carvers sculptural barrel quadripartite evident appearance apses princes dean cloister complete background clad example naive jambs typically remaining roses equally externally conceptions describe writers domes cupola internal step pendentives circle sixteen separate superimposed arcades vigorous alternately reveals roofing outline perhaps whatever everlasting triumph holds sacred admirable singularly transformed additions sculptures bare prelate cold patio splays arched planned rebuilt restored vaulted ritual reverend beloved dear extent build tell matter because peculiar wrote favor keeping movement stern indeed lavish display innocent prosperity command drawing worship shall return done received next growing considerable learned solemn bodies assisted basilica rapidly looked twice radical possession nineteenth epoch rectangle fill southwestern intersection granite triple daring wealth customary ingenuity mechanical attempt balustrade feels developing fitted corners vulgar horrible fills decorate bear differently designed rejas baroque consist eighteenth possible happy mixture severe adjoining balconies sixty showing points compare cusped elliptical incredible wild sense terminates somewhat recalling effort workmanship robe queenly pinnacles stretch face entering paul intricate vast amber evening depth ruined mistress beneath dona purple turned pierce glittering hanging plains wrought dazzling lords threw united interwoven lady founder presence knights forced burgalese children contemporaneous valladolid flowering skilled citizens embellished picturesque approach freedom heights majesty sparkling erection princess parts germany particularly burning artists ceremony sword blessed primate nine lightness type express principles organic lacking fusion monastic symmetry perfectly radial polygonal ambulatory terminating pentagonal decidedly continue finds descend pillars kept bases supports ornaments evidently nigh proper gallery gaudy belong cean piety planning honored descent burst pomp labor forth lips sculptor wrath familiar crockets undertaking frieze comme really radiating sweep marriage monarch aragon magnificence peacefully enclosure succeeded churchmen striking pious fame vivid mantle richly mendoza thrusts actually closing pride favorite biblical sacristia classic sleeps firmly jeweled fernando angle inscriptions able virtually spirited worn fresh cusps james host celestial playing reading evangelists angel stonework apostles flank likewise represent naked sepulchres daily proved framework perspective innumerable flat parapets passing contrast lions holding martin spite containing leaving link blind fourteen weak wise unity groups green string fall approaching belonged defense seventh material working call granted expulsion terrible convent country short amount bits breathing represents offices documents hard alvar garcia placing commencement wished previously fifty requisite extensive centres difficult bell mohammedan horseshoe nature orders line arrangement need prior gilded spreading introduced something generally cotta steep independent thrown dignified comparison spaces harmonious sepulchre sancho altars entrances union provinces events struggle sombre wood profusely enter crowded woman hold governing takes land prayers italy warlike army peninsula garden unbroken foundation christians presented skillful respects spread fifth lack crowns sees paris gable field museum justice says gates artisans secret studying another rare magister painted clustered loveliness logical previous frescoes question spot women courtyards purity peace plus ruins forever rays lying closely races humble witness satisfy civil numerous prayer sovereigns connection throne prince entry gathered toledan recently passion seventeenth highly gradually fifteen inferior office ximenez kind soft fury shown cast sound largest keys tells bronze kingdoms thirty grandeur ildefonso impressive enclosed room clergy specimens boldness gilding touched childish incidents distinct imaginative love hear revolt herself music screens treasures proudly woven usual note mary romans waters segovian fortunately alcazar shaped labored fervor designs minor twilight offered fertile fruit earthly hercules bartolome earthquake treated twenty mystery boys sagrario

john mere student since book forty older properly studied past nearly styles heavenly whether read grand crumbling monuments else works greatness fourth emperor leave take genius coming buildings golden constable rear plaza tree court giralda reja ages fire together size compared strength oriental bulk majestic close conceived spirit along colored traces passed afterwards province surround eleventh soul founded arts monks belonging protection established seven renowned dominion prelates raymond important mother death fighting shortly pope powerful assistance given fact continued number date consecrated employed builders finished stones story influences conception final native inspiration show equal felt slightly characteristic bring transition strange finest distinctly apsidal occupies level roof blocked receive immense belongs supporting diagonal separating total supported single leaves play shade imagination bearing intended further bosses nevertheless reached constructed originally retablo varying interest pure gave natural engaged worth painting judge dead preserved recalls unusually openings headed alone enough finely admirably higher courses splendidly heavy turrets giving covering wind constructive remains excellent gray looks remain hidden enormous wooden mozarabic lord divine grace extreme making necessary bishops service longer proportions fitting decided charge produced pass rodriguez rodrigo sent named inscription started moved francisco till ruled projecting third platform sacristy gigantic perfect child bold marvelous edifices scarcely instead raised carvings consisting inside pilasters octagonal massive break extraordinary meaningless composed examples treatment stretches trees roofs open christ peter comes dark colors silver soldiers voice changes castles sierra proud foundations whom latin conquered endless sister blood sunlight wonderful know occupied names france forest returned went beauty system restrained florid spaniards faithful vault rectangular corresponding groining thoroughly length marble replaced continuous contained traceried oldest died reliefs mountain forming infinite underneath tracery glazing divided lovely fourteenth scenes principally near flemish strangely execution curiously lights surely chevet henry easy shows tympanum piece palace archivolts lowest twelve highest relation position saviour stood everywhere kneeling inspired ochre unique sufficient exquisitely behind doorways screen lines means gorgeous splendor turn despite except goths ready destroyed enrique jews spire distant often unquestionably similarly width impression richness compartments worked running surface runs completely poor rome scene sixth fell honor lead foot decorative modern notre dame feature opposite sweet subjects themselves courtyard faith former scheme struck paintings parish olive miguel authorities

cathedrals spain madrid last years many english have they with their from point view more great nothing remarkable some there been artistic well though ones later year second work that practically stands certain especially cannot quite what look cathedral vaults must also beyond them city people times such salamanca granada here will gothic earlier romanesque which churches were different several series very would through this never still century amid stand world find glorious surrounded true bishop every first itself under most capital three hundred alfonso castile only greatest when spanish once made general power ecclesiastical character among then towers outside walls tower west front plan nave lantern over crossing chapel spires above avila exterior apse main entrance looking toledo choir stalls tombs segovia orange seville royal catholic kings philip queen certainly places whole architectural development successive byzantine side days larger expression beside simple church early swept round huge simplicity each brought until becomes clear blocks ancient seem meet mighty arches into those famous curious seen where just white deep color these between high built filled rich like roman soon became after valley mediaeval moslem castilian cross constantly other latter half king moors south could body finally become about arab eastern order saint skill already cities thus within strong illustrious greater four sixteenth thousand history reign across large less laid architecture carried leon beginning twelfth influence french left count long feel various portions naturally part placed episcopal crowned archbishop whose time even celebrated building late fifteenth during earliest moorish five upon name original capilla mayor services middle cloisters aisles being closed thirteenth probably following interesting possibly edifice magnificent than entirely vaulting dome crowning course throughout interior both structure forms circular square erected better while form neither italian east semicircular portion southern wall northern broad stone steps lower scale support outer feet piers much carry good narrow place shafts ribs central small angles height common capitals best carved light life spring carving figures again full relief formed against surfaces pointed rather upper windows style western termination transept iron altar panels niches lies owing decoration chapter blue angels pierced masonry sides carrying transepts rises truly glory make surrounding eight double arcade arch flanked columns intermediate inner broken slender exception moldings manner adjacent give facing little santa maria religious lofty portal aisle present gold consists centre leading fine decorated north below houses began came fabric father your principal said should according without holy details cardinal plain harmony ferdinand master design come site having similar architect seems immediately known architects juan hands entire maestro facade towards period called remained renaissance took ornamentation down foreign chapels bays entered puerta centuries effect essentially does separated window smaller subdivided either base executed coloring might almost elaborate arms back mass free faces composition tremendous around rest classical corinthian crocketed glass portals exquisite virgin doors doorway ornamental detail feeling before crown buttresses flying rise door covered representing kingdom burgos directly brilliant diego christian himself council same splendid hand standing ground taken right noble held none developed construction sculpture beautiful others clerestory plateresque statues added triforium although lost always rose completed florentine charles heads ever gate found rising tomb german followed pedro stained masters delicate away saints figure rows isabella corner fields house streets slowly space merely surmounted head heart used wide features mosque

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