Word Cloud for "The Bacillus of Long Life" by Loudon M. Douglas.

Word Cloud for "The Bacillus of Long Life"

This book was authored by Loudon M. Douglas. (A Manual of the Preparation and Souring of Milk for Dietary Purposes, Together with an Historical Account of the Use of Fermented Milks, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, and Their Wonderful Effect in the Prolonging of Human Existence - 1864)

Area, genre or subject: 1944.

The Bag of Words In "The Bacillus of Long Life" (Main Words):

world typical historical existence loudon designed available mention chemistry pass pyrenees extraneous growing shredded manure cells table english powder limited willows scale difficult evidence manufacture india bedouins sheep confined curds putting future universal buttermilk just effects animals property milked again immediately occasionally obtain practice interest recognised owing consider refreshing widely illustration identical intended introduction meat thin afterwards spread respects plate particularly curious centuries shall really nations conducted goat constitutes turns instrument fruit drawn because description yogourt sweet tablespoonful litre cover resembling natives investigated feature direct considerably excess population habit living valuable significance investigators conclusion pasteur dairying recent variety undergone temperatures carbon broken appears acetic course days hence alkaline determined distributed preparations derived central shut spring yielded exhibit travels acquainted russian sent royal strongly places makes agitation language remarkable unlike machinery coarse hair dirty presented boil cloth stirred beaten curd next bulk remain possesses domestic drink combination persons swiss rather starting copper foreign quarter upper open prove passes against causes permit oxygen least change leathern develop himself multiply digestion easy dissolved depends retained contents changed quickly thirty flask start flasks occasional maintained size associated proteolytic bulgaria influence proved easily everywhere average total poor rich figures flavours calculated bodies coagulum rennet principles stomachs coagulate cleanly aroma accompanied impure subjected regular analysis citrates exist gravity separation person feeding varieties numbers suitable otherwise probably intelligent enough cylinder filled dairyman outside lactometer bright figure reading stem civilised literature placing relation gallons actual milking june class procedure technical infection cleanliness foods consequent jacketed paraboloidal steam primary fixed conduct electric plant order machine construction filling biology responsible inch desiccation peptonisation albuminoid failed satisfactory irregular granules freudenreich optimum experiments series lactis eventually stored vigorous samples distinct prepare comparatively further staining striking tract bulgaricus greatly support field appliances insulated treated door night space turn physical physiology facts history

live effect brought information desirable connection ancient bacteriology illustrations whom house constituents glass stained usual agar original colony stomach curdled tablet longer tubes sterile bulgare sold refrigerating american industry diet deal eastern looked kinds shaken turned soon previous thick agreeable beverage advantage peculiar tribes themselves character eaten references late rapidly consumption regarded kind skin inside still simply applied north full previously balkan earthenware required round bowl ready consists besides summer instead thing introduce western acidity induced says till short winter vessels smaller separated pieces greatest degree carefully yellow colour converted merely sufficient somewhat complete mixture appearance mass less quality third fermenting subsequent find extent individuals tendency middle point lower proportions study play knowledge twenty attention products prolongation considerable characteristics fluid remains perfectly proportion nearly power seen gradually clear below down digestive readily thorough interesting year society tartars observations beneficial thoroughly brandy could spirit artificial heat bottle employed entirely last properties stand among possessing greater mentioned former white mineral piece higher unpleasant percentage changes produces fine development condition partly origin saccharomyces acids states species care cannot kephir putrefaction excellent washed clean observed highly matzoon coagulation blue importance rist consumed flora reason likely flavour caused heated light putrefactive source diseases difficulty young naturally mechanical purity varying supplied solution body composed blood chiefly traces occurs yeasts prevent ought rise medium cheese comparative bacterial children tests funnel examination litmus paper half thermometer true within heifers months done others cooling operations bottom room occurrence grain inoculation extremely probable acidi wide cultural kuntze tend luerssen single question strains whey cell market incubating side elie university

years they have their little people great soured been principal food bacillus long life preparation souring milk together with account fermented from times present human this book view subject author matter before without those therefore considered such modern many would general group some referred dairy health disease handling photograph whole which inoculated ordinary apparatus production large quantities streptococcus method micrograph fresh culture granule cultivated after four hours bulgarian yoghourt surface colonies bacteria into eight made showing yeast smear called containing pure cultures ferment combined that allowed sour lactic said contain each having maya supply sterilising another preparing chapter known time when form part there good show were according butter always upon used throughout make being very found frequently process making also formed boiling then give taste amongst either mixed during number given small take three taken cows even boiled same article different professor fact ferments only sometimes more slightly poured leben name what shows left thus fermentation while common over parts between until dried necessary every will several where prepared about carried forms much recommended regard most these place latter other first water almost appear seems should value quite especially similar methods often manner following cold state well must cream placed covered becomes adopted cool temperature maintain proper warm kept best second stated since than countries shown five able certain amount period like under organisms whose results them important become forming milks various koumiss keffir product special alcoholic above portion sugar casein alcohol free produced weak butyric acid gives contains isolated vinous larger volume usually described scientific cases medical result treatment both although obtained quantity produce characteristic chemical through possible increase generally specific addition differs composition natural simple capable vessel keep twelve liquid does essential strong seem work bottles grains bacterium science action presence nature intestinal case added takes bacilli producing formation organism germs largely conditions cooled gave metchnikoff means injurious growth high already test united secondary might normal related type incubation sterilised jars

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