Word Cloud for "Conquest Over Time" by Michael Shaara.

Word Cloud for "Conquest Over Time"

This book was authored by Michael Shaara. (1928 - 1988)

Area, genre or subject: Science fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Conquest Over Time" (Main Words):

open same burned help smell allspace across contact discovered completely company being should others contract enough real always found learned rest large argue deep learn last seemed lying stepped forward going heck sent little want right turn finally coming next trouble call natural else certain tiny eclipse gazing word almost feel done gradually later another pain eventually hand perhaps observe face speak understand gathered spoke indicated lies nearly stood saying brother sewer parents ever fortune

close nothing quite happened often space years place whole made planets make under matter meant dark beginning luck after both stopped field already around turned caught himself eyes tell realized suddenly here take took things head well those best much through never once still born mert least regarded might think some light comes must tude

when came time travis that began down great mapping command ship which them what come could there over thought even with first many have went were also into thing every very about their than business would this planet only most from where your they look like more these been good long while other young dahlinger said back before trippe behind horton know people something told just astrology horoscope will moment then girl such navel lappy

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